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  1. from my understanding, his GPA was around 3.5...not 100% sure, he's an intelligent kid i do know that, has good parents who stay on him hard....
  2. there has been one other guy from stark that i remember...a BMF named Alan Page....lol it's been a while....
  3. I've been watching this kid play since 7th grade, my kid is the same age and went to middle school and played with him, I graduated from marlington (dymonte Thomas, Alden Hill(tenn commit 11) and I have never ever seen a prospect like this, I'm talking complete game changer, touch the ball and gone, instincts are at elite level...I hope we offer him, he is dynamite...plus he's a hell of a center fielder in baseball....
  4. Glover just received offers from: ohio state, nebraska and illinois.....
  5. @danger...word is, and this was a while ago, that he doesn't want to go there, however that could always change when old urb comes sniffing around... I know at one point it was Oregon that he wanted to go to, great baseball player too....
  6. Yeah I def see what you're saying,,,however I think that has changed a bit, I see us going after some of these kids, and with this kid especially, he is a good kid, no trouble, mom and dad are both on him pretty good...I would love us to give a look to him... plus we did offer Brion'te Dunn from Glenoak, so that is an encouraging sign....
  7. sophmore QB out of Canton Mckinley High School here in Canton, Ohio... already probably the best player in the county, if not a close 2nd to Michigan commit Dymonte Thomas... I don't know if he's on the radar yet but I know ol' urb will be sniffing around soon... I don't know how to get his name out but the kid is the most dynamic player I've seen in loong time, and there has been a lot of talent to come out of this area...KEEP AN EYE ON THIS KID!!! http://fridaynightohio.com/news/mckinley-qb-glover-williams-runs-313-yards-win-over-lake
  8. really?? anyone have the 411 on what happened here???? http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/football/ncaa/03/15/amir.carlisle.notre.dame.ap/index.html?sct=cf_t2_a4 why would he early enroll and then bounce???
  9. urban meyer is a scumbag anyhow... after the buckeyes don't live up to expectations the next two years he will be gone, any adversity and this guy dips out... remember that attention whoring he did when he supposedly had a life threatening illnes an quit all of a sudden just to come back one week later?? he's soft and there is no Tim Tebow at Ohio State.....
  10. I'm just glad twitter and facebook wasn't around when i was that age... god knows what I would of said...
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