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  1. I like what your saying. Sucks settling. I want yesteryear back!
  2. I am 50 plus years old...and I have tears in my eyes. I am now going to read this to my wife.
  3. Every Love's A Piece of Ass...No One like A Dumbass...:becky:
  4. Thanks. Now this 'Dumb Ass' can catch up here at work...
  5. I dislike East Coast Time Zones (not the people). I set my DVR to 1:30 PST...this sucks!
  6. I would love to...even at the Colesium! Let my grandchildren at them... Alot of them are SC fans because it's kinda like a fad out here. Most don't even understand their history.
  7. ESPN News will have the coverage at 1:30 today...
  8. The key point to gaining on last year is really how our guy's are coached. I realistically see a 9 win season, but for a new coach implementing a new system...8 wins would be more like it.
  9. What I meant, but am half assed asleep, is that I am excited more with the change of scenery...not so much the person taking over. But am looking for an all around change. Demeanor, style, offense, defense and additude just to name a few things needing change. Hopefully Brian kelly is the needed change. Sounds and feels like it. We so needed a change. Hell, I didn't know Charlie from beans when hired.
  10. I haven't felt this excited since...well, since Charlie Weis.
  11. Was really hard to contain my excitement today at work. I am glad to be here with fellow Domers who truely understand. :becky:
  12. I usually am not afraid of anything...but seeing Rick's avatar kind of does. Love You Rick!
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