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  1. I just looked at the picture of the recruits faces and they had Georgia cab’s underneath. I guess it was just one guys opinion.
  2. This isn’t surprising. They’ll be a few more. That’s why I wasn’t worried about numbers.
  3. I thought he was leaving because he and Smart got into it about playing time. He thought he should be starting over Bennett. Doubt he would come here to sit behind Buchner. He has also been passed over, what, three times? No thanks. Would of took Dart, Williams, or Dillon. That’s about it.
  4. Completely agree. Our qb is going to have to ball out in this game. However, I don’t think Buchner(if it’s him) needs to throw 400 yards and throw 3 tds. I would be happy if Buchner had a game of say, 220 yards 2 tds and 70 yards and a rushing td. I think that would keep Ohio State honest enough to not make ND one dimensional. Like you said, they need to be very creative in their play-calling. But I’ve been saying that for years. Let’s hope BK’s offense is not out the window.
  5. That sounds about right. There’s a couple of points here. ND just played their new defensive coordinators defense in Oklahoma State. They put up 35 and should of won that game. Granted he didn’t coach and Okie State isn’t Ohio State. But Okie State does have some NFL talent on that side of the ball. Also, Ohio State’s defense has been a mess for the past three years. Hence, why Day went on a firing squad of his assistant defensive coaches. ND will also have that underdog motivation, Freeman will have them playing out if their minds playing his former team. Trust me…that is a motivating thing. I used to love playing old friends and teams. Really got me jacked. He will also have 9 months of prep and a bad taste in his mouth from that lost. If their was any silver long to that loss it was that. Ohio State also lost a lot of guys on that defense which was already bad. They also have a very very weak line backing core if I’m not mistaken. ND will be bringing back essentially everyone. The addition of Joseph should balance out the loss of Hamilton, which wasn’t really a loss since he played a third of the season any ways. Joseph also had played Ohio State twice. I think he should know Day’s tendencies. That’s a plus. My main concern will be can ND really move the ball with Buchner? I think they will still be bad on defense. I just don’t know how Buchner will face. Believe it not, I think he can give them fits. Ohio Stare tends to struggle against running qb’s. Lastly, Michigan and Oregon showed that if you are up to play Ohio State you can smack them in the mouth and beat them. You just can’t be afraid. You also have to go back at them when they score. BecUse they will eventually and you don’t want to go three and out and let their home crowd get into it. Just my opinion here guys. Hope ND shows up to play.
  6. 1. I didn’t even care about the bowl game honestly. But what we truly need now imo is an elite corner. Just one to cover that side of the field. 2. Speedy shifty receiver. I mean a Rondale Moore type. No reason ND still hasn’t found one in over 12 years. Or whenever Tate left. 3. A great Defensive Coordinator. Can’t rely on Freeman to do both. Too tough to do these days. 4. More talent at qb. Need to be the most talent on the depth chart. Right now it might be the weakest I’ve seen in a long time. Sorry guys there…
  7. Nope. But glad to see people back. I guess I missed the craziest that day. Welcome back!
  8. Sorry for picking this up. Well, the staff isn’t really fully the staff we had so there’s that…. I’m hoping we get a homerun hire for running backs coach. I’m also hoping for a great DC. Kinda looks like Freeman is going for younger(which I like) and good recruiters in hopes that they pan out as teachers and developers. Let’s pray this strategy works out!
  9. Yeah, culture can go both ways. Just look at Hawaii right now. But this is great news because this feels like these guys have something to prove. Which is how you want your guys to play football. I don't see any "let up games" Hoosier. The only thing I want from this class is to now continue to coach the younger players behind them. Since, they are basically taking snaps away from those guys. They need to keep that culture going and build on the next generation ND players for the future. I remember the Cornhuskers o-linemen would meet together, lift together and basically kick each other's asses because that's how it was done before them. That's what I want from these seniors. Oh yea, a Natty too!!
  10. He looked like most all qb's. That's why having just a stud qb isn't going to win like some people think. It will help, but look at Lawrence and what happened to him against Ohio State. His best weapons were gone and he didn't look great. Look at Young now. Look at DJ and his terrible season this year because of his lack of true weapons. Bama used to win because they would pound the rock and let Mcelroy, Mccarron, and Coker game manage. Once they got Hurts, Tua, Jones, and Young, that's when they really started slinging it and relying on passing it more. Those other "scrubs" mentioned before, they were also setting records just fine too at Bama. Soooo...back to Angeli... ND has the pieces to win a playoff game. Even with a game manager at qb. They just need an attitude adjustment(Quentin Nelson mentality), a few more skill guys on the edges, and a qb that CAN read a defense. They haven't had that yet. But they are close. Who knows if Angeli is it. But the style of conservative offense can win a game as we just saw.
  11. Did Bramlett have some secret pact with BK knowing he was going to LSU. Joking aside, good luck to the kid.
  12. That's exactly the point I've been making. Georgia relied on it's defense and a "game-managing" qb to win. Just as I said can be done. Thanks for clarifying "my point." Now....does the crow taste good or not? Because you said they couldn't win with that style. They did...
  13. Haha. I keep proving you wrong and you can't admit it! You said Georgia couldn't win with Bennett and they did. I also saw Bennett throw TWO absolutely beautiful dimes to his receivers that crushed Bama's soul. So, give the guy his due He did exactly what they asked. When there's one on one coverage and it's the match-up they like, they capitalized on it. If Book could had read a defense and did what Bennett did, ND would had won a game in the playoffs for BK once. But he couldn't and didn't SO....a qb managing quarterback CAN work. Now, saying that, I agree, Bama losing it's wideouts hurt them and they would had probably won again. But that's football. Sorry, that Bama's other 5 start freshman wideouts couldn't step up. Boo-hoo... Remember, no one in twenty years is going to remember Alabama's wideouts were out except Bama fans. Everyone else will remember Georgia won a National Title in 2021-22.
  14. And it's crazy because he was a hot name not to long ago.
  15. I'm going to laugh when Bama starts to go down or Saban retires and one of these kids loses what he thought he was going to get. Father time is undefeated. I haven't seen a great coach who doesn't call it quits end on his own terms. From Bowden, Lou, Spurrier, to Hayes, something gets them in the end. Saban is also 70. This is about the year when i've seen coaches start to decline. Look at Belichek yesterday. Blow-out city. I'll be keeping an eye on Saban and Bama the 3 years.
  16. I thought you were going to say it looks like Freeman's kid. I honestly thought it was for a second.
  17. Ha, Styles....anyways, there board seems to think otherwise. That he takes 5 star talent and makes it 3 star. I just hope they are wrong.
  18. They said the same thing(ohio state board). BUT, who has Al recruited? Names?
  19. Going to Ohio State message boards they seem to like this hire. They think they'll run for at least 250 yards because of Washington's hire. They weren't sold on him and his development. Couple that with that their defense has been shit, Washington was basically let go, and all the drama with Pope and their locker room. Call me concerned.....
  20. They literally looked like ND. We moved the ball on Georgia but never had good separation from the receivers. Also, Book couldn’t read defenses so that didn’t help.
  21. My friend just sent this to me and I have to agree. Not that rankings really matter, but there’s a perception that ND is favored by voters, while the opposite is actually true. They regularly get shit on. Case in point, when they’ve lost in the CFP, they’ve always dropped out of the Top 4. Cincy and Michigan get blown out and just sit there. ND loses by 2 in a thriller to a Top 10 team and has the biggest drop in the Top 20, four spots in the coach’s poll, behind MSU. ND beats MSU by double digits any day of the week. It’s bullshit.
  22. I at first agreed. But thinking about this. Bama didn’t look great offensively after there two 5 star receivers were injured. Even there 5 star corner hurt them. They looked like ND pretty much. Struggled to score and gave up big passes when there back ups came in. The reason they are good is because of those guys. But when they are gone, it’s a different story.
  23. Well. Both Saban and Smart are crying about the NIL rules. So, that tells me it must be leveling the playing field a little.
  24. Ah thanks. The ones that seem to matter the most to me in this order are Bracy, Wilkins, Correll, and Baker. The rest are just parts at this point. Bracy and Wilkins because of lack of depth. Correll and Baker because they could be starters next year for us or someone else. Maybe even “two year” starters. But that list isn’t as bad as I thought.
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