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  1. Question with the depth chart. Is Patterson officially a go? Or is it still a wait and see how he feels Thursday?
  2. Here’s the thing for me. Until last year ND never had there running backs be check downs. These slow drawn out plays that had your running block stay and block did nothing for the qb and moving the chains. Buchner is going to need that check down. It also would help with Mayer because they won’t be able to double team him if the running back is getting 10 yards a pop.
  3. So did Utah in the bowl. Utah should of beat them too. That’s three teams that pushed them around running the ball and those teams went 2/3 against Ohio State. I agree keep doing it.
  4. I mean Purdue beat OSU with basically just Ri dale Moore leading the way. Granted it was at Purdue but still. Anything’s possible.
  5. I’m under Holtz mantra. It doesn’t matter how much more talent they have than us. You just have to be better than them for one game.
  6. You and I both. Every pundit has them getting spanked by 14 plus. I get it. That’s what Vegas has too. Man, if this isn’t motivation than I don’t know what is.
  7. I gotcha. I was more just piggybacking off his comment that everyone is expecting a steamroll by Ohio State but ND’s defense is loaded and has played a ton of football.
  8. In this day and age. I say get them to school first and then worry about it. Care seems like ND 100 percent no and ifs or butts. But I trust no one now. Get in in to the school. And if he wants to still recruit the class go right ahead.
  9. Agree. I thought so the first time I saw highlights. That’s a big guy who has some fluidity to him. Looks natural. Also, Estime looks to be a man too. I think this could be a fun season. My hope is they let Merriweather run a post in the slot and let Lenzy run underneath with Mayer running the flat. Someone is getting yards in that situation.
  10. Man. If that is the setup you are a gumshoe. I would of never even thought twice about anything.
  11. Not the defensive side of the ball. They have backups that have starter reps. But it is strength on strength with Ohio States offense. So it really comes down to that. Which unit will do enough to win the game.
  12. I think he’s getting first team reps now. Tells me they want some power running against Ohio State.
  13. There’s a couple of things ND has going for them. 1. Ohio State won’t hopefully be full gear yet being it’s week one. 2. Jim Knowles defense usually takes time to gel. He said he won’t install the whole playbook this year. 3. Going off of two. With said, their Achilles heal since Day has taken over is that they are getting softer on the lines and especially on defense. Oregon, Utah, and Michigan carved them up running the ball. ND I hope can do the same. 4. Their linebackers are like ours in the sense that they are small and somewhat weak. They aren’t as experienced either. 5. Our defense will be the best they play all year unless they play in the playoffs. Let’s hope they are ready. 6. Hearing that ND is running some different formations and that Ohio State will really not have a full gameplan on what ND will run with Buchner. So advantage us. 7. They have NOBODY who can stop Mayer. 8. The Freeman factor. Who doesn’t want to stick it to their alma mater? You haven’t played sports if you don’t think this is the case. Freeman can talk nice and try and say the right things. There’s no question he wants to beat Ohio State bad. 9. Back to defense. Our linebacker crew should be the smartest group ever run at ND. With Freeman, Golden, and Laurinitis teaching them. All bets are off. 10. Just to round it off to a sound number. Sometimes it’s easier playing a top 5 matchup on the road.
  14. Hammy, I thought I heard. Anyways, I think he plays. I think pretty much all our linebackers play. They are all pretty smart and interchangeable at this point.
  15. Yep South Shore would be easiest from Chicago to South Be d Regional Airport. It’s been a long while since I’ve done this but the train only leaves at certain times. And you need to be there I believe about 20 mins in advance just to be situated with buying a ticket and knowing where you need to go. Not exactly sure how to get from the airport to the campus. Uber? I know when I was there in March Uber wasn’t real prevelant there. Or it took awhile to get one. Not sure if they still have the bus that will take you from the airport to the campus either. Anyone?
  16. Exactly what he said. Or his father(priest) told him. Manti also had a strong faith. Not sure about Keeley.
  17. Take out the Fiesta Bowl and a another game(can’t remember) and Lewis hasn’t been that bad. Is he a blazer- no. But he can play the position and play it well if he sticks to his abilities. Also, if the coaches don’t leave him on an island all game long. I think he should be fine all season.
  18. Just let me have my fun. Although there is some truth to my opinion. Just like there’s some truth to my opinion that Saban is not the greatest college football coach. 7-8 out of the last ten #1 recruiting classes have been Bama. Anyone can won with this classes…. Here we go….
  19. The only I can say is come to Alabama make your money during and after college and get a chance to go in the first round. Just be prepared to flame out by year three in the NFL and hope that that awesome Alabama degree goes for the next 40 years. Because that’s usually what happens with those Bama players…
  20. Exactly what I was thinking and telling me wife while watching it. They didn’t care who they stepped on. They could of cared less if Manti offed himself. They wanted to break the story. He’ll, they even said as much when the one guy said the most they get was the weatherman has a funny forecast that’s shaped like a d***. They are a small time company and always will be.
  21. Just finished it. Didn’t have any internet but my wife wanted to watch it. Excellent job of telling Manti’s story and how good a person he is-was. I can see why he wanted to agree to it. He really needed to get this off his chest and hopefully in the past.
  22. Pretty much. At Iowa will be tough but they think that schedule will allow them to get in the playoffs
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