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  1. Burrow was not a 5 star. He was a low end 4. Mac Jones is most likely gonna win the Heisman and could also win a title and he is a 3 star. Look at Trask out of Florida, also a 3* star.
  2. I believe both VTech and NC State had to cancel games already because of COVID
  3. Shaq Thompson and Danny Shelton also come to mind.
  4. Two different people.. Two different handles.
  5. Herbstreit said the same thing today on Gameday. We have about 15 scripted plays and then that’s it. It’s why we have gonna up double digits in every game and then had such a hard time holding on.
  6. What’s shocking to me is that during that time period we never once had a dominant Oline when it counted.
  7. Troy Niklas didn’t have a huge stat year with the Cardinals but he started 11 games...
  8. Far fetched ideas but Jim Mora is available. He was a kick *** D coordinator with the 49ers.. Seems to recruit really well.
  9. By that same measure most folks here thought we would be 7-5, 8-4 at best.
  10. Whats amazing is to see that every team in the Top 20 has at least 1 5* except us.
  11. Totally agree. Those guys were all on the field last year when we couldn't stop Stanford..
  12. Our corners suck on special teams as well
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