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  1. I don't think a reduction in military spending necessarily precludes a weaker military. I think more effective spending would result in decreased expenditures, an equally strong military, and decreased taxes. For example: For three consecutive years, the Army has insisted it doesn't need any more tanks. For three consecutive years, Congress continues to buy them more tanks. Hundreds of millions of dollars going to government contractors for thousands of unnecessary tanks that sit in storage. Remember when the Pentagon lost $8.5 billion dollars? Sounds like they need stronger oversight.
  2. Yeah one of my friends brothers played for Illinois when they went to the Rose Bowl in like 2007 and they got an Xbox bundle and some sweet headphones. Sponsors definitely hook you up in the big bowl games. Dudes a strength and conditioning coach for an NFL team now. Whenever I see him at home around Christmastime I'm shocked at how jacked he his.
  3. I don't think BVG is a good DC and I believe there are better options for ND that make better use of the talent available. That said, Faith is right, he has improved since last year. Here's a table describing how ND performed against each team on their schedule compared to the opponents PPG. The first half of the season was very similar both seasons, then the injuries killed 2014. 2015 also saw a decrease in performance in the second half of the season, but not as large. This was a copy/paste from excel, hopefully the formatting is readable. 2014 Team Vs ND Season Difference Ri
  4. When people say "this generation" they are typically referring to millennials. Do you disagree that the problem is a lack of opportunity?
  5. You're kidding yourself if you think this generation doesn't want to work hard and earn their way out of the crippling debt we've accrued from college and make our mark on the world. The boomers could go anywhere and get a job, pay off college by working part time in the summer, start a family, buy a new car, and get a nice house in the suburbs by the time they were in their early 20s. That doesn't exist anymore. That was the generation that had everything handed to them. And look at the economy now that they are in power. We can't afford to buy a house when we're paying $500/month for stud
  6. The issue is the voting system itself. We need to get rid of the first past the post system. [ame= ] [/ame]
  7. How do you propose to balance the budget while putting more money into the military? We already put $600bil into the military every year and have by far the strongest military in the world. It seems like that's the easiest place to cut money. It sounds like your views mostly align with Rand Paul, to be honest. Outside of military spending.
  8. Hillary is clearly the leader but it isn't the landslide that the polls make it out to be. As far as I'm aware, the polls are conducted by calling landlines of registered voters, and how many young people have landlines? The young people are the ones that support Bernie. I support Bernie- not on everything but he brings to light many issues that nobody is talking about. Private prisons: This is the biggest, most ridiculous, conflict of interest around. It puts people in jail who don't deserve to be there and where they can be exploited for free or very low cost labor. Super profitable fo
  9. I really don't think Trump has a chance. He's leading the polls and has been for a while but as nominees drop out nobody will support him. I think everyone who would vote for Trump already supports him and I don't think many voters will... ahem... "immigrate" to his side when their candidate concedes. I think it's likely a Cruz/Rubio showdown, with maybe Carson falling in there somewhere. Maybe Bush makes some kind of comeback but I don't see it. I don't think Hillary is a shoo-in though... So many people dislike her after what happened with the emails and Benghazi and her poor performan
  10. McCaffrey had >100 total yards vs ND, hardly "didin't do anything". I would have given it to him but Henry had almost 2000 rushing yards against SEC defenses. The conference is a bit down this year because their offenses aren't as good but their defenses are legit. I think both are deserving. As far as Bama RBs in the NFL, Ingram has been great the last couple years, Lacy has been great his first 2 years but this year but he's been dealing with a nagging groin injury most of the year, and he's put together some games since he's been healthy sans last week when he was in the doghouse beca
  11. Definitely something we can agree on. Hopefully it's handled with foresight instead of "what benefits us now"
  12. Sure, but after the Ottoman Empire was broken up, it was divided along oil field lines rather than cultural/racial boundaries. The recovery could have and should have been handled better.
  13. Yeah, that's what I gather from all the evidence that I'm aware of... I think what's happening right now is a consequence of Western actions but I'd be glad to hear a dissenting opinion. Like I said, my opinions are formulated from mostly biased sources that support my anti-interventionalist ideals. I do think that to find a solution we need to be well-educated on the foundations of the problem.
  14. I'm not super informed on the history of the Middle East, so please speak up if anything I say here is off base (looking at you Echo), but here's my understanding (and my views are influenced by reading and listening to podcasts that pander to my mostly anti-interventialist views, so take everything below for what it's worth): I understand that countries in the Middle East were progressing along very well up until the 50s. At least progressing along with the rest of the world in terms of social progress. Then, because of a multitude of factors relating to foreign intervention, they took so
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