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  1. @Big23Head will the staff continue to recruit him or is this a lost cause at this point.
  2. Whatever…college football is becoming the biggest sports joke around. I honestly think this will be my last year watching….me thinks.
  3. Sorry didn’t read yet. Where does that leave ND? Is there academics anymore? Would ND want to be apart this? If not, does ND football go away? How can one conference dictate what another one does? Just all seems weird to me.
  4. All that sissy practicing by BK made our guys soft. Bumps and bruises will happen when you want to play tough.
  5. Me too. No reason he can’t be a Charles Woodson type by playing both sides. He’s probably not starting but could get starting type reps from playing both sides. He started off as a receiver so I don’t see him struggling with the tree to much. He’s not afraid of contact obviously so alot might be a good fit for him.
  6. I agree with you. Although for some reason the visual or something I don’t like with Fox. Can’t put my finger on it. Just hate watching Fox games.
  7. They didn’t want Ohio State to be prepared for Buchner for the first game ha.
  8. I love it. Everyone’s a little “teste” today. I hope the players are too.
  9. Yeah I hear ATM has a good one too. sorry we can debate Saban in another thread I don’t want to hijack a good thread!
  10. True. So is having the best bagman in the business! ND should start paying attention to these other guys. They seem to be the only ones playing by the rules. And in this Wild West when there’s no governing board to crack them if they didn’t why are they so honorable at this point?
  11. So Saban talks about Jimbo but has his bagman, I mean NIL, as the first one to meat a recruit. Greatest my butt. The man has the greatest players year in and year out. Most of the time all he has to do is sit in the sidelines and look stupid and his teams are going going to win. Yes…sour grapes at that phony.
  12. Really? That’s surprising. I thought last week all he was doing was sprints. That would be amazing if he could contribute at all first game. I mean, just to give the guys a rest for 10-12 plays.
  13. I feel like he was so far in the fog house they would of let Salerno run before him.
  14. About time they entertain the idea.
  15. Yep. The banged up db’s may be coming back for the game. Just some bumps and bruises apparently. We’ll see. But yeah, 6 scholly db’s on an ok defense. They also are crossing training some safeties at corner. We also may have an advantage because their d-coordinator was Okie States and that was ND’s last game. So it should be familiar. Also, it has taken Knowles(their new d-coordinator) some time on turning defenses around. He’s only installed 25 percent of their playbook so far according to him. Granted Ohio State will have much better players than at Duke and Okie State-his last stops. Lastly, there defenses has been their thorn and hasn’t been great. Especially against the run. Let’s hope all these things continue.
  16. Good stuff thanks! Swarbrick is being honest and playing both sides at the same time. Which is what he’s getting paid. If you read it he’s not blowing smoke up the rear ends of people. If NBC gets the b10 then more exposure to broadcast ND games and put them in the playoff picture. ESPN was never going to do that. So he’s right in that regard that this only helps ND and the b10 for that matter. It also could benefit ND financially when the b10 does come aboard. More money for them and more exposure which means more money that could go to ND when they do a seperate deal later on. Very smart. Also, he’s saying nice things about both NBC and B10 in case that is their only option later on. Smart. He also says it’s all about money, getting to the playoffs still and location(which hasn’t been brought up before). Which has always been the case. If that’s taken away ND goes. If NBC pays them well and ND is still able to get to the playoffs with there schedule I don’t see them jumping to a conference. This also may be easier to schedule B10 games because they will be part of NBC now. They will want that exposure with their partner-ND. Lastly, until the media rights deals are done and everyone has a legit deal PAC, ACC, and b12, this will always be an issue. Even if ND goes to the b10.
  17. I would think so. Oddly, Although competition looked weak, Lyons seemed to have that extra gear and long stride. It also looked to me that he exploded fairly quickly. Might be a steal…
  18. Agree with everything you just said. The one silver lining I’ve read is that they have 6 scholarship db’s right now and two may be hurt. One of them is coming back from injury while two are true freshman. I like hearing that.
  19. Agree. I also think NBC has been shooting itself in the foot for years with all their off brand sports prior to ND games- water polo, fencing, rugby, English premiere(sorry not for me), gymnastics etc. Hard to get jacked when all these other networks have good shows and pump you up for their games only to wait for ND to play with NO lead up.
  20. I don’t know. Forever all people did was complain that ND couldn’t do any better than top 8-12 recruiting wise. I’d always argued differently. Freeman has absolutely changed that narrative. So I don’t think this is a new coach recruiting bump. All reports is that he is constantly on the phone and talking to guys. That kids absolutely love him and he seems genuine. Far cry from Kelly. NIL I’m sure has helped a little but lots of schools are able spend like crazy and ND is still at the top as we speak. Some kids have vocally said if Freeman wasn’t the coach they wouldn’t have listened. Also, Freeman was already showing a recruiting bump with the defense under Kelly’s staff last year. This isn’t a one off IMO. Agree with most. ND needs to show up and ball out Sept. 3rd.
  21. Eh. People always complain that ND is always in the playoff consideration every year too. The fact of the matter is ND is usually in the range of 4-7th best team every year. So 5 to me is right in their range.
  22. And this has always been what I thought ND could do. But the previous staff seemed to think top 12 classes were the premium. Glad this staff is showing that ND’s academics aren’t going to get in their way.
  23. Damn. I heard good things. I guess not.
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