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  1. I agree. Complete chicken shit if you ask me. But then again, they are making money, winning championships and eventually going to the NFL. ND isn’t doing any right now. Let’s hope Carr shows that he’s not afraid and willing to be “da man.”
  2. I’m always excited for ND football no matter what the year or the qb. I’m the eternal optimist that still ND has a shot to win a National title with ND’s restrictions every year. So yes…
  3. As I always said, Jimbo is a fraud and he loses three games yearly. Also, Texas AM used to lose 3-4 games yearly while in the b12. What made people think going to the SEC that things were going to change?
  4. This will continue to happen too. It’s a great point. Marshall had 24 transfers or something like. 4 from FSU I believe. That is 4-5 star talent on some levels. Didn’t they say their running back was a 5 star coming out of highschool? Yes, you’re right, Rees still called a terrible game.
  5. I know Matt Campbell would take ND’s job in a heart beat. Not sure anymore on Fickell. But I think the coaching prospects would be better this time around.
  6. Buchner doesn’t have a noodle at. Rees had a noodle arm. That I think I may coined if we could go back to the old archives. I also called Denard Robinson armpunt. Turnover Tommy was a given. I don’t know why I take solace in my Trumpisms.
  7. I think you’re taking a little too much joy in the young man being injured…. You don’t think he should be the starter. We get it…so did other people too.
  8. I’ll add one more. Where is the misdirection? As you have seen this year alone the two or three times ND ran a reverse it went for decent yards. As you said, teams are selling out because they know ND had a boring straight through offense in terms of running.
  9. That too! Man, that guy had him. So pissed when I saw him get ole’d like that. Damn. So close. As for Angelli. Some people thought he was just a throw in and an above average highschool guy. I said I liked him. I hope I’m right. But at this point, what do we have to lose. Although, I doubt he knows the playbook and probably doesn’t even know where all the buildings are at ND are. This isn’t a 5 star Jimmy Vlausen who was already a year older we are trying to force in there. I say start Pyne and IF you can get Angelli playing time. Do it! You need reps and someone with some type of game time.
  10. Wasn’t he there starter last year? Or didn’t he already have a ton of experience? Either way, Texas hopes died when Ewers left. Totally a different team.
  11. Coan almost came to ND for Lacrosse and was a senior. He had the grades and wanted to come. Skoranek came from Northwestern like Joseph. Again, this is a far cry from getting a guy like Jameson Williams who transferred from Ohio State to Alabama. He wouldn’t of been accepted. ND chooses to hamstring it’s program. It is what it is right now.
  12. I have no idea but does Carr and Rees have a good relationship? I thought that was the case. You fire him now and risk losing Carr. Just a thought.
  13. They tried to Pearsall but he chose Florida. They sniffed the Iowa guy and maybe went after him. But he chose elsewhere too. Unless you start calling kids at schools there isn’t a ton left. I wished they would of got someone too. It just didn’t sound like it.
  14. Ding ding ding. Everyone just expects ND to just start grabbing anyone and everyone. That’s not how ND operates. They had to get Joseph from Northwestern. Their Punter is from Yale(I believe). Unless Stanford, Northwestwrn start producing football factory type players yearly don’t expect ND to just start plucking guys from the portal.
  15. Rightfully so. That showing should keep ND out of the top 25 until they are about 5-2. That is a big IF.
  16. I’m agreeing with you. Especially if you dumb it down where you tell these guys you have 5 plays to know. To touch on your other point, yes there is more that goes on into it as you play longer. Continuity with the qb-wr. If they are in zone you squat here. If he doesn’t the qb throws to that spot and it’s intercepted and the fans get pissed and yell at the qb. Same goes for man, and other things. But as I said, you can gameplan and set easy designed for some of your receivers. They don’t all have to just run go routes as again, Marshall showed.
  17. I don’t disagree. Not sure how the academics are at ND in terms of guys barely swimming above water. So I always take that into account. But there are plays and formations things like that where you can get some guys some reps here and there. Marshall just showed that. They had like 5 different running backs running chunks on us.
  18. I was just telling my friend this. This was always the BK way. You had to earn and know every nuance of the play to get in. That’s why there’s little depth at wr, qb. The line is deep because Elston would always rotate. I’m not even seeing a rotation now on the dline. Need to be fresh.
  19. I don’t know. The man was elite talent at OSU and won a championship there. You don’t start as a freshman and help your team win if you don’t “have it.” I would argue Kelly didn’t demand to win because he got smoked whenever he played equal or better competition. Remember he won a lot of games sometimes by luck. Toledo last year. Navy one year, ND struggled against a 1-2 win UMass team for three quarters. His teams just pulled it out of there butt is all. I wouldn’t call that demanding but rather luck. Freeman didn’t have that luck like Kelly did. All he did was just learn the hard way that you win at all costs.
  20. One knows he’s getting millions for the next ten years. One could be fired tomorrow. One has won one on pure luck and is still riding that as being a good coach. One has only coached three games. So not great comparisons beside both losing to teams in the Sun Belt.
  21. Well not at two prominent positions. If you’re head coach is green then your o or d coordinators can’t be. We have both in a way. Marshall’s offense and line was very creative for their qb. We look so amateurish still.
  22. Well that’s encouraging with some recruits. The way Carr glowed about ND. I’d have a hard time seeing him go. I’m more worried about Bowen if anything.
  23. And for the Pyne hating. The guy came literally off the bench had to throw two straight balls. The guy didn’t even take a warm up throw that I saw. Either way, terrible!
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