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  1. I’m sure they are happy they ponied you for a third time to keep Mario Christobal at Oregon.
  2. Or you could look at it the other way. Every house you go in their think you are God and you get your ego stroked. Works both ways.
  3. Give him Vinnie again and let him have BK’s schedule and I guarantee you he would win one. Holtz, was once considered one of the best big game coaches in college football. I think it was back in an SI article that wrote it.
  4. No question. The only good thing I see with Riley is his teams are usually finesse. Freeman’s teams seem to be power. At least that’s the feeling I’m getting.
  5. Well, maybe we can get that 5 star already. Quinn ewers is leaving. He’ll, he’s already been paid. Should be easier to recruit now!
  6. Heard that on the Chris Zorich podcast. Him, Holtz and TY loved the golf course. The only problem is Lou had Vinnie Cerrato. Those others didn’t. Watch recruiting go to places that Jbrown and I have been saying for years now. We knew. That bull crap line of only being able to fish out of a very small pond is just that crap. Yes, ND has a smaller selection to choose, but not to the extent that they were recruiting. On that podcast they talk about Kelly never even calling Chase Young who went to a Catholic university. That Bryce Young never got a call from Kelly. How? That should be a given to go to Catholic high schools. That’s your bread and butter!
  7. I mean. I almost ran through a wall for this guy. Wow. That is enthusiasm! I feel sorry for the next team that they play. Get that music and blaring and get to work boys! I can see Bali’s pushing these guys like no other.
  8. I get this. The only thing I see that’s different is Nd kept almost all of there staff. Most of players should be coming back from an 11-1 team. Freeman at least appears to seem receptive of the ND culture and left the ego out the door. Which is what I heard was the problem with Washington and Lake. Which most fans from Washington seem to think this is an identical situation in every way. Which it’s not as an earlier poster just posted. The big question for me with Freeman is, how can he do all the other 9 things that comes with coaching. The CEO type stuff. Plane rides affecting weather, and game starts, gelling with boosters, in game management, where to spend his focus daily, when it’s windy where to practice…etc. There will be things that will pop up that he’s never had to deal with and it will be his job and his character on how to solve these issues. Grades, sexual misconduct, gets involved with the police, cheating, NIL’s, Transfers I hope he reaches out to all his staff and even former coaches and players to get a feel on all this
  9. The great thing is Ohio State should lose both offensive and defensive tackles. Two of their first round wideouts. A middle linebacker and a safety. That’s a lot of talent leaving at key positions.
  10. Haha. Yeah. Didn’t really go well after “The Waterboy.”
  11. I think if that happens they should get a statue of all the coaches. Like “ Band of Brothers.”
  12. Ooooh. Think that’s good? I guess as you said, he’s still probably Iowa.
  13. Her and Mr T share my birthday. It’s quite amusing if that ever comes up and people are like Fairuza who?…
  14. I’m just messing with you. I know he’s been here forever and running things. I was hoping just to get a response out of the wood work
  15. Who is going to see him? Elston, Freeman and forgot the db’s coach?
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