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  1. That’s bad man. That’s your whole MO. And you don’t update?
  2. And even then, it’s not a wrap until the kid goes 6 yrs and is out of eligibility haha.
  3. Yeah, I appreciate the grind these guys are doing.
  4. That’s why I say bowls are meaningless anymore.
  5. Mayer should come back and be the first Tightend taken and cost Bowers money for this crap. Then tell him sorry, blame the people choosing the awards for your financial loss. Ha
  6. Honestly, this won’t be the last. Man, I wished we had that speed. ND’s been lacking that for awhile now. But as Hoosier said, keep the other two and we are fine. ND has a very solid class. Nil, transfer is something I guess we’ll all have to get used to..especially me as a fan..
  7. Right. Unless he told them right then. But why have the coaches come to your house? Just tell them over the phone before they fly over there. My favorite salesman selling his bs already. Good luck with that 4-8 season at Colorado. Deion cares about one person. Deion.
  8. Oh absolutely. I’d tell Buchner to ball out and sling it. Don’t worry about Int’s. We need to evaluate you as a passer. Go for 400 yards if you can.
  9. Ok that’s what I was asking about. When a kid actually is on campus. January…. Thsnks a lot both!
  10. Big, when is early signing? Would that put to rest the Limar and Bowen speculation?
  11. Pratt just took his name out of the portal.
  12. Yeah, and when I attempt to get one it would of already been sold to an Ohio State fan….
  13. Yeah the guys on Irish Illustrated mentioned this and I fully agree. Let Buchner be a quarterback. Give him the same plan as Pyne. Or at least let him have 90 percent of the offense that Pyne ran.
  14. Big can’t open a thread that’s been shut down for 4-5 months or whatever. In this day and age when I see that I cringe. Like, great, I forgot about this kid, now he’s gone. Haha. JK..keep up the great work!
  15. I’m indifferent. Pyne did progress during the season. And Rees has been hand-cuffed at the position. But who’s fault is that? His or Kelly’s at what they have right now. I’ve also seen that Rees is working for things later on. There were numerous times Lenzy was open deep and someone overthrew him. That’s good play calling when you set things up. But I also seen Rees befuddle me with some decisions this year. The USC gameplan. 3rd and 1 jet sweep to open the game, the Marshall gameplan etc. So, he has his faults. I also haven’t seen many exotic designs to break up things. I get it…you can’t design your offense every game like that. But you have to be creative and know when to be creative. He’s been limited in that regard imo. Then, back to Pyne. He focused mainly on Mayer. Could Ree’s offense been better if he spread the ball out more? Next year should tell me more about if Rees should stay or go?
  16. Meh. Sounded exactly like my high-school coach my senior year. Besides bringing in his own dogs, said the same shyt about no hats, earrings, clean shaving blah blah blah. My way or the highway Roadhouse crap. Whatever. Good for him. Not as impressed as everyone keeps trying to make this speech out to be.
  17. “Digging to add depth?” Why, do they think they’ll be a mass exodus?
  18. Freeman just visited him yesterday. Don’t have the pick but behind the picture of three of them(Mcculough too), was Edwards big cardboard cutouts of himself and it said “committed.” Looks like he’s not listening to the noise.
  19. I’m ok with that if that’s how it was presented. Unless there was more to that feed, he didn’t say work hard and compete. He said leave. I have guys ready to come in. The more of you guys leave the better I am. There was no “bring it everyday and buy into my plan. That’s where I have the issue.
  20. My only complaint on the speech is to tell the guys, if you are willing to work hard and do it my way, then I’ll work with you are at least try. To just say leave. F him. If I was a college player and chose that school and wanted to continue to play there, and now I got this jackass telling me to leave. I mean, what if a guy is a sophomore and his credits don’t transfer over to his now second choice of a school? Also, I thought he was promoting HBCU’s and the community. Hard to do when you leave or take all those recruits with you. I don’t know. Just looks bad to me to some degree.
  21. Regardless, this is by far the best class we’ve had as you put it, since 2013. I’ll take it. Even if that’s all ND can get for the next three cycles, ND talent level will trump anything ND’s had since the Holtz days. That’s the only way to compete.
  22. I’m ok with the free transfer rule. But I think it should be limited to one time. The next time you transfer you have to sit out a year.
  23. Alabama, Oregon, and Texas AM are leading the way with outgoing transfers. Makes me wonder if these kids are being led astray? Either by what they are being told they’ll make or by playing time. Lastly, wonder when we’ll start seeing disgruntled players leaving. What was Bryce Young making? Say——4million. Then the 54th best player is making 50k. Makes you a little u happy I suppose.
  24. How many times does it happen? Guy girl go to same college. Break up first month or two in college. Then both regret going there. Be wise young man.
  25. That darn grade thing comes up…what classes did he take? I would say he is a take but ND has a lot of similar guys already on the roster. They need size if they want to stay with that 3-3-5 defense. I believe that’s why they were looking at Fiske.
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