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  1. 40 minutes ago, tneun89 said:


    Article on The Athletic today that touches on this. Swarbrick things the Big Ten / NBC deal is a great thing for ND. He also suggests ND could negotiate a new media rights deal earlier than the current one expires (2025).

    Good stuff thanks! 
    Swarbrick is being honest and playing both sides at the same time. Which is what he’s getting paid. If you read it he’s not blowing smoke up the rear ends of people. If NBC gets the b10 then more exposure to broadcast ND games and put them in the playoff picture. ESPN was never going to do that. So he’s right in that regard that this only helps ND and the b10 for that matter. 
    It also could benefit ND financially when the b10 does come aboard. More money for them and more exposure which means more money that could go to ND when they do a seperate deal later on. Very smart. 
    Also, he’s saying nice things about both NBC and B10 in case that is their only option later on. Smart. 
    He also says it’s all about money, getting to the playoffs still and location(which hasn’t been brought up before). Which has always been the case. If that’s taken away ND goes. If NBC pays them well and ND is still able to get to the playoffs with there schedule I don’t see them jumping to a conference. This also may be easier to schedule B10 games because they will be part of NBC now. They will want that exposure with their partner-ND. 
    Lastly, until the media rights deals are done and everyone has a legit deal PAC, ACC, and b12, this will always be an issue. Even if ND goes to the b10. 

  2. 19 minutes ago, Synoptico said:

    Based on the Chansi tagging in the tweet, likly as a WR vs a DB, which probably speaks volumes about Hanafin 

    I would think so. Oddly, Although competition looked weak, Lyons seemed to have that extra gear and long stride. It also looked to me that he exploded fairly quickly. Might be a steal…

  3. 3 hours ago, DamshaBua said:

    It will be a more appropriate 12 or 13 after the bludgeoning in Columbus. 

    I will happily eat my shoe if I'm wrong. I hate tO$U with every fiber of my being that is dedicated to college football. Their fans are barn animals, proof that humans can make it through life without a prefrontal cortex. 

    But they are an elite program damn near every year. Coach Freeman: Welcome to big-time college football (as a head coach). 

    Agree with everything you just said. The one silver lining I’ve read is that they have 6 scholarship db’s right now and two may be hurt. One of them is coming back from injury while two are true freshman. I like hearing that. 

  4. 1 minute ago, tneun89 said:

    Many think that NBC is simply trying to expand their college football coverage, which would be great for ND. NBC would have three games - 11:00am, 2:30pm, 7:00pm. One of those time slots would be set for ND home games, with the other two going to the Big Ten. I, personally, would love that. Get a real college football team on NBC to do pregame and postgame. More eyeballs on ND resulting from lead-in games. I think NBC does a really good job production-wise, and would prefer ND stay there or go to CBS. 

    Agree. I also think NBC has been shooting itself in the foot for years with all their off brand sports prior to ND games- water polo, fencing, rugby, English premiere(sorry not for me), gymnastics etc. Hard to get jacked when all these other networks have good shows and pump you up for their games only to wait for ND to play with NO lead up. 

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  5. 14 hours ago, OKelleyIrish said:

    Yup. I love it. I'm still a bit cautious. There are a lot of young/new HCs that often get a boost in recruiting early. He's completely knocked it out of the park on D if the class holds together. 

    I'd still like to see the same boost on offense though. Carr was a huge get, but I credit Tommy given what I've read and heard from the interviews and articles. Also have some Michigan buddies who say Rees really created a nice bond, but also Michigan completely stepped on their dicks. Overall though, I really think we need to hit home on a few top 10 WRs and RBs. Those have seemed to be elusive for us for a long time, and still. 

    I also think NIL has evened up things a bit for us. Biggest thing though is just the need to win. If we win, they will come. Can't get beach slapped by OSU and Clemson this year lol. I don't mind losing, but need to be competitive. 

    I don’t know. Forever all people did was complain that ND couldn’t do any better than top 8-12 recruiting wise. I’d always argued differently. Freeman has absolutely changed that narrative. So I don’t think this is a new coach recruiting bump. All reports is that he is constantly on the phone and talking to guys. That kids absolutely love him and he seems genuine. Far cry from Kelly. 
    NIL I’m sure has helped a little but lots of schools are able spend like crazy and ND is still at the top as we speak. Some kids have vocally said if Freeman wasn’t the coach they wouldn’t have listened.  Also, Freeman was already showing a recruiting bump with the defense under Kelly’s staff last year. This isn’t a one off IMO. 
    Agree with most. ND needs to show up and ball out Sept. 3rd. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, golson5 said:

    Now hes behind Patterson which means no chance to start. So maybe a demotion


    They moved Kristofic to RG because that will be the battle for a starting spot.


    Kristofic v Lugg

    Exactly. That was the spot to win and always has been. If Correll can’t cut it then that puts Patterson back at center and opens the LG spot. But then Kristofic will just slide over there. Spindler needs to keep improving. Especially with Schrauth having Nelson’s attitude. 

  7. 1 hour ago, OKelleyIrish said:

    I don't think Brown is going anywhere. 

    I also like Bauer. I'm guessing Bauer and Bertrand will rotate a like, and their snaps may be opponent specific. 

    Brown seems to always be at the right place at the right time. He’s your lunchbox guy without the hard hitting. He’s starting for sure. 

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  8. 1 hour ago, tneun89 said:

    You're right. When I checked the 1993 roster, he was listed as #30, but I guess he changed after his freshman season.

    He did wear 30 his freshman year. Or at least a game. I watched some highlights of his not to long ago and he wore 30 for a play. 

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  9. 14 hours ago, The Captain 19 said:

    image.thumb.png.79e890c6d7285a10617f06b8b85d9978.pngOne of my favorites. 

    Mine too. We used to get haircuts at the same barber. Vito’s!  Vito would put his fat guy on you while cutting your hair. He also was the first person to show me a playboy ha. I maybe shared already shared this story at one point. 

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  10. 29 minutes ago, tneun89 said:

    30: Frank Stams, Marc Edwards, Rocky Boiman

    29: Kevin Stepherson, Stan Smagala

    28: Tariq Bracy, Kyle McCarthy, Austin Collinsworth

    27: JD Bertrand, Julian Love, David Bruton, Kyle Brindza

    26: Travis Thomas, Jamoris Slaughter

    Wait?  I thought Edwards was 44. Along with all the other great 44’s?

  11. 59 minutes ago, Jersey Irish said:

    Hope he is Irish! But Oregon with all its Nike money has jumped in, ugh!

    You know listening to Freeman speak. He doesn’t think NIL is the one deterring factor for kids. Almost like it’s the shiny new toy syndrome. I hope he’s right when it comes to some of our guys.  

  12. 1 hour ago, Soko said:

    Exactly. Just let it all play out. Who knows. Maybe we smoke OSU right out the gate and we are turning more recruits away!

    If Foskey can go too 5 that would set a great example for Keeley and other guys that ND delivers in getting guys in the top 5-10 too. 

  13. 52 minutes ago, Soko said:

    They have their window now to go bonkers. There will be some sort of cracking down on this free for all in the future. So it's time to go buck wild down there and win now.. or else they really will never do it.

    True. And this might be the one time to really load up on your classes and get some great quality depth. Maybe ND should do it for a year or two before they do crack down. 

  14. 8 hours ago, OKelleyIrish said:

    I don't know about their target number this year, but I'm confident they'll end up top 10. Just hard for me to see them getting 20ish more high ranked studs and replicating last season. Do you know what their target is?

    If ATM is going to offer kids 5-10 million a year. That’s going to be hard to top. It doesn’t matter how late to the game you are. Kids will listen to that. Sucks that this is how the future may be. 

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