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  1. It takes Kelly 10 years to figure things out. He recruited like he was a Grand Valley there for a time. He must still think he has “restrictions”(golf) at LSU.
  2. C’mon…you can’t blame Kelly for everything. He probably wasn’t even there for his recruitment…………….
  3. I wrote in another thread that Oregon was said to have offered Moore 1.3 million. But you’re right, who knows anymore.
  4. That last part is just it. Who’s will actually be coaching in the future. Some booster says, if I’m paying a guy 9.5 million you better be starting him from day one. Even if the kids is complete shit compared to someone else on the team. I’m so glad I got out of coaching a long time ago.
  5. Not sure where to put this. But this is friging stupid. Jaden Rashada is reportedly going to make 9.5 million NIL deal with Miami. Our society grows dumber by the minute. Also hearing Moore will get 1.3 million from Oregon.
  6. I’m sure there has been a thread about this some where. But I’m starting to get the itch to watch some of my old favorite games. Not just ND football but the Cubs World Series run. Anyways, also a Blackhawks and Bulls fan and was wondering where do you guys go to watch old replays or games that you want to keep for your collection. Id love to have those Blackhawk/Kings series. The 72 win Bulls season. The 93’ ND season. Yikes. So ancient. Doubt I could find the 88’ season anywhere. Anyways, thanks guys!
  7. Yes. This I agree with. Tom Brady was a sixth round pick. Moneyball is now used pretty much in all of baseball. WAR-teams are looking at computers. It’s why there’s the shift. The reason they don’t have it at football or basketball yet is because they haven’t found a formula. But they are trying. And when that comes, scouts will be gone forever. At least that’s my opinion obviously.
  8. My original point was I hope the guy isn’t worried about branding over football. Branding yourself everyday and trying to be a professional athlete are two career jobs. I think it’s a setting you up for disaster for the future. It’s why Tom Brady the likely GOAT didn’t start branding until his 12th year in the league. The time when he already won 2 Super Bowl and was well established. It’s why those dopey Paul YouTubers are now boxing. Branding yourself only goes so far. Got to put in the work at some point. BUT, we can go down this rabbits hole if you want. Let’s move the goal posts if you will. Why not? I’m feeling cheeky. Are we in agreement that all though they do a good job, recruiting sites can be wrong and misleading? If that’s in agreement than what are we taking about here? There’s no guarantee that Moore will be a stud in the pros let alone in college just because he has a 5 star rating. We just agreed that recruiting sites can be wrong. Mitch Mustain, Dayne Crist, Ryan Perilloux, Aaron Corp, Max Browne, and Fred Rouse prove that point. Also, just because you are stud in college doesn’t mean you don’t have to put in the work at the next level. Tim Couch, Courtney Brown, Johnny Manziel etc to prove that point. It’s a full time job and even the best struggle to do it consistently. So if he’s worried about “branding” over football…good luck. Back to recruiting sites and them being wrong more than they are right. Which by the way was Moneyball’s philosophy…you don’t actually know who is going to be great or succeed at the next level. It’s a crap shoot. But continuing…could the fact that more three stars are drafted and that the NFL go that route is because these scouts can’t truly predict who a 5 star or three star really is? It’s all guesstimate. That’s why they draft more 3 stars! The recruiting sites have it wrong! And if they had it wrong, shouldn’t they have more 5 stars on their evaluations before they get to college? Why not? Because they don’t know shit. They are scared to give out too many 5 stars. They don’t want to ruin their name. They want to be used as the expert on things. They know if they frig up that their site is no longer deemed credible. So they try and choose wisely. The kid that is dominating his league because he’s either stronger or taller or a Can’t Miss! Well how the hell are they can’t miss when all they do is miss? 40-50 percent of the time most years. So, no, I not in agreement of this so called better hit ratio of 5 stars based off of recruiting sites that have no idea on how to really judge talent.
  9. Read post above. 2million is nice. But where do you go if your Jamarcus Russell in a few years?
  10. this has really been talked about at ad nauseam. This article shows that being a 5 star demonstrates just the opposite of what you are saying More 3 star guys are drafted than 5 stars. Anyways, get that money as you can free market society. Doesn’t mean you’re going to be good at your job. As mentioned before, I’m pretty sure his mom is a doctor and probably demonstrates the smarts to talk to the young lad about many things pertaining to making a buck and making good decisions. However, (I could be completely wrong on this), it might be his dad in his ear about making as much NIL and branding yourself for the future. I’m getting Lavar Ball vibes. Sure it worked for two of his kids, but that isn’t always the case. Especially, for the NFL which is incredibly hard to get to. Also, let’s face it. A few million now isn’t exactly what it was 10 years ago. Sure it would be nice to not have college loans right now, but that’s life https://www.thedailystampede.com/platform/amp/2021/11/9/22757052/usf-college-football-recruiting-star-rankings-signing-day-info-news-average-nfl-draft-trends
  11. Right. How many of these people have buyers remorse. Either they hate their job or not owned they stayed or took the better job. You see these sorts of terrible decisions all the time. Blake Barnett comes to mind. He did amazingly well at the 5 different schools he transferred to…
  12. That’s a lot of if’s? There’s no guarantee that you’ll make it in the NFL. The percentages are very low. Even for top ranked recruits. If you’re too busy “branding” yourself for the future and not preparing for college football, you’re more than likely to get a nutt shot of reality real fast.
  13. I’m looking at it as reading between the lines. The small snippets I’ve read seems to suggest that Freeman and company want to instill hard-nosed toughness on the lines. That they want to run the ball with authority. If that’s the case, and they take it to them ala Oregon last year. Count me as saying that’s a great barometer.
  14. I hope it’s truly the place he wants to be and not just some money grab. From the outside that’s what it seems.
  15. Ohio State for me. I’ve seen ND play USC many times. The Ohio State game is such a rare occurrence. I just hope they come to play unlike the past two years I’ve seen them play in the desert. I also think this is a good barometer of where ND thinks they are. Beat them and it sets the table for everything. EVERYTHING…
  16. The crazy thing is Ohio State is starting to go the Lincoln Riley philosophy. Load up on skill and try and beat you that way. Let’s hope ND is really getting nasty on the lines and we push them around.
  17. Sorry misread. The 29th of June it says.
  18. Done deal. Wife and family are there and still live there. Played there. I just don’t see him staying.
  19. Two things that truly bugs me is that I click on unread content I do get that stupid ad that I have to click at the top to get rid of. I’ve hit the ad in the past when I was in a hurry. The other thing, which may be his frustration also. It’s Not the new format. But rather the old people left and there really hasn’t been any replenishment of new people. Pretty much the only thing I come here for now is for recruiting from Big and Teun. I’ve added threads in the past but it just seems to fall on deaf ears. Probably because we’ve lost so many people and not many participate. Faith tries to keep this place running with new threads but like my threads, they die off quickly. Hell, I haven’t seen any other mod in years post or contribute besides what’s behind the scenes. not blaming them honestly. When I first came it was an amazing site. But when that Wild West came when people were able to post the dumbest wild outlandish shyt….that’s when they lost a lot of good posters. it is what it is I guess….
  20. Which “one” did we miss?
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