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  1. I think I read Bryan will still be the #1 option for kickoffs as he has a really strong leg. This is probably just to have a vet there when we go to OSU. I hope it doesn't speak to how the staff feels about Bryan. We do have a new punter coming in with Bryce McFerson
  2. Really big few days for the Irish! Joseph committing as a grad transfer and Foskey coming back are both HUGE. ND commits looked good in the AA game. Schrauth looked huge and it was nice to see Tobias get a few grabs. Gobaira showed his motor and I thought Ford looked solid.
  3. Horrible how this kid handled this whole situation based on what's been reported. This puts us in a real bind at the WR position. We need a ringer as a position coach as soon as possible
  4. Tneun - I agree with you. I've been concerned about WR recruiting for many months in this cycle since we missed on flipping Saunders from PSU and missing out on Nicholas Anderson. There have been guys we've passed on and a few lower tier (3* guys) who we ultimately passed on as well. There may be good reasons for that, but as someone else mentioned, our biggest WR recruits may now be extra year guys on the roster already.
  5. I thought the same think about Davis about improving his stock, but the issue ge will have is he won't be able to do the combine or pro days with his injury. Teams will want to know he's all recovered before risking a draft pick. Without that, he would likely go the FA route. On Lenzy, I would imagine Rees would meet with him and share some really creative stuff that BK never let him do.
  6. While not surprising, that news on Williams really sucks. When he committed, he was raving about ND, playing with his boy Merriweather, etc. Now, after some reflection he's seeing some reservations he had all along coming out.
  7. Listening to some podcasts, I'm going to miss not seeing these guys in the blue and gold. I actually watched some highlights of Kyren yesterday and some of his runs are truly jaw dropping.
  8. Agree - sounds like Tommy has done an incredible job with Schrauth. Definitely put a ton of work in
  9. No Hinish on that board? I know he's a bit undersized, but he had a very good year/ career and dominated the game at times. I can't imagine no one picking him up maybe in one of the later rounds.
  10. Captain - no one really knows when Schrauth will commit, but he will be an early enrollee, so he will have to sign soon regardless of when he announces.
  11. Agree on Moore. I was excited to see his Twitter post with the ND coaches and how excited he seemed to see them. Until I scrolled further down and he had a similar tweet with UF coaches and declaring he was going to visit there this weekend. Following the visits, he will be going to Gainesville instead of visiting with nearly all the other ND commits this weekend.
  12. Wasn't Vernon like a borderline 5* and much higher ranked nationally? I don't know if he was in the top 10, but maybe like top 25. Was that for a different recruiting service or was I dreaming that?
  13. So given that X is announcing this Wednesday, it seems that unless we hear about Freeman booking a trip there by today, he probably told the coaches last Friday that he's going to Iowa?
  14. It will also be really interesting to see which commits and targets visit next weekend. Mickey made a comment like "all of them" would come back for another visit, so we'll see if CJ or Amorion are part of that group. Free trip unless any of them still have legit conflicts like basketball games, etc. Positive news if Xavier reached back out, but I think the key is whether he's been in touch with ND players or commits while he wasn't in touch with the ND staff. It seems he is really big on being tight with his future teammates. Also, curious what the staff is pitching to guys like Schrauth and our OL commits with no OL coach in the fold.
  15. Damn, after seeing Balis introduce him to the team, I was ready to run out of that tunnel!!
  16. Lol - thought the same thing! It sounds like he is being roasted by LSU fans already who are probably saying the same thing.
  17. Based on what Big posted, perhaps we can get Xavier back on campus this weekend, expenses paid by ND, just to meet with Freeman. Too bad Freeman can't be in that in-home today.
  18. Synoptico- I think you captured the scenarios of why the next few weeks will be intense. The other thing I'd add is recruits who wait of potentially back off waiting for confirmation of the position coach (OL or WR).
  19. Damn - that is huge news about all these guys staying. And our guy Mickens is probably still out hitting it on the recruiting trail.
  20. Think Marcus Freeman has called Devin Moore by now to get him back in the fold? Interesting that Devin Brown chose OSU. He will be buried on the depth chart for a while.
  21. I say credit goes to that Cyclone Larry dude on the other thread, lol!! I'm excited about this hire, particularly since it looks like they're keeping Rees, Balis and McNulty
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