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  1. True. But one missed jam on a slant and you’ll be seeing what Jerry Rice made famous. Cover one has its ups for sure. But you need the personnel I think.
  2. Hopefully I’m wrong but I think we are going to get torched playing cover 1. Unless our corners have improved I’m not seeing one on one coverage all game.
  3. Can’t complain that if you’re wife was hotter then you would be in a better relationship? He chose Book and that’s the bed he has to lie in. Can’t take shots after the fact.
  4. Everybody wants the next Cam or Bubba as the beefed up safety that can run. Such a copy cat league.
  5. As people said, all you have to do is look at who’s getting drafted. No wonder ND can’t points against Bama and those likes. This is Nd’s golden opportunity with Freeman and the momentum he’s gathered to keep ND in the playoffs. Now the offense has to pick up by miles. mom JOK, I wonder if he’s not considered athletic enough. I have no idea because the man shined in almost every game he played at ND.
  6. Exactly. And he bombed miserably at his only season at tOSU. Now I know he could of learned from his mistakes. But I would pass personally.
  7. Question for you big. Or anyone with knowledge for that matter. Do kids still have to take the SAT/ACT right now because of Covid? Is the enrollment at ND a little easier this year? Is that why we have more available too talent looking at ND? Or is it simply scouting, finding the talent early and the Freeman affect? This was discussed in the OR yesterday about how some schools weren’t requiring the SAT/ACT part.
  8. From my friends perspective, as soon as Michigan decimated their whole coaching staff, and when his position coach finally left for another school, that was the writing on the wall for them. Either way, it does feel good to land a quality guy like this gentlemen.
  9. If this is what you mean from the other thread I see your point. Where doesn ND close its doors at? I still think you take as many as you can and let the strong sort itself out at the end of the year. This is the only time ND really has this chance to be like the other elites. Who knows how this Covid thing will play out anyways.
  10. My Michigan friend whose been right about Mccafrey and Harbaugh’s extension before they both became public thinks that Burnham may announce the Irish soon. Take it for what it’s worth. Would be a great get if true. Crystal balls all have him at about 80 percent Irish too.
  11. Who knows. If kids can make a name off themselves maybe this will detract from them wanting to take the easy way out of making money. At least I hope.
  12. Nothing to see here. It will be swept under the rug.
  13. Did you not read my post? Bama has a first round running back, receiver, o-line, and perhaps a quarterback. None of what ND or Wake has. It’s gimmicky and run to get miss matches of faster skill guys on linebackers and such. Good defenses shred this type of offense when it matters. And before you try and mention tOSU, go look at their message boards. You’ll see them complaining about how bad their secondary was all year. Ohio states secondary was bad. Besides that, Smith did that against EVERYONE. He didn’t need gimmicks or RPO’s to get open. Either way, ND does not have that type of talent
  14. It feels so gimmicky. Potential for big losses as well as big gains. When ND ran it it looked like they were always running in mud. So slow, very methodical. Never seemed to produce much IMO. Against faster defenses, they seem to eat it up. ND’s online always looked confused, the running back needs to be a first round pick and you need a qb that can run it to perfection. Again just my thoughts. The one team that has run it the best has been Wake Forest and they get clobbered by good teams.
  15. I’d be happy to NOT see the RPO come back.
  16. Are they even throwing there names into the Arch Manning sweepstakes?
  17. You’re a walking contradiction....on so many levels. If it isn’t correct in your mind then it’s wrong. Sound about right? Well, why don’t you go ahead and throw your name to BK and join as assistant? Because I’m sure you know more they do and I’m sure you would play well with others on the staff. Bahahahaha. You be shyt canned within a week. As for the actual thread. We can shoot higher but without any true football for a lot of these guys I’m sure this year is going to be a wash in terms of determining talent. We’re at the mercy of BK and his guys and finding and evaluating talent th
  18. Welcome to the dark side Elder. Hahah. Anyways, if the kid is a “legit” 6’3 or 6-4 then I’m fine with it. Arm strength or not. I want a guy to be able to hit a crossing route without having to scramble for 7 seconds to hit the guy on the original crossing route. Arm strength only matters for outs, 50 yards down field and short qbs scrambling and trying to thread the needle because the play is shyt now.
  19. Eh, add a different title for each year and it’s all the same. It’s Book’s fault. It’s the wide receivers fault. It’s BK’s fault. At some point, ND’s going to need a competent passing game to compete against Clemson, Alabama, and tOSU.
  20. Never turn away great d-line prospects. Thin out wr or running back. Never d-line.
  21. Reminds me of Major League 2 when Jesse the Body and Willie Mays Hayes make a movie together and there names are White Lightning and Black Thunder. Haha.
  22. Just sad. Can’t believe it. A friend of mine not a ND fan showed me a picture of Louis and him hanging out. Said he was an awesome funny guy. Just feel awful.
  23. “Located” and dead could mean the same or they could be different? Any word yet?
  24. Ah, yes. The wild west days. Those threads will go down in Domer Domain folklore.
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