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  1. That is an excellent question. Usually they have already nabbed one high recruit and has their hands on possibly another really high recruit. Although, I’ll gladly accept Vernon for losing one high o-linemen. They are really locking up the defensive side of the ball.
  2. Excellent Faith. That’s all I kept thinking about was that Michigan game and how they steamrolled them. Glad we are on the same page. ND just has to come out and know they have the more talent. At least by recruiting sites. Trust that they are more athletic and make plays. Be nasty up front on both ends because Wisky will and ND “should” win this game. IF the line can sustain some blocks we can throw it over the top. I also think Tommy will come up with some designed plays that won’t allow Coan to just sit there all game. Screens and draws may be needed. However, The most important factor to me in the game is Mayer. If he’s ready, he’s going to have a monster game. They blitz a lot of linebackers from all over. He’s going to have mismatches and space all game. He needs a Bavaro type game. But he’s got to want it Jeremy Stockey style. Get him the ball early and often. That will open holes everywhere else.
  3. The only thing the line does is give a little more motivation to the underdog team. Well, and bettors. Ha
  4. And yet it’s being played at 9 am. What’s the prime time game?
  5. I’m in your boat. Chicago used to be pro ND. It may have changed who knows. Also, I’m not sure how well Wisky fans travel. Should be fun regardless!
  6. I’ll take it! He has offers from the top running back U schools. So that’s a plus. Even if we have a bundle of running backs. Not all pan out. Williams may be gone next year. Who knows if C’Bo will see the field again. That leaves a lot of unproven for the few years. Load up that depth. welcome aboard Mr. Irvin!
  7. Entered the transfer pool on 9/8 Now I know he’s a FSU player so who knows if his credits would transfer and all that. Who knows if he would even be interested in ND But Big, Teuen, Golson5, would be someone to look at? He was a 4 star corner recruit. Would help to have some depth. Any thoughts?
  8. I agree about Coan. He doesn’t have to be Superman out there either. Plays will be there. He just has to be patient.
  9. This game is tricky for me. Wisky will keep running(literally) the same gameplan all game. ND has been susceptible to giving up the big run. So, you have to think Melusi is going to break loose a few times. Just have to hope ND can open up the offense this game now that some of the left tackles have a little experience. No game pick for me this week. Who knows…
  10. It’s because ND hasn’t remotely looked good against anyone yet. They beat Purdue by their best score but it was no cake walk. The run game still looks terrible. The o-line looks improved but not there. Defense is starting to come together but people remember the long gains still. Until they put a full game together they aren’t going to get love.
  11. All in all. If you take away those three big plays. The defense has been really good this year.
  12. Any link. I keep trying to find it. And half time shows mention it but don’t show it.
  13. Sorry getting off topic here. You don’t think ND loses to Purdue here by a last second score but then goes on and beats every team left on the schedule by 14. That’s teams like USC, UNC, VT, Stanford and so on. The committee wouldn’t say, well, ND struggled at first but as the season progressed they destroyed teams. I think they would have to take a hard look at Nd at that point. Again, they would have to thrash teams though.
  14. Anybody can lose one during the year. You just have to come out like gang busters after that loss and put a beat down on every team. That seems to always catch the committees eye.
  15. Just read on Fox News that they are tinkering with a one year waiver that will increase the signing enrollment from 25-32. Due to the new touchy transfer rules. Not sure if it would be for this year or last class. Big or anybody catch word of this yet? Maybe BK should start telling kids we have a scholly for you, ha
  16. C’mon! You could of put it on your cop computer in your car while you fishing at the nearest lake
  17. Besides the big play given up by the defense, what will you be looking for the most against Purdue? I’ll be watching the o-line and seeing if they are firing off the ball. Also, interested in seeing if they chip with a TE or RB to help the left tackle.
  18. Did you see he lost his first game to East Tennessee State 23-3? Maybe should of done the Elko route and took 3m to be a defensive coordinator of an SEC school.
  19. Well shyte. I been saying that for years. Maybe he needs to hire me on staff. Coaches need to coach them up and they need a better two deep rotation. Applauding for finally saying it. Anyways, I think not only rotation is a necessity, but I think special plays or formations for just certain freshman are key. If you’re listening Kelly. One, you’re not burning a redshirt for four plays a season. Maybe you use them more than one play in that game. But two, it just gives the other team something to think about that’s looking at your film. Even if you do t plan on using the frogs anymore. Three, the frogs that got in one or two specialty plays feels important. Thinks he actually has a chance for playing time next year and beyond. Makes for a happy locker room. Four, you may even get a big play out of it. 5, it’s not like you’re working on that formation or play all week long. You tell the kid this is your one chance. Get the play down. This is how I want it. Coach him up exactly what you want. Communication is the key here. Anyways, I’m blabbing. But good to see Kelly’s understanding of depth now.
  20. I agree with Cali to an extent. I think we survive a few close games. But when ND loses it cause a few losses. That and I think injuries pile up this season.
  21. From the outside it looks like they gave him an ultimatum. Don’t lose a game. Ha. Also, I wonder if they were trying to save the recruiting class from last year. Who knows the logic of this firing.
  22. It feels like this.l Disney and their garbage. Already pay for Disney plus. But every time something new comes out I have to pay extra for the new material. Then why pay for the app already?
  23. Hes a man among boys. Been said he might be ND’s best athlete this class. Who knows if true. Glad he’s coming though.
  24. Looks like USC got tired of the same results. Too bad. Was liking kicking their butt for so long.
  25. Hard to change your stripes when you been beat like a dog for a few years. Have to learn to win again and get that swagger back. Right now they were relying on the crowd and to beat ND to get out the gates. When that didn’t happen it was let down city. They’ll probably be a dumpster fire again this year.
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