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  1. They started going down hill once they joined the b12.
  2. Careful. I say this because both those guys are hurt right now. They not play their best in this game because of that. It will be a taxing game for sure.
  3. It’s understandable why we play them. I appreciate them. I also wonder is this a forever debt? Can there be a monetary position Nd can take to say thanks? What if ND does join the ACC? What then? Is that really going to be one of ND’s non-conference games every year? That may hurt especially if the ACC continues on the path of being terrible that it has been. Honestly, I would rather ND pay them off and the game be done. Or at least play them every three years or something. Even tell Navy when we do play you we’ll play wherever you like and we’ll pay you for your time in that game. If that’s how you have to sweeten the deal so be it. But playing Navy every year really does nothing for ND in the grand scheme of things. It’s become a pointless game sadly.
  4. It doesn’t feel that way. BVG defenses weren’t even getting sacks and interceptions like this team. I just think he has the wrong guys playing defense right now.
  5. I honestly thought like they didn’t want to lose anybody to targeting or anything. I feel like I can remember on two separate plays where they could of lit Howell up but backed off and just held him up. Also, seemed like the defense was a step slow. Howell was bottled up and escaped which felt like a destined sack.
  6. Yep. That’s my thought. And Cincy barely lost to Georgia last year. So, they are at least decent and not as bad as some would suggest.
  7. Pretty close but I would flip flop Ohio Staye and Oregon since Oregon won head to head. Now for the selection top four. 1. Georgia 2. Cincy 3. Oklahoma 4. Michigan State 5. Bama. They’ll move up soon enough. As soon as State and Oklahoma lose. Which I think is soon.
  8. Watched this on the plane. My friend who is usually the eternal optimist was angry with his texts about the defense. I mean, what do you expect? They are running Freeman’s system with Lea’s guys. Those guys are bend but don’t break type guys. Not cause chaos with speed guys. So it is to be expected. Also, Howell was a pre-season Heisman favorite. He’s not garbage. Anyways, that run…. o-line keeps looking better and better. But is it the new guys or the crappier defenses that ND is playing? the drops. I can’t stand it. Drives me f’in bonkers. Out of all the amazing things Williams does, he’s a terrible punt returner. Get him out of there. He never catches it. Always loses yards every game. I returned punts in high school. Watching him return makes me want to put hot pokers on my eyes. Get Goodman back in there. A win is a win! ND is now 8th. Almost an amazing weekend. Wished Clifford was better. The guy makes one bad decision out of ever 4 passing attempts. Penn states defense is good and should of knocked off Ohio State for one of the best weekends ever. Go Irish!
  9. Wrong. I could give you 50 names and you would have a smart ass answer to why they wouldn’t succeed at ND. There’s no pleasing you unless the name is Kelly.
  10. I’ll show you my idiot rambling. One time where a coach won ten games and got fired-John Cooper. Who I referenced Kelly being many times. You’re welcome “smart guy.” Just as you say I don’t know for certain that Kelly won’t win a title, well he’s the retort, you don’t know that Kelly’s replacement won’t be better than Kelly. See, it’s a simple counter argument. But for some reason we are idiots but you are right. It makes my head hurt.
  11. I love how everything is so black and white on here. As if they know “for fact” on what the future holds. Do they have the winning lottery numbers next week? I’d love to hear them. I forgot that you can’t have an opinion on here.
  12. And this is why I get so frustrated. Because you guys are certain that you know for sure that any other coach would fail. I can’t wait for Kelly to step down. Because all of you might as well become fans of another program. Because without Kelly, ND will waste away until the end of time. See absurd that sounds. Nobody can safely say they know without a shadow of doubt that they know if a coach would or wouldn’t succeed at Nd. All you can do is make that leap. But to say they would fail is asinine. That’s why these lists that you guys want are dumb. Because nobody knows how any of them would really do. BUT, I can safely say I know exactly how Kelly will do. I’ve seen it for 12 years now. It’s not winning a National Championship. Which is what I want.
  13. All I have to say is right on. Exactly the point I’ve been trying to make. Thanks.
  14. Yes, this has been going on since the 4-8 season. My replies were plentiful of names of coaches who could take the helm. Every time this topic comes up it’s the same. Should I continue making a laundry list of names for every new comer who thinks it’s their right to know the names of every coach that could take this job? The fact is, and you included it so it shouldn’t surprise you, that there are many coaches not only in college ranks, but in the pros that could do just as good of job of winning ten games a season at ND. So your facetious tone of “amendment” does nothing but prove we are in agreement. That there are other viable options out there. I haven’t seen Ted Lasso but nobody is saying ND has to go ass-backwards in finding a coach who has absolutely no idea what he is doing. That’s why you vet. That’s why you hire a good AD to find that person. How somebody can clearly state that there is no other viable option out of the hundreds(billions:)) of coaches out there is ass-backwards to me. It makes me think you’ve never played sports past middle school or never coached past little league. Ill make it clear. I’ve coached sports. I’ve played many sports even in college. You can tell who can coach and can’t by the little things they say or do. It’s not hard really. He’ll, a simple sit down with many coaches and you tell a lot in 5 mins by who is a dipshit and who isn’t. So, yes, my reply stands, if ND’s AD can’t do his job and is waiting for Iowa State or Utah to do it’s leg work on finding the next hot coach, they should be canned. Finally, before I go enjoy the sun, Kelly isn’t going anywhere. We can agree on that. So this is all for shits and giggles at this point. That’s fine. It is what it is. I’m not even saying fire him at this point anymore. He’s here for four more years-I think. BUT, when happy Jack goes with Kelly and you guys are stuck with no AD and no coach, I don’t want to hear it. Side note to prove a point. Lincoln Riley was a nobody. Wasn’t on anybody’s radar until on Stoops’ staff. Oklahoma hasn’t missed a beat. There’s no reason ND at this point should either. Especially, if aKelly has built this program how some seem to believe it to be built.
  15. I’m sorry my mind doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t allow me to think that the only viable option outside of BK is what other AD’s from smaller time programs have found. If that’s the case then Nd should simply go after Iowa States AD right now.
  16. I understand completely what you are saying. But it’s not like they didn’t have all pre-season to have options. They seemed to be pretty set on the starting role once Fisher got to town.
  17. I had to look this up. Man, this has to be really rare.
  18. And this is what good coaches do. I saw promise with the line. They just had to find the right combo. Sadly it took 6 games to figure it out. That is what I don’t understand.
  19. Again, I don’t know how you can believe out of the 7.7 billion people on this planet that you think Brian Kelly is the only person that can lead ND to a National Championship. That’s what blows my mind. Kelly is God. He is not the o my person on Earth that can coach football and be good at it.
  20. Facts….. stats don’t lie! Agree with everything you said. But as Elder just wrote. I guess we just have to wait for a hail Mary for Nd to win a Natty. We have a punchers chance! So, that means, Bama and Georgia have to lose two. Michigan Stats has to luck out and win the b10 and Kansas State needs to win the b12. Then Md can play Kstate first in the playoffs then State in the championship. You know, chances like that are pigs flying out of butt.
  21. That’s a perfect stalk block that got us points in highschool. It was rare but impressive when it happened.
  22. From about 3/4 of the game I saw. 1. The team looked like a team. 2. Kelly’s speech finally looked inspired. At least better than in the past. 3. Who knew that the problem with the O-line was they just weren’t big enough. Once they added that beef they seem to be better. 4. Game planning for USC has been interesting the past few years. By playing 20 yards off to letting London get whatever he wanted but nobody else. Just interesting times
  23. For sure! I appreciate the honesty. The only thing I could add is that we also played better defenses than the past two games. So is it understanding Coan and him getting better or is it that the defenses have become really bad?
  24. I can only assume he means his pad around his knee. In xrays, if you care, and doubt they are talking about this since it was his ankle or knee, you have fat pads that are seen on xrays in the elbow.
  25. This is why I stopped. Since I cut the cord to just internet my NBC/Peacock app is sometimes “two” plays behind. Nothing to do with the chat box. I actually liked it
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