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  1. 2 minutes ago, reneg said:

    Recently received 2 CB's to Penn State, Wiltfong being one of them. But it's no wrap for sure until they sign on the dotted line.

    And even then, it’s not a wrap until the kid goes 6 yrs and is out of eligibility haha. 

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  2. 16 minutes ago, NYGoldenDomer said:

    After just hosting the coaches in his home 2 days ago.  What a punk.  frig him then, ND will be fine without him.

    Right. Unless he told them right then. But why have the coaches come to your house?  Just tell them over the phone before they fly over there. My favorite salesman selling his bs already. Good luck with that 4-8 season at Colorado. Deion cares about one person. Deion. 

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  3. 1 hour ago, tneun89 said:

    Buchner should benefit due to the OL's massive improvement from games 1-2 to the end of the season, as well as the development of some of the WRs (Thomas, Colzie). Hope Merriweather is healthy and available - would love for Bucnher to have 3-4 legitimate threats on the outside so he can sling it. Need to see what he can do in the passing game.

    Oh absolutely. I’d tell Buchner to ball out and sling it. Don’t worry about Int’s. We need to evaluate you as a passer. Go for 400 yards if you can. 

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  4. 1 minute ago, Big23Head said:

    To add, the real "early signing period" in my opinion is when the early enrollees step on campus in January and no funny business has happened with the June enrollees.


    22 minutes ago, JeffV said:

    12/21-23.  Yes it will.

    This is the most exciting class I can recall.  Freshmen take time, but there are multiple impact kids in this class!  BigHead said it right - it's going to be "fluid".  Portal is such a wildcard.

    Ok that’s what I was asking about. When a kid actually is on campus. January….

    Thsnks a lot both!

  5. 44 minutes ago, tneun89 said:

    He's been in pursuit of a grad transfer QB. Sounds like Leary and Card are the main two. Pratt (Tulane) if he enters the portal. Not sure of any other realistic targets right now.

    I would bet 2023 is his last season. It will have been his 4th season as OC, which is incredible rare at ND - can you name the last OC to make it four years? He will be a HC of a lower-tier P5 team or he will be an NFL OC.

    Pratt just took his name out of the portal. 

  6. I’m indifferent. Pyne did progress during the season. And Rees has been hand-cuffed at the position.  But who’s fault is that?  His or Kelly’s at what they have right now.  I’ve also seen that Rees is working for things later on. There were numerous times Lenzy was open deep and someone overthrew him. That’s good play calling when you set things up. But I also seen Rees befuddle me with some decisions this year. The USC gameplan. 3rd and 1 jet sweep to open the game, the Marshall gameplan etc. So, he has his faults. I also haven’t seen many exotic designs to break up things. I get it…you can’t design your offense every game like that. But you have to be creative and know when to be creative. He’s been limited in that regard imo. Then, back to Pyne. He focused mainly on Mayer. Could Ree’s offense been better if he spread the ball out more?  Next year should tell me more about if Rees should stay or go?

  7. 8 hours ago, OKelleyIrish said:

    I watched the meeting, and had no problem with it. Not sure what you watched, but it was more than "leave".

    I'm guessing you watched the short vid posted from the click baiters. 

    He talked about belief, opportunity, rescuing others, commitment, desire, complacency, being the best, rewarding the parents and fans, etc.. he said "I'm coming" a million times.... In short, I took the whole talk was a challenge to the kids.

    The meeting was 10+ mins, just not the 1 or 2 minutes click stuff...



    Meh. Sounded exactly like my high-school coach my senior year. Besides bringing in his own dogs, said the same shyt about no hats, earrings, clean shaving blah blah blah. My way or the highway Roadhouse crap. Whatever. Good for him.  Not as impressed as everyone keeps trying to make this speech out to be. 

  8. 13 minutes ago, Big23Head said:

    Of the fully known targets there is only one left: GA ATH Khalil Barnes [Offer]247 Composite 3* 0.86


    I believe he will choose Clemson on Dec. 16th. 


    ND is pursuing other 2023 players. The goal will be a blend of 2023 and portal guys to fill their needs. They are digging to add some more players. 

    “Digging to add depth?”  Why, do they think they’ll be a mass exodus?

  9. 8 hours ago, OKelleyIrish said:

    Transfer portal works both ways. So anyone can leave if they don't like things.

    IIRC, they only have a handful of 4 star kids. So the roster overhaul should happen sooner than later. 

    They've only a handful winning seasons since Neuheisel and Barnett years. 

    So work hard, compete, and buy-in, or leave. I don't have a problem with that... I'm guessing that anyone that brings it every day, buys into the plan, and has a great attitude, will be more than fine.

    Anyone who thought he'd with the HBCUs for life, was fooling themselves. If he does well in CO, likely off to the SEC or another factory. Then the NFL if his career continues rising. 

    I’m ok with that if that’s how it was presented. Unless there was more to that feed, he didn’t say work hard and compete. He said leave.  I have guys ready to come in. The more of you guys leave the better I am. There was no “bring it everyday and buy into my plan.  That’s where I have the issue. 

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  10. 13 minutes ago, SDIrishFan said:

    I thought the same thing. My guess is he doesn’t preach much toughness in his speeches, haha.

    My only complaint on the speech is to tell the guys, if you are willing to work hard and do it my way, then I’ll work with you are at least try. To just say leave. F him. If I was a college player and chose that school and wanted to continue to play there, and now I got this jackass telling me to leave. I mean, what if a guy is a sophomore and his credits don’t transfer over to his now second choice of a school?  Also, I thought he was promoting HBCU’s and the community. Hard to do when you leave or take all those recruits with you. I don’t know. Just looks bad to me to some degree. 

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  11. 21 minutes ago, NDhoosier said:

    He will be going to Alabama with a BIG money bag if he enters the portal, dont get your hopes up.

    Alabama, Oregon, and Texas AM are leading the way with outgoing transfers. Makes me wonder if these kids are being led astray?  Either by what they are being told they’ll make or by playing time. Lastly, wonder when we’ll start seeing disgruntled players leaving. What was Bryce Young making?  Say——4million. Then the 54th best player is making 50k. Makes you a little u happy I suppose. 

  12. 10 hours ago, USAFA03_HUGENDFAN said:

    If this comes down to the GF then someone needs to share Kahlil Gibran‘s quote on love to this kid.  Don’t pick the Sooners over a girl or a best bud.

    Or he could do what I did. Flipped a coin between two schools and I knew when I said flip again that there was only one choice. 

    How many times does it happen?  Guy girl go to same college. Break up first month or two in college. Then both regret going there. Be wise young man. 

  13. 49 minutes ago, JeffV said:

    It would seem likely he's Irish if they want him.  He followed his dad to Indiana out of high school, and his brother has retired from football at Indiana (injuries).

    Even better that he plays a need position for ND.  Started as true freshman at Indiana - had some stats.  Big kid, but needs to add some weight.  Some highlights out there, but is he big time?  Sure seems like a fit for ND with the coaching connection and football - how about the ND culture?

    That darn grade thing comes up…what classes did he take?  I would say he is a take but ND has a lot of similar guys already on the roster. They need size if they want to stay with that 3-3-5 defense. I believe that’s why they were looking at Fiske. 

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