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  1. Also, if Jimbo wants to talk that nobody but one person got an NIL deal….fine…but your own commissioner just came out and said that they are seeing just straight payments and “NOT seeing name image and likeness activity.”
  2. It was funny the Lane Kiffin tweet. I think it was a copy and paste job but it showed Texas A&M 5 star recruits and Jimbos record(I believe) in those years. Then came last year. The best class maybe ever with the first NIL year and a terrible record at that. Chance?….
  3. From my understanding he left pissed off because they didn’t offer him or even consider him the job at a Michigan. So he went scorched earth on Michigan. As for coordinators…it’s not like Tommy has produced or lured someone like Moore himself. So, this is an interesting recruitment to watch…regardless….I think ND still lands him but Michigan will be the toughest problem imo.
  4. Really? He’s from Michigan. Has the home state tug on him. I think his dad grew up a Michigan fan. I think he also grew up around the program. Michigan would be my biggest worry. He also wanted to stay close to home. I’d be worried about Michigan the most. Even if experts think or thought Michigan fell out of favor. Also, the fact that the kid STILL hasn’t signed tells me that he must be still undecided. Unless…he’s given a silent commit to someone and we just don’t know about it.
  5. Yes they are. Is a fresh air and one I’ve been clamoring for for quite some time. ND going after big fish. Never know who you can get if you don’t at least try. Man, I wish I rib Elder right about now.
  6. I don’t know if this is what you’re getting at, but to me this says that of a kid is looking at NIL(not that ND can’t compete), then they are “not the right kind of kid at ND.” I would think the same thing. If he’s more worried about being paid and not worried about playing or a degree than ND is not going to be the right place for him.
  7. Also, even though Hinish panned out. We don’t or shouldn’t be relying on guys like him to hold the fort down. Depth is always the answer.
  8. At some point with all these transfers Riley and USC are going to be way over the scholarship limit. I’m beginning to hate that twerp more and more each passing day.
  9. Bowen just got an ND tat. Pretty sure this guy is all Irish and is recruiting it as so.
  10. Man I thought Tanona was the most college ready strength wise. That’s cusk if he can’t make it back for health reasons. Also, are the odds of S. Pemba realistic at this stage?
  11. I mean, Brey drove 45 mins to recruit this kid. But good for him that he got him. Speaking of this kids that went to La Lumiere high school. Chris Farley also graduated from there. It was such a small weird school back in the day.
  12. Correct me if I’m wrong because I don’t follow ND basketball, but does Brey ever truly get elite recruits? Of course he’ll say this. It doesn’t pertain to him. I would think at this rate he should be more scared of NIL and the pressure it will put on him on starting to land bigger recruits. Becareful what you wish for Brey.
  13. Also saw this. I would think Kristofic is more in trouble than Lugg. Lugg is a veteran who has seen it all. Doubt he would get beat out. Lots of options still. Kristofic will have a say as will Lugg if they play or not.
  14. Back to the bag man approach haha
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