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  1. Did Hanafin take his officials yet?
  2. Boom! I live this guy's film. With D. Bowen and Zinter, this is 2 incredible LB classes stacked together.
  3. Looks like Loy and Wilfong just put in CBs for PA OL Peter Jones today.
  4. Sounds like Novosad is sticking with Baylor.
  5. Minich reportedly runs a 10.7, which is blazing fast for a safety. It you watch his film, he really flies to the ball. Looks like a really good prospect likely as a strong safety.
  6. He did an interview a few months ago. Said he still talks to other schools just to keep in touch, sort of a "you never know" type of situation. In the same interview, he said he's locked in with ND as well. I think he's probably been told and seen how coaches change, schollies get pulled, etc. and feels this is needed. It seems there is another recent article where he raves about Freeman.
  7. Very excited about this pickup. He's a bit smaller yet probably more fluid, but he reminds me of Claypool. Our WR room is going to be crazy good in a year and can't wait to see these kids in action.
  8. Agree it will be good to move on. I'm interested to see what the staff does now for 2023. We are in kind of a tough spot but still have time to work out a solution for the class.
  9. I'd love for them to take a 5th WR but they likely won't do that. They will probably look to wait for 2024 and land a few WR more studs, which I respect.
  10. Ironically we don't do too well with DeMatha in hoops either, and Brey is from there. But different topic for another thread. It sounds like the other guys we pursue at DL will be in '24. But also M'Pemba can play a number of positions, including Vyper, so if we could land him that may be our guy.
  11. This is a few days old, but for those wondering about the Baylor QB commit who's interested in ND pushing for him, below is an article. It will be interesting to see if we push depending on what happens with Dante. https://fightingirishwire.usatoday.com/2022/06/28/report-baylor-2023-quarterback-commit-is-interested-in-notre-dame/
  12. Micah Tease to Arkansas for those wondering.
  13. The only thing that sucks is we have to wait another year to see them in an Irish uniform.
  14. Looks like 3pm PST on CBS Sports
  15. There were a few runs where he BLEW BY the other kids. I hope we use him in the return game and then design 5-6 plays for him in the slot.
  16. Looked like Micah Tease now announcing on July 4th. He may be leaning USC at the moment unless he's convinces that we will give him a legit shot at WR.
  17. Oregon and Washington may be next to join the B1G
  18. Dominoes falling big time this week!
  19. Great pick up. I'll have to catch a few of his games this fall.
  20. https://www.on3.com/teams/notre-dame-fighting-irish/news/notre-dame-earns-commitment-2023-preferred-kicker-marcello-diomede-brian-mason/ Just saw that a kid from our local HS committed as a PWO as a '23 kicker. Have seen him play many times and he's pretty consistent from medium distance, but didn't realize he had a big leg. Will be interesting to see how he does.
  21. Big - so Gray and Flores both canceled their OSU visits? If so, that should bode really well for ND. For Ausberry, I think we're trending much better than hard to pull from the south. I think we land him. Did Greathouse move his timeline up? I thought he last said he wants to go into the season and see how the teams look on the field?
  22. Great news about Jagusah, and hope he commits soon. That guy is a mauler - reminds me of a more athletic version of Aaron Banks.
  23. That would be great. Almost home with this class. The only question mark for me from that group is Flores, but it sounds like recently OSU feels good about where they stand with Carnell Tate, so if they land him they likely don't take Flores.
  24. That would be really nice to lock down our CB recruiting (no pun intended) and maybe allow Tease to play WR, though I think he winds up at USC.
  25. Think he said it was "awesome". He came with Preston Zinter, who he's friends with, and they both has a great time. They also had the airport scene where Chad Bowden met them at the terminal and went ape shit in the airport while welcoming them. The players loved it. He does visit Bama next, and Saban is reportedly recruiting him personally, so that is a bit of a wildcard. But most people think ND lands him after his last visit and as he gets into decision mode.
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