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  1. Those other conferences may get split up but I think four remain in the end. The ACC/ b12/ or pac12. ND already is half in the ACC. So, they have their 5 games no matter what. If they can maintain USC, which is doubtful at this moment or any other of the above mentioned conference than ND should be ok. Because those other conferences aren’t that great without having ND as a signature game with them. They wouldn’t shut ND out with the teams they will have in 2026. I think ND is safe if they get this deal.
  2. Starting to feel like the CJ Williams and Amarion Walker recruitments. Stay with ND until the very, and I mean very last second.
  3. Ned Bolcar and Nick Eddy wore 47. Some other guy who dropped the int in 93 against BC also wore it. I shall not say his name.
  4. You know what stands out to me is he doesn’t fight for the ball. It’s all hands and controlled body control. That tells me all I need to know. He can ball. Just like Styles. Same ability while watching
  5. I’m curious want is Golden schtick? Like does he usually have good linebackers? Dominant lines? Good team play. Do you know?
  6. Honestly, at this point who’s left? Hanafin, Love, Premba? Is that it that ND has a shot with now? Ausberry?
  7. To me he seems the most polished or college ready recruit MD has recruited at wideout that I can remember. I could be wrong. I just don’t remember anyone looking that good on highschool tape.
  8. Yeah. What would you run if they made you defense coordinator for Ohio State @FaithInIrishForever?
  9. Muck Moore. Haha. Just think if he would came…..
  10. It depends on if you have the personnel or not. Louis Nix and Chris Zorich are perfect for that three four. I also think the 3-4 makes it harder to run against. Personally, I get the thinking but I don’t like the “clean up” approach. I get that you miss you can give up big plays. But I think the cleanup approach makes guys more reactive than aggressive. I’ve always loved the 4-3 with the right personnel. When you have Dana Stubblefield and Bryant Young manning the middle or Leon Lett and Russell Maryland. Hard to do anything- run or pass. Granted that’s hard to get those types of guys at ND consistently. But that’s what I prefer. If not, I would run some crazy 2-5-4 with my 5 linebackers running all over hell haha.
  11. I think inside blitz will be key. Or as Big said, many guys and the d-line getting to Stroud often. But to me, my first sentence is key. No quarterback likes guys going unblocked straight up the middle. Can’t step into the throw. Will be rushed, will misread, will throw early and will be wild. I saw Stroud the first four games or so of his career. He was shaky when hit. I think we have to hit him early and fast. I would find whoever their weakest pass rush olinemen is and find ways to crash him. Maybe even use Foskey on that person 2-3 times a series with an occasional guy going the opposite side to make it easier for either guy to get off. I would also have Joseph either decoy doubling Smith a lot or using him to help on Harrison Jr. Its not going to be easy but you need Hart to be at his best to allow the safeties to help out elsewhere. You also need to hit Stroud more than he’s ever been hit. Lots of rotations on the dline and I would say guys be ready to pin your ears back. This isn’t an urban run style team. Day likes to Chuck it which should help on that being so focused on stopping the run. Anyways, they’ll probably just try to make them be one-sided or contain one side of the field. Who knows.
  12. No introduction needed for 50.
  13. I think Braxton Cave and Jeff Faine wore 52.
  14. Is Michigan like ND in regards to its hard to transfer into in? I’m sure he would have to have the credits and such.
  15. Was listening to Sirius radio yesterday and they were taking ND. They kinda mentioned what I said earlier in this thread or another. Anyways, they brought up the fact that what if ND joined forces with Clemson, NC, FSU, Miami, Okie St, one Texas team(Smu, TCU, Baylor, Houston), Oregon, Washington, Stanford, Utah, Duke, and a few more teams. They said that is as legit of a conference as any. With major markets everywhere. The interesting point was they would go to Apple, Amazon, or another streaming device( but mainly Apple) and say you want in this game? It’s big money. Apple can afford it. They can buy the NFL if they wanted. Tell them, 60 million per team maybe can get it to 80 million. But start streaming games and forget the big networks. That is one way ND and these other teams could survive or simply screw these other conferences(b10,SEC) from running the show. I like the idea. This would be the only way I would want to join a conference.
  16. On the Irish illustrated podcast awhile back I thought they mentioned that the coaching staff was keeping every thing close to the vest so OSU can’t pick up anything. I thought that’s what they said.
  17. That was my thought. After that weekend, then he flirted with LSU, then Texas AM, then Oregon. I said it’s over. Move on from this train wreck.
  18. What do you think that will look like? The top two teams go to the playoffs from those two conferences? The winner of the conferences and the loser in the conference championship of those conferences? You have to think that all the teams left out would either sue or boycott the playoffs or something.
  19. Us fans have been spoiled. We bitched about paying 5 bucks for Peacock. Wait till you have to pay $50 to access the b10 network for ND games.
  20. Haha. I shit you not. I was just watching that last night. Every time I see a protest now I think of that movie. Of how everyone wants this perfect utopia of a world. It just can’t happen.
  21. Two conferences won’t survive. Unless they want to to the NFL model and have an NFC/AFC model with three divisions in each one. Still…that won’t work either. Waaaay to many teams out there. The two conferences will alienate the other 100 division one teams. Lawsuits galore. I can’t wait either. I’m for chaos at this point. It’s the same way people wanted college players to get paid. Pure chaos. This will be the same way. Speaking of paying players. How about we see those scholarships now being tossed out the door. These kids can now get paid. Make them realize what a true college education is worth like the rest of us.
  22. Just crazy to me. Nothing will make people happy anymore.
  23. Wonder if the highschool coach has a bug up his rear about ND?
  24. Championships…whatever schedule we choose, able to dictate who gets to enroll, being labeled as the biggest Catholic University out there, Harvard of the Midwest, National recruiting, National audiences, able to thumb our nose up at the conformist. All these teams are choosing conferences for money. ND does not need to do that. The only reason ND will join a conference is because these other two conferences will try and dictate who wins the championships. I say frig’em. That’s what made ND so special in the past. Let’s be Bama. Let’s play everyone who isn’t in the “two conferences.” And when ND is undefeated, ND claims it’s championship just like Bama. Who cares. That’s what this has come down to anyways. Computers..committees….bagmen, NIL…do championships really matter in the long run? These other teams joining suggest not. It’s about money.
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