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  1. Done deal. Wife and family are there and still live there. Played there. I just don’t see him staying.
  2. Two things that truly bugs me is that I click on unread content I do get that stupid ad that I have to click at the top to get rid of. I’ve hit the ad in the past when I was in a hurry. The other thing, which may be his frustration also. It’s Not the new format. But rather the old people left and there really hasn’t been any replenishment of new people. Pretty much the only thing I come here for now is for recruiting from Big and Teun. I’ve added threads in the past but it just seems to fall on deaf ears. Probably because we’ve lost so many people and not many participate. Faith tries to keep this place running with new threads but like my threads, they die off quickly. Hell, I haven’t seen any other mod in years post or contribute besides what’s behind the scenes. not blaming them honestly. When I first came it was an amazing site. But when that Wild West came when people were able to post the dumbest wild outlandish shyt….that’s when they lost a lot of good posters. it is what it is I guess….
  3. Which “one” did we miss?
  4. If you haven’t been to one you should! Just for the atmosphere and a bucket list type thing.
  5. Going waaaay back. George Connor also wore 81 for a few seasons.
  6. Sorry Faith, but 81 can also go to DE Alan Page. The guy is a college and NFL HOFer.
  7. Absolutely! When I pitched I always loved shoving it in these types of teams faces. Love it!
  8. We also can’t forget Ken Macafee and Mark Bavaro. ND’s tight ends are second to none.
  9. The amazing thing is ND keeps finding diamonds in the rough. Too bad they bolt first chance. Let’s hope he stays.
  10. “Pitching” and defense. Let’s hope ND has the pitching too.
  11. 80, 81, 82 are probably all of ND’s best right ends coming up.
  12. Keeping with the numbers and tight ends since that’s where we are. Irv Smith at 84. Probably one of my favorite plays. Dragging all those Hoosiers for a TD. Let’s not forget about Tony Hunter at 85. we also forgot about John Carlson at 89. We could of just done the whole tight end u now that I think about it for the 80’s.
  13. Just looking at the pictures online right now and these kids look pretty happy and in awe of ND’s campus. They also did an amazing job of lumping the kids that are in there position groups together. Maybe a recruiting ploy I think. Kids recruiting kids. Also, good to have the parents around. I’m feeling really good about this visit on some kids.
  14. On Irish illustrated they had a break down of all the qb’s that ND has taken since Clausen. Wow, Kelly really sucks. His best recruits or highest recruits were Kiel who he didn’t give a shot to, Barnett, a head case, Wimbush, head case(throwing), and Buchner. Kelly couldn’t pick out talent at qb’s or just had no idea how to read a qb and what he can bring. His list was dreadful. BUT, as I always said, Weis was picking up top talent no problem. But with Kelly all of the sudden ND could only get but 25 percent of the kids in the top 150 or whatever it was. Just crap. But I digress….Freeman is killing it.
  15. The more I here about Carr the more I like him.
  16. By the way. Dave Casper should of been on there for 86 also. I would take him over Brown.
  17. I don’t think we need him to reclassify because I doubt he would get that much playing time as a soon to be senior in highschool even if Buchner gets injured. Pyne would get the nod. Then probably Angeli would be my guess. Probably better to have that gap. Unless they have a shot at getting Sayin for the following year. Then, yeah…do it!
  18. Pretty cool. Still way over my head on of I ever wanted to to something like this for myself.
  19. Thank you. Very well articulated.
  20. I’m sorry. I’m very dumb when it comes to NIL. Is “IPC” ND’s NIL. Or at least one of them?
  21. No question. I wrapped my brain around this number.
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