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  1. I think confidence is high on Limar, who is announcing this week and they are pushing hard for Jeremiyah Love, who they also feel good about. Young is probably more of a long shot, but good news just getting him to campus. If for some reason we could land all 3, Love could potentially be used as an ATH / slot type given his speed.
  2. It sounds like ND is interested in Elzy, but I don't know where we stand with him. He may be more interested in being Illinois' main guy vs. the 5th option for us.
  3. I heard on a recent podcast that he may not be an option anymore, or at least things are trending way away from him. Sounds like our WR board beyond James is Greathouse, Hanahan, Flores, Joshua Manning and maybe Tyler Williams if he ever decides to visit. Not sure where we stand with Elzt at the moment.
  4. I hadn't thought about that, but yes it could be a factor. I just saw something a day or two ago that Priester / O'Malley said they expected Tanona to be a full go in August. Might be a wait and see thing, too.
  5. That would be great news if Absher commits today as expected. He is friends with Freeling, so hopefully that helps with him as well. We then have Freeling and Jagusah as our remaining top OT targets (Jagusah along with Absher could play either OT or IOL) with potentially Elijah Page as an option if one of Freeling or Jagusah go elsewhere. Then we have Joe Otting as another IOL possibility depending on how numbers shake out per the discussion above on how many WR / ATH we take.
  6. So that is Moore, Downs or M'Pemba?
  7. Wow - surprised to see Wiltfong pit on a CB for Flores. I know we've been after him heavily, but haven't heard his name come up too much recently. Thought he was leaning tOSU
  8. Agree. The staff has done an excellent job all along, but then knocked it out of the park at the B&G game. Some really good developments happening now with Absher committing this Friday, Limar setting his date, the Texas Tech CB commit now visiting and what is lining up to be a monster weekend on 6/10
  9. Not to wish away the first nice weather we've had in a long time, but I can't wait for that June 10th weekend.
  10. ND Jack - thanks for sharing that. I always thought the shirt started to raise money for a student injured in a hit and run accident, and since went to special causes like that. Looking into this, I saw this was in year 2 and they created a second shirt that year for that cause: Proceeds from 1990 ‘T-shirt for the Cause’ donated to injured student Oct. 10, 1990 | Scott Brutocao | Researched by Rebecca Fried Following the success of the first “Shirt” in 1990, a second was made the same year, but for a different purpose — proceeds would be donated to Zheng-de Wang, a sociology graduate student who had been severely injured in a car accident. Wang, originally from Tianjin, China, had been struck by a car in a hit-and-run while walking to his off-campus housing in October 1989. Wang was left in a coma for several months, and stayed at the South Bend hospital for 11 months in total. At the time of the article’s publication on Oct. 10, 1990, he had not yet regained his mobility and speech. Wang was also uninsured. In support of Wang, a group of Notre Dame students designed a T-shirt to raise money for his recovery. Daily advertisements in The Observer asked students to “Buy It For ‘The Cause.’”
  11. Yeah I thought the same thing!
  12. I don't think their results matter as much with the draft. Scouts analyze every bit of film on these kids and their measurable, not how much what's going on with the team itself. Looking at some of the schools with kids drafted, you see small schools like Lenoir-Rhyne, Fordham, Southern, etc. plus several schools that had pretty underwhelming years: Rutgers, UCLA, etc. This has more to do with how well they think the kids' skills translate to the NFL and how they can help a roster.
  13. I don't mind the front, but who would wear something that says "rah rah" on the back?
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