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  1. Absolutely. What type of crap is this. I’ll just go to the bar or something. Screw that bs.
  2. I say the hell with all those conferences. If some crazy scenario happens where there are just two conferences then Nd should revert back to the good ole days and barn storm every team that’s not in one of those two conferences. Because let’s face it, not every team is going to be able to join those two or three big conferences. Or ND should just lead there own co detente and invite all the cast offs. Hell, even start playing NFL teams in exhibitions. Whatever, be creative in however they want to make money. Because in the end, that’s what it’s going to come down to. Not championships. Money. And just like the good ole days, ND can claim a Natty even if they never played one team in the other conference. Just look at Bama all those years of claiming championships that they didn’t deserve. So, screw big conferences!
  3. Crickets? Any word about anything at this event?
  4. Big….or whoever…. who are the must’s in this group? ND has to get. who do we have to make up ground with? who did we make up ground with? is there a silent you can’t comment on? Ok the last one is a joke but c’mon!
  5. What bothers me the most is how so many people used to hate the fact that ND was independent and had their own tv network that paid them well. Now every team under the sun is looking for that handout. If not by a tv network then by a conference. Hypocrites.
  6. All in all why being Independent makes the most sense for ALL schools. Well maybe…
  7. Maybe there lies the problem haha. Doesn’t the qb call out the Mike anymore? Isn’t that looking over the line? Knowing where he is. Or are you saying he is saying that once the play is going they are just throwing to a space. But I find that hard to believe too. Because once the play starts the qb has to see the first step of where the safety is. I know what you are saying but the qb has to be able to see over the line to make that call or lease you are just throwing blindly to a spot every play.
  8. Will it matter in the end? Especially, if the playoffs go to 12 teams. You can’t have 12 SEC teams in the playoffs. If anything, this only hurts Texas and Oklahoma IMO.
  9. This sounds like the weekend we need to nail.
  10. I’ll say it and say it again. Book just couldn’t see over the line. He preferred open air and that cost us lots op big plays because he couldn’t see and play pocket qb. Which is why I want Phil in so much. Even if he wasn’t ready yet. Also, I still firmly believe that BK’s offense is better suited for taller qb’s. Hence, why I think Angeli will eventually start and be better then the qb’s they have now. Just my hunch.
  11. I agree about Kelly fingerprint on the offense. But that’s sometimes the case with a head coach. But if he is still trying to push for long chunk plays, then yeah, get rid of him as a finger print. Rees also called a good game against Clemson the first time. I know they had three defensive starters out, but With ND’s recent history of big games, nobody gave them a chance. So kudos to that game. He’s really only called 13 games or so. Two bad games against Bama and Clemson and the rest were decent. I’m not on that firing just squad yet. I was mad when they hired him but am willing to see what can do this season. As Faith put it, this is his chance to show what he can truly do. He’s going to have to be creative more this year than last year.
  12. The one issue I have with Monte is his face mask wearing. Always under his chin. Either take it off or keep it on. It’s never on or fully off. I don’t know why it irks me. Just choose buddy one already.
  13. As of right now I’m completely fine with the way he’s called games. It’s actually the style I prefer to win games. The only problem I saw was second half adjustments being made earlier and opening it up a little more. He had a mobile qb which I would of thought he would had ran more bootlegs, qb draws, play action etc. But I’m sure he didn’t want Book to get hurt with the limited qb playing time behind him. Which is for another topic that infuriates me. we had Kyren, Tyree, And the bowling ball whose name is slipping me name. Along with a talented and experienced offensive line I can see why he ran as much as he did. But his gameplan for the bowl game has got to be better. Well, maybe Bama was just too much. But right now, Rees gets a solid B+ in my book. No pun intended. He now has to hit a homerun with Moore , and win a playoff game and all will be right in Domerville.
  14. Friend that lives here in Arizona albeit a Michigan man said we got a good one. He’s seen him play apparently. Great get by the staff!
  15. Why is every qb lost in this system then? Curious really. It’s like all our qbs are one read qb’s. I can’t think of one really good qb that had the offense really clicking. Maybe Golson for some games. But then he eventually became a deer in the head lights. Is the offense to hard? Our guys to dumb? No talent at the skill positions? I have a feeling Coan is going to struggle and Buchner will fair no better in his first year if he’s the next option.
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