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  1. Didn’t Buchner already throw two interceptions today? One was a pick six? I’m not saying a Pyne is the answer. Just that this offense is sooooo bad. Neither guy should be leading the Irish.
  2. People are coming for you Freeman. Better change your demeanor real fast.
  3. Man. They are just jumping on those hitches. And Tommy keeps calling them
  4. Oh I’m right here. BK will lose 5-6 games this year. Don’t you worry.
  5. Yep. And people don’t understand this. Thanks BK for “loading this offense up before you left. No depth at wr, qb, and oline. Pathetic. But this loss is on Freeman and his staff. This is Freeman’s Tulsa….
  6. Well it’s all about money and not playing by the rules. So anyone is game.
  7. I would burn this tape if they win. There is absolutely nothing that you can take from the day.
  8. Just a theory. Are they playing too much nickel? I also think they are not subbing anyone else in. The line still looks gassed. I’m seeing Mills literally jog to the ball carrier at times.
  9. I told my friend after the over too last week with Estime. If they run the T formation im going to cry.
  10. Right. This game would be no different with Bayou Brian. How many unmotivated games against lesser opponents did BK have games like this? I knew what I got with Kelly. I was over in since 2016.
  11. Teams are literally challenging Book to beat them. They are stack g the box for the run and going right after Buchner. He’s going to have to keep progressing as a qb.
  12. If you don’t move the ball here you have to go with Pyne. I just don’t get it. How many series do you have to see
  13. Better start figuring this out soon Freeman. The honeymoon is about to start coming to an end…
  14. If he gets even 1 yard of freedom he usually get three. He’s asked to create the whole himself and then get his yards after. Crazy talk
  15. He had a timeout issue at OSU too. But I don’t see him being out coached. If anything, he needs to be more involved and less BK like on the sideline. Time to start ripping your coordinators and get them going. Because both sides are lacking right now.
  16. What exactly are you seeing? I just see a bad offense(Tommy) and a lackluster game. Which is what I kinda figured after the OSU loss.
  17. Game still has that BK feel. Struggle against mid p5 teams and terrible offenses.
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