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  1. He can throw the ball to a receiver and read a defense. It wouldn’t of mattered at that time, but we already saw that Buchner wasn’t going to keep a drive going passing the ball at that point. Can’t worry about feelings for one game.
  2. Oh…no Pyne? Why? You clearly needed a spark and see if you actually have a passing game. You can always bri g Buchner back in.
  3. Said in another but I’ll add. @soko is right. All is not lost. They should win some games for awhile until Clemson I think. Maybe ByU. Either way, they better figure out this offense now. That’s was f’in pathetic and it needs to be called out. Also, time to get as many defensive guys ready. Because next year we lose almost ALL these guys. Play and rotate as many guys as you can here on out.
  4. Three things. The drive where they threw it three times on the 44 killed momentum. Should of ran the ball and kept the clock going and playing your game. Salerno’s PInreally killed them. Brian Kelly’s offensive curse is still here. Anemic offense. How does ND only have 6 Scholly’s. How do they still have a qb that is pretty one dimensional still. And his back-up is going to be Book lite? frig Kelly. That is all…
  5. We struggle on containing the outside but a I think that’s because the personnel they use are out of position. It is what it is right now until Kollie and Sneed are ready. Need to re-establish the run
  6. No designed runs? You have to keep at it no matter what. You’ve established yourself all camp and this game. No turning back now.
  7. So far pleasantly happy. I want the team to continue to play strong. Basically, they need to continue wearing them down. They’ve already have been selling out on the run all game and ND is still up. This is where you are start to see teams tire. The only thing I hope Tommy has in store is some more misdirection or something that will feed off of what they’ve been running. Defensively, they look lost without Ngiba. Or at least somewhat. Now it will be can ND stop the run and play safe while doing it. Really need another pass rush besides Foskey. Bortello may need to get home soon.
  8. I’m sorry. You missed some good years when ND was tough and would beat these teams.
  9. I agree. Don’t abandon the run however. Also, Buchner hasn’t kept it yet. That will open it up. The line seems a little confused.
  10. Hearing Julian Fleming their third wide out is a game time decision. Shoulder. But don’t fret guys. Eduka(sp) the number 1 receiver in the country in 21’ is the back up…
  11. I know what you’re saying. But why shouldn’t a Wisconsin team that beat an undefeated Ohio State in the conference championship get in? I guess in this case they would both get in anyways. I think that’s what the b10 and SEC wanted anyways. That way they both will likely always get two teams. Speaking of the SEC…is it weird that Bama and Georgia or Bama and Florida never play each other? That would be like Michigan and Ohio Stare being in different conferences and only playing in the championship game. It’s no wonder the SEC is always vying for two teams in the playoffs. These ther conferences just haven’t caught on to what the SEC has been doing.
  12. I agree. But who else had a alate like his? He had to prep for a big New Years Day bowl, keeping his recruits in less than a month, and then travel to his alma mater to a very intimidating field against supposedly the greatest offensive team in college football. I would hope he would get a pass until the end of the season to make a true assessment. I just want to see inspired hard fought ND football. I mean, Cincy is at it again playing tough football. No reason why ND can’t.
  13. As I’ve always said. No way ND joins a conference now. As long as one of the tv deals gives ND somewhat they are asking they stay put. 12 team playoffs?! 6 conferences 6 at larges. ND will always be among at least the 12th best most years. The people this just hurt somewhat is USC and UCLA. They most likely could easily win the pac 12 every year and get a playoff shot. Hopefully, this calms conference re-alignment talks.
  14. I assume they will. But I come from the old school way of all it takes is your team to come prepared pissed off and ready punch people in the face. I don’t mean fake tough. Im talking Marvin Hagler tough. Im not talking im walking in that stadium with a scow as if all I know is war. You only have to be good that day. It’s why Michigan rolled them last year. They got tired of being embarrassed and laughed at every year. Michigan didn’t have better players. They had the better team. That’s what ND has to be.
  15. So unoriginal. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from a nut. I guess we’ll see Saturday night if Day is going the Lincoln Riley route of all skill an no balls as a team. That soft finesse shyt only goes so far. …
  16. Yes it is. And it should be. The SEC and b10 can’t complain that they want what’s best for the interest of college football and they want all these power 5 schools in two-4 conferences and then go and continue playing FCs schools. What is it? you want to start your own ncaa basically. Well…start playing the big boys then.
  17. Man this is exactly what I want in my defensive line. Or for that matter the whole team. I hope all those guys come to Columbus jacked up and ready to play. Just watched Catholics vs convicts again and pregame in that locker room. Man, was that setting intense. They even mention that. Let’s bring that boys
  18. Saw Paris Johnson taking a jab at Foskey. “He’s generational type player” but Ohio State has a lot of guys like that in it’s building.” Foskey’s going to make him his bitch all night.
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