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  1. Part of me thinks they Richard Young was a ploy to get to Keeley. He had no intentions of going here. He knew he was Bama all the way. Got here to recruit him. That’s my tin foil hat and I’m sticking to it.
  2. All at SEC schools. How many has the SEC won in the past 20 years? Auburn, (2)LSU, (3)Florida, Georgia. It’s not like it’s hard to do if you have the top talent. C’mon.
  3. Saban reminds me of John Wooden. How good is he when he doesn’t have the number 1 recruiting class every year? He didn’t do great at MSU. He was 6-6 his first year at Bama and even losing to Louisiana Monroe in a bowl game. He got clobbered a couple of time his first year at LSU. It’s only after he continues to get number 1 classes does he start to dominate. So is he the best? Eh, he lost to Clemson, LSU, Oklahoma, and Georgia in big bowls. If he does t have the best team by far the. It’s no sure bet with him. I would of loved to see him coach at ND or Washington State. Let’s see how well he would do when he doesn’t have the benefit of weather, lower academics, booster money, best facilities, and an AD who schedules so that it benefits Nick and Alabama.
  4. Rarely?!? Serious question. When was the last time ND got the ball at half?
  5. Touché!!! I forgot how much I Hayley’s that!
  6. Did you tell him about the story of Donte Moore and how he held multiple D1 schools hostage
  7. Drayk Bowen seems to think Bowen stays. Which is calming. Although on that podcast he kinda trailed off, quoting loosely here, “I don’t know why he’s taking visits….” That’s after saying he is all Irish. So who knows.
  8. He was a great special teams tackler I remember.
  9. No no. Not actually hit and be dirty. I’m talking about pure chaos around Stroud. You can play safe and clean and cause chaos. It’s like the fake junk shot if you know what I mean. Anyways, sometimes that first shot can be a wake call for qb’s too. So got to be careful of which way Stroud takes it.
  10. Ha. Can’t tell if that is tongue in cheek or not. He started 26 games for the Irish. Opposite of Shumate for a season.
  11. It sounds like you are kinda throwing the sink at them? Is that correct? Middle onside kick at the half? All out punt blocks? Double reverses?
  12. You know it sounds dirty. But if you can’t hit him I would tell my guys to dive at the feet. Not even necessarily touching him. Just to make him know that somebody will be close every play. Qb’s don’t like helmet shots or going by there feet.
  13. I’d be curious how much those media markets are really following 3-8 programs like Rutgers and Maryland year in and year out? Penn State was the real winner. But they were better without the b10. At least they won a championship not being in the b10. I could argue Pitt would be a better draw than those other two teams. But yes, that is the underline thinking of adding them. My point way earlier in this thread was If ND wanted to really start their own conference - Adding Washington, Oregon, Houston, TCU, Pitt, Utah, and some other ACC schools would just about hit every major market in the US. BUT, you need that tv deal or streaming partner. Either way, those teams haven’t done Jack since joining their conferences. And they will continue to not do Jack in those conferences. I don’t want to see ND do that. Especially, when those conferences tailor to their top dogs-Ohio State, Alabama
  14. Might as well get one started. If Freeman was listening or reading this thread-what would you guys like him to do this game? I got four. 1. Don’t get a delay of game at the start of your first possession of the game. 2. Have the team ready for the noise. Meaning hopefully blaring as loud as you can of speakers during practice because it will be loud. 3. Have the team hating your alma mater. Get Holtz in there to give a speech if you have to before the game. Show pictures and bulletin board material daily of OHio State scores of the past 4 appearances. Whatever it is- I want fire in the eyes of those players. Pure hatred and back-alley fighting mentality. 4. Don’t give up on the game plan after the first three drives. I say this because I have a weird feeling that they want to run. If that’s the case, this mentality of old school running works usually in the 4th when teams are worn down. Show Ohio State you are tougher them. Thoughts on the game. We’re close to a month away and we haven’t even started chatter about it. Love to here your guys opinions.
  15. Sorry trying follow you here. Are these the totals of passing yards of the winners? If that’s the case you’re argument(which I could say is also using outliers) isn’t great. 4 out of the 10 teams that won had over 300 yards. That doesn’t exactly scream dominant passing games is what wins championships. If anything, going off these numbers, the “outliers” would be Bama last year with an all time stud offense along with LSU before that. Most of the time it’s won in the trenches unless you have top 10 receivers on both the X an Y and a top 15 qb throwing to them. Which is exactly what those two teams had. Also, if I remember correctly didn’t Coker have 300 yards in the Natty? Where OJ Howard had over 200 of them? Mainly because Drake set them up. Anyways, difference of philosophies and we could argue for we. I don’t want to highjack this thread too much longer.
  16. I say craze because teams used to pass the ball. Now I’m sure it’s doubled from even 10 years ago. It’s flag football. But you know what? Mike Leach never won a championship. June Jones never did. Neither did Warren Moon, Dan Fouts, or Dan Marino. Passing is fine. But excessive passing is the craze I’m talking about. That doesn’t get you championships. You can also thank App. State beating Michigan with your rule changes on why the games changed. Until I see a dramatic change in Buchner. Running is the way to go with this young man and this offensive line.
  17. Not only that, it plays into Buchner hands more. That’s who he is. I like it. The pound the running back will make its way back again. Just like all things that do. Passing the rock is all the craze and has been for awhile now. Most teams can win by running well. Michigan, Iowa, Wisky and Minnesota has shown you can win most of your games just by running. ND can too. Luckily ND has some skill on the outside to balance that out.
  18. Honestly I would rather have a guy like Edwards who feels a major need at running back and slot with quick twitch than a very solid running back. You can find running backs all over the country. You can’t find speed and quick twitch explosive guys.
  19. Eh. If he wants to go there and sit for three years. More power to him.
  20. All valid points and could happen. my hypothesis…. 1. Brady Quinn nailed it. These conferences are going to balloon to 24 teams plus. It wouldn’t be monetarily fiscal. The true top teams aren’t going to want to share with the Vandy’s of the world. He’ll, Texas didn’t want to share its revenue with the b12 and that’s how we got here with them. Top teams are greedy. SO, they’ll be teams left. 2. Of those teams left, ND could make a decent schedule still. Also, their will be a law suit at some point of alienating the rest of the pack and “monopolizing” college football to see fit with those “two conferences.” All this spending to get teams only to lose more money for lawsuits. Also, more schools and conferences mean more money. It would be stupid to have two conferences. That’s why there’s so many bowls. This isn’t the NFL with 30 teams. You’re talking about 100 teams of possibly being left out. 3. ACC is not getting gutted. That buyout is to big. That leaves the rest of the b12 and pac. Who’s really in those two schools as Sankey, I believe put it, would be financially an addition to those conferences. I see three realistically that would help those two conferences. ND, Washington, and Oregon. Then you have the last tier of Stanford, Okie State, and Houston that bring their unique qualities but not financially. So this notion of more teams going somewhere is talk. Kevin Warren and talk a good game all he wants but those teams I’ve listed are the only teams he wants. Maybe Cal….too 4. ND controls its fate. B10 gives them the ultimatum then ND goes to the ACC or SEC. B10 doesn’t want that. ND(in all my ND arrogance) will decide what it wants when it wants. The same way if the SEC gave ND that ultimatum. ND has the money and the tv deal still as of right now. They have that till 2025. That’s a lot of time for these to shake out and ND to decide what it eventually will do. 5. In the grand scheme of things what has adding these other teams really brought to their respective conferences? What has Penn State, Rutgers, Maryland, and Nebraska won since joining? If anything they lost relevance. The same goes for Texas A and M, Missouri, Arkansas and S. Carolina. Well, I guess Arky win in basketball with Williamson. BUT, all those teams are just that. Other teams…ND doesn’t want to be just another team.
  21. I know what you saying. The arrogance I feel is perceived that just because I play football that you owe me a million dollars or an NIL deal. Shit, I had full time classes, played baseball full time, and had classes full time in college. “That’s the old man in me.” But now everyone in college football gets paid. The players, the coaches, the AD’s, commissioners.. so much money from boosters. BUT, somehow schools are still in the red. Maybe these tv deals will help with all that. I just have a hard time believing that that this much money will result in a better product for everyone.
  22. 6 things about that Penn State game. 1. Man ND stadium looked small without the extension of seating. 2. The linemen on both sides looked like power lifters. 3. Growing up in South Bend my friends and I would relive that game time and time again whenever it snowed. Man, it was awesome playing football in the snow. 4. I miss those times. ND so dominant and able to win close games against good competition. 5. Demetrius Dubose at the very end. How happy he was and the sad end to his life. 6. Where can I buy Lou’s hat?!
  23. Forgot my man Jim Flannigan wore 44. Carlo Calabrese for you youngins.
  24. Asaph Schwapp and Grant Irons
  25. C’mon now. Saban said he wanted parity. You know the one where he keeps getting top two classes every year.
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