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  1. I agree makes life easier for sure. I’ll be interested in that Baylor/BYU game. Curious how good BYU really will be.
  2. @FaithInIrishForeverbrought a good point. I think this should be the game where you let someone else return punts. I’d like someone young so for the future they will be prepared to return and at least try to get some yards. I’m sure Joseph was told just catch the ball first but now is the time to start expiring and implementing a return game.
  3. Man we started taking about this in the other thread but after rewatching the game, guys literally turned one way and let the guy on the zero gap just run right in. I saw Fisher and Lugg start a double team where Lugg let him go to get the blitzer and Fisher stayed outside when there was literally NO one rushing on the outside. So confusing going back and watching it. I can’t say Ohio States scheme was that great when guys were just letting guys run right by them. Not even a hand on guys. Again I’m no genius but something was really bad here. I remember playing the outside on field goals. I blocked the inside first and as soon as a guy came rushing outside I had the wherewithal to just punch the guy in the chest but hold my inside edge. We didn’t even get that. Back to thread…I too want young guys playing within reason. But guys should be eating vs Marshall. No reason Estime can’t get 100 yards. No reason Styles doesn’t get 5 catches and Thomas gets three. No reason we don’t see Engleberger, Junior, and the corners/safeties getting some good time. I want Rees to think, I’ve been wanting to call this play for a looong time let’s do it this week.
  4. ND should win this game solely on just playing a team with superior speed. Marshall should look like snails compared to Ohio State. Anyways, I thought by asking… What would you like to see from ND this game? This is usually where you see a jump in production. Id love for ND to really open it up. By this, I mean take the shackles off Buchner. Let him throw an interception. Let him be creative. Dust of the playbook and find some old plays that you been saving. Now is the time to see what you have and let Buchner grow. He’s probably the most talented qb we have and we can’t simply wait for Carr in three years to take us to the promise land. Recruits want to see video game numbers and Buchner can provide better than anyone we have. He can’t then we are back to square one. What else would people like to see?
  5. Honestly, and I have no clue so I’m completely being a armchair o-line coach here. I don’t understand the slide protection call. ND seemed to do that alot and when Ohio State overloaded one side all they would do sometimes is stunt or run the backer back around to the other side. Why not simply keep your o-line at max protect and say guard my man in front of you. If you don’t have one then stay home until a guy comes or you see your guy needing help. Meaining overload on that side make sure your eye is there but stay home. Too many times did we over adjust and they simply ran right by our o-line who would be normally lined up in his normal position. We outplayed ourselves I feel like. If they overload one side who cares, you move your running back to that side or bring in the tightend to compensate for that. You don’t keep sliding your line to that side. So, who knows if I’m right but that’s whT I’m seeing with my naked eye. Thoughts?
  6. That’s just it. They are very similar to ND. Great defense lacking offense. As people complain that ND isn’t the 5th best team. Well…there’s not many that should be ahead of them.
  7. OK, just re-watched the game. Really, this game was a lot better than I thought. That's not wearing my Irish colored glasses. Things, I saw... ND was leading an in control as of 500 mins in the third quarter. Stroud made some plays on the following drive. The defense was slowly getting to him. He just made the plays. Bracy was injured on the play before Golden called the double safety blitz. I think that would of been Bracy's man on that play. Be interesting if the press asks Golden on that play if he thought Bracy was still in. Either way, a STUPID CALL. They would most likely kicked a field goal and it would had been 10-10 with ND getting the ball back. The next drive Buchner made a nice throw and they moved the ball again. That Salerno play really killed everything. ND was still in control and moving. So for me, Rees didn't kill them up to that point. I think he called somewhat of a good game. After that, the defense started to tire. They still put some pressure on Stroud but again he made some running throws and their guys made some plays. That's when ND was in trouble. I get why Pyne didn't come in now. But, I still think he could been utilized more. I also think Rees need some different routes-slants under or go routes. They leave their safeties on an island and Michigan is going to toast them again. Also wished they used more counter or misdirection because their guys sell out on every play one way. Also, Correll is still weak and slow. Lugg got manhandled and the o-line looked confused many times.
  8. Ha, couldn't of happened to a nicer guy. Those Polian coached special teams at again...
  9. No I said the auto loan I’m simply stating a fact. He was angry about paying off student loans when there were Billions upon billions of dollars forgiving to both sides on many different companies. I’m not saying it’s right. Just that he’s been paying for other shit for awhile now. Disagree on inflation. But that’s another thread and another topic! BK’s special teams are always special. Please don’t let Daniels pull this BK terrible coaching job out his azz. But something tells me this is BK and it takes him 10 years to adjust. So a loss is at hand.
  10. I wanted him gone after the 2016 debacle. But I will say the guy did some nice things at ND and I’m not butt hurt about it. However, the man just couldn’t motivate or beat a team with better talent to save his life. That’s why he’s going to lose badly in the SEC. Sabans going to eat his lunch until he retires and some other team like Texas AM, Georgia, Florida, is going to get him yearly. He’ll never win one there.
  11. We’ll hopefully Tommy is watching but I don’t think these guys watch other games during the season. There’s so much variety and formations out there that you shouldn’t continue to call the same shotgun RPO crap over and over. Time to mix it up Tommy!
  12. Are you mad about that or paying off small businesses and politicians PPP loans? Or the auto industry a few years ago? Or the airline industry? Or the banks? Or Wall Street? Which one out of all those cost you more? Now back on topic. BK’s teams all look the same. Lack of confidence, no adjustments, no variety on offense, no idea on how to use the talent he has. Don’t worry, he’s got ten years to figure it out. I’m sure he’ll get them to a championship game in that time only to get clobbered by equal talent.
  13. Ha. McElroy said he wants to see more variety on offense, bunch formation, motion. It’s been vanilla. Well, McElroy. Get used to it. That’s all he’s got.
  14. All I can say is I’m liking the playcalling by FSU. Lots of different looks.
  15. No I get it. And it probably won’t matter now with Texas and Oklahoma moving to the SEC and more teams in the playoffs. But that’s how the SEC has got their foothold in saying they are the best conference every year. That, and Saban winning most years.
  16. Yep. But can’t blame the late rushing in the 4th. They were clearly gassed. Also, the refs didn’t do us any favors or ABC for that matter on those sideline catches. Not sure their running back had possession on that third down catch. No review just a quick go. That could of helped ND maybe have a chance. Didn’t get a chance to see if Uganda didn’t trap his either. But oh well. Need a better offense from here on out
  17. I was going to say 11. But Utah and Oregon lost. ND played Ohio State as close to what Utah did in the bowl. NC Stare should of lost. No way USC jumps us based on that blowout of lonely Rice.
  18. I get all that. But your most two traditional teams or the ones that are known to win their division the most don’t play each other most years unless it’s a conference championship. Texas and Oklahoma should of never played yearly then. Neither should USC and Washington or Clemson and Miami. Whatever. They can justify it any way they want. They’ve rigged the system and they did that by establishing the SEC championship game. Others should follow suit if they want their conference to be vying for two teams every year in the playoffs.
  19. After sleeping on it. This game went EXACTLY how I predicted to friends. ND played it’s game. They had a chance win. They just made three more big mistakes more than Ohio State. Not bad considering everyone had them being blown out. ND played as tough and as good as they could being outmanned and in a hostile environment. That said, ND is going to steamroll teams until Clemson. They have an identity and I think they are just scratching the top. The thing from here on out is ND is going to need to build lots of depth EVERYWHERE! They lose a lot on defense next year. And they need some receivers to step up. What I’m hoping since they know their defense is going to keep them in every game is let loose on offense. Let Buchner take chances. Let Merriwrather, Colzie and co. Learn on the fly. They can afford to do it because of that defense. They do that and you will see Buchner blossom. If you run that boring stale offense and Buchner will stay the same.
  20. That’s just it. Stroud looked pedestrian in his first game last year too. He looked it again when he lost his #1 option last night. Bryce Young looked pedestrian last year vs Georgia when he lost Willams. Without too talent these guys are average. Now go to Buchner. As you said, hasn’t thrown a bunch since high school. The man is going to have an uphill battle all year.
  21. This I can agree with and thought about. However, you see that with a lot of teams where the o-line looks like crap and the qb is running for his life but another guy comes in, maybe more poised, maybe sets the right line checks, gets the ball out earlier, takes a better chance at wide receiver. You never know unless you try for a series. I would of. But then again, who knows, maybe Pyne is killed because of a back side blitz.
  22. I think you answered your own thought. The defense was tired. Once the running back started getting seven yards a chunk the best the team could do was try stripping. Before they got gassed they were wrapping up and hitting hard. Then they started arm tackling and not getting off blocks. Then it was their running backs just ran into ND players where they just said well, he’s here, might as well try stripping since he’s hitting me.
  23. I see upside with Buchner. The problem is his other pieces aren’t there yet and he needs that being so young. Pyne doesn’t and would of been a good change for a series. Even if it’s just to give Buchner a breather on the sidelines.
  24. I’m fine with riding Buchner. But it was clear at that moment that Nd’s only chance for a win was throwing the ball. Buchner showed at least that game against that defense that he was struggling. Nothing wrong with giving a series to Pyne to clear his head and give Knowles something to think about. It’s about winning, not trying to build for the future the first game of the season.
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