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  1. I thought Judkins' film was decent. Yes, he is not on the same level as Singleton but has pretty good size and 26 offers. He looks slightly better than C'bo did in HS, but not quite as skilled as Diggs. I'd stay on him and consider as an option, especially considering Kyren may go pro and no guarantee that C'bo returns for another year. By comparison, Flemister's next best offer was GA Tech, yet he's been a pretty valuable contributor on short yardage, closing out games, etc.
  2. I just saw an article where a few Bama writers were debating whether To'o To'o would even start this season. Crazy how much talent is on that roster.
  3. With Morrison's commitment, looks like our defensive recruiting is down to waiting it out for Lucas, Nwampka, Moss and Kanu. Kanu is likely going to wait until the AA bowl in January. I believe all 4 of would be takes if they wanted in at this point.
  4. Makes sense - I figured they did that ahead of time.
  5. I agree with you. There was some discussion about this in one of the recent podcasts. My vote is let these kids have their moment and then send that out afterward. But maybe the staff talks to the kids about this ahead of time and only does it if the kid doesn't care, who knows?
  6. Imagine on some downs we could have Junior at Mike, Kollie at Will and Sneed at Rover, with Burnham and Zeigler coming off the edge. Shoot, we'd have to swap people in as we'd also have Foskey, Botello, Ford and Gobiara on the edge.
  7. Agree. Oklahoma seemed to really get things started in the late '90s when opening up the offense. They've had 4 QBs win the Heisman since then: White, Bradford, Mayfield and Murray with a few others in between who were pretty decorated in their own right. Pretty good story to tell prospective top shelf QB recruits.
  8. Looks like Fitzpatrick committed to OSU. Hopefully that helps us with Wagner to your point.
  9. Side note for anyone who is following this, but Jack Nickel just committed to Sparty. Good for him. On CJ Williams, I think he said he was going to decide in July, so we should hear on him in the next few weeks.
  10. If we land Morrison, I feel pretty good about the DB haul. Tneun, I think you're right that the staff likes Moore as a boundary corner, but he or Bellamy could certainly play S. Ideal scenario is to land Nwampka and leave Moore at boundary, letting Bellamy start out at nickel / slot.
  11. Really happy with this defensive class. We have some great ballplayers and playmakers. Hope we land Sneed, Pope and press for the 2 cherries on top in Nwampka and Lucas
  12. Devin Moore! Very good corner class!
  13. Jayden Bellamy just committed. Most people think he could be a good slot / nickel corner. If you watch his tape, he definitely has a set of jets on him. Few more spots open at the inn in the defensive backfield.
  14. Agree - they have to shift from "take your time to make sure" to locking up both of those WRs sooner than later. Whereas some recruits like Rice help ND the longer the recruitment goes, these 2 hurt ND if they drag things out in my opinion. I'm hoping that Singleton really wants to come here and defy local pressures, but if he decides on Penn State, we still have a very good back already in Price. I wonder if they go to alternate guys at RB as they could have some turnover in that room after the season if Kyren goes pro and Flemister doesn't return for a 5th year.
  15. Tough news on Anderson. Many people felt good about him. Maybe we need to get Xavion Bradshaw back on the docket for a visit.
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