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  1. I'll be there, I fly out tomorrow and will be ready put my undefeated tailgate record on the line Saturday afternoon! if anyone wants to meet up---- @thegoldhelmets on twitter. #section232
  2. Remember, nothing gets accomplished within the Notre Dame football program without a billboard or a full page ad from NDNation
  3. That was you! Haha! I read that on their forum the other day. Hilarious. I will be at the game on Saturday, we fly out tomorrow, I will tell your guys that GoIrish said hi. #donnybrook ***By the way I used to post some, but I'm a occasional lurker on this site now***
  4. BBQ and bourbon....I'm smoking a pork shoulder on the Big Green Egg. Having some friends over so there will be plenty of beers floating around too. Welcome back college football, we've missed you! Go Irish!
  5. Nice! Is he getting any playing time? My company is based in Toronto so I'm in the area from time to time. I wouldn't mind catching a game if he plays.
  6. From my experience even 24 rows up would probably give you a better vantage point of the action, especially if you are in end zone seats. Even if I had side by side seats in row 3 I'd probably still opt for row 24.
  7. The walk to/from the white lot isn't that bad and like Rocket said there is shuttle service. I typically park in the white lot around 9:30ish tailgate there until around noon, and then take a disposable cooler full of beverages over to the Joyce lot. I usually meet up with some friends that tailgate there every game, but I have also just walked around mingled before too and enjoyed all the pregame festivities in the Joyce lot without having to pay the hefty fee to park there. Have fun!
  8. Brando may ultimately be right, but he has been obsessed with ND joining a conference for a few years now. A few years ago his logic was ND had to join a conference because they could never make the playoff without a conference championship game. I got into a little back and forth with him on Twitter about it. He even brought it up to BC coach Steve Addazio and he sounded confused by Brando's take. I called Brando out on it and he sent a weak response how SA was just being politically correct. So before it was ND has to join because they can't make the CFBPO without an affiliation, and now
  9. That was the best part of a great episode. He has a very calm demeanor, even when discussing the struggles he had in the Spring. I think he is going to be able to navigate slings and arrows of being the ND quarterback just fine.... What a great kid.
  10. It is funny how they executed so well against Alcorn St and Tulane, but when they were playing one of their biggest games of the season they just forgot how to execute properly... Weird. Sarcasm aside, the ND defense looked great but they need to come focused and locked in every game because they aren't good enough just to show up and expect to dominate. I think they proved that against Virginia.
  11. Enjoy.... It's up on Noonkick http://ift.tt/1PV93du
  12. Quit being so level headed, you will upset the extremists. Your last two posts (this one and starting the polls at #11) have been spot on. Would I have liked to beat Navy 70-0? Yes, but I will take the win. I will accept 7-1 with a chance to beat a ranked team on the road next week and go 8-1. It amazes me some people on this board meltdown and bitch in such an extreme way after a win.
  13. They have beat the same amount of ranked teams as Notre Dame...
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