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  1. Big fan of that. Is that hope or is there interest
  2. Who are some guys we may target in the portal? Or some guys you would like to see us target?
  3. Who do you expect to step up and have an impact tomorrow that hasn't been a major contributor this year so far?
  4. If LSU beats bama they will rank bama 3 and nd 4
  5. So who do we need to win this game?
  6. I think espn has the best rankings of the 3 so far. Stanfor top 5 cause they are mad they were average last year? That's a good reason.
  7. chris brown is so average. for years hes been about to break out. aint happening
  8. I'll be in section 14. Anone else making the trip down?
  9. Guy on the herd right now subbing in for Colin is killing FSU for not suspending Jameis and praising ND anf UGA for punishing their guys.
  10. anyone know if they are selling the premier versions on campus? I want to buy one but might just wait til I head to South Bend for the Stanford game.
  11. Does Franklin going to PSU (rumored) help us land sawyer? does Niklas leaving help us with Schultz?
  12. who knows. maybe oleary would have turned the program around for us.
  13. So after reading Tuitts tweet, wouldnt he be a hypocrite if he also leaves?
  14. FYI steelers play at home the next day at 1 so this game has to be in the afternoon. if you coming down from buffalo maybe u want to make a weekend out of it
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