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  1. I think you’re still stuck in the past where every elite kid has to be from the inner city and is dumb as a box of rocks. Kelly showed he could recruit top talent. 2011- Tuitt, Lynch, Ishaq Williams. 2012- Gunnar Kiel, Davonte Neal 2013- Eddie Vanderdoes, Greg Bryant, Max Redfield. Then he started slipping off. Probably because she kept swinging and missing at his top talent. Either by coaching, evaluating, or suspensions. Kelly stopped getting elite type talent yearly. From 2014- till 2017 Kelly attracted a lot of offensive line and tight end talent. With sprinkles of 3/4 star talent in Love and Claypool as examples. Not elite coming in. 2018 Kelly tried again at top talent with Jurkovic, Austin, and Griffin as his top talent. Again….where are they and what have they done? That’s been the trend with Kelly. When he was able to pull a five star kid in he sat, got suspended, transferred. So it will be what happens at LSU when he gets that talent and they don’t act the Brian Kelly way. He already had an episode with his receiver the first well and let it go because he knows he can’t lose the team after week one. Let’s see what happens when they start losing and his offense produces squat against top competition and that elite talent starts to rumble. As for Freeman, Big already said it, any other year or time Freeman gets Moore, Keeley and a couple more guys next year. But NIL and the transfers system is already making a mark. Topple that with that bad Marshal loss and his class has slipped. But Freeman would of killed it this year if not for that. Thank about those, even if they were to lose Bowen this class is still on par with Kelly’s 2013 class. Wow…that long ago? This is the type of classes Kelly wanted you to believe the was the ceiling. These top 12 classes. Not 2013. But as you said, time will tell. If Freeman can somehow win 10 games this year I have no doubt that he’ll still have one of the better classes in the past 15 years. That’s saying a lot right there.
  2. Yeah, keep us posted Jesse…very tough situation you and you’re wife are going through. Prayers continue to be sent!
  3. I don’t hate BK. For from it. I’m not spiteful because he did help the program in many ways. I just don’t like excuses. Having played many sports and coached, I was drilled throughout life that excuses are like as holes….that old cliche. Which I believe to be true. Even if there is clear cut evidence that some things are holding you down you have to overcome that. Generally speaking here, If you’re life depended on one key element that you must do but you were hampered for some reason, would you just say oh well…I’ll just die. Nope…you would do everything humanly possible to survive. Golfing was not doing that for Kelly…face it he had flaws when it came to that department. So I will call him out on it. That simple. No hate…
  4. So was I. Heard from one of the recruiting sites that Buchner is still very elite in some areas. But his competition was great in highschool. Buchner could still blossom and I hope he does. But Carr is at least undisputed so far as a five star kid. So was Moore. That’s what MD needs
  5. the thing is this. We had a top 5 class and have gotten top 5 classes with Weis. Pond or no pond it has shown it can be done. You all don’t have to have elite talent to win your first title. Clemson showed that with there first run. You just need that amazing qb. Which is why ND has always fell short. Put Watson, Lawrence, Stroud, or any other top qb on any of those good ND teams and those scores are a lot different. You may even pull out a victory. That’s where the problem lies. Always has. That’s why Kelly never was going to win here.
  6. Although I completely agree with you. I’m curious if things could be different this time around. Freeman has stressed that he wants to run and be mean. Kelly wanted to read option and do verticals all day long. Makes for wanting your linemen to be mean if you are stressing running vs pass blocking most of the time. So time will tell.
  7. Maybe someone better go back and show him the North Carolina tape. Looks like ND may have found a running game. Or at least a little nastiness.
  8. Probably not. When the other two conferences are paying team double what the ACC is going to pay.
  9. Regardless of playcalling or anything else. ND should not be in this post they are in on offense. Seriously, worst offense since 2000.
  10. Prayers sent your way. Just went through a very tough stretch with my parents the past 5 months. Looking out for you brother!
  11. I just did a quick look at the profile. I’m completely ok with whoever is doing the work. Lord knows I don’t have the time. I just don’t want to be called out AFTER I apologized and cited where I got it from.
  12. Look, some people work and are on here leisurely. I saw it on my phone and just did a quick post so some folks can do there OWN research. I’ve been here long enough that people know I don’t blow smoke. If you’re a moderator than maybe you should have more ND insider info? Also-I’m not in college anymore. I don’t need to cite anything….
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