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  1. I love that recruiting buzz is picking back up. We need to finish this class strong. As mentioned, Schrauth would be a big get. I'd still like us to take another WR just for an extra body there for injuries and whatnot. How do you all think they are navigating conversations with Angeli given that we have a 5* at the same position visiting?
  2. Just based on "how do I feel", I'm certainly much happier with 5-1 than something worse than that. I can't stand losing to teams that we should beat. In fact. I'm still smarting from that loss to Tulsa several years ago and that home loss to a bad Northwestern team. Or that loss at home to a weak USF team. I don't think much of that much about the close Ball State win, and probably won't think much more about Toledo this year until hearing pundits bring it up. So knowing we'd have to fill in for a lot of talent that graduated, I'm pretty happy with where we are in general. If I had to complain, it's because of what some alluded to that given the level of stars we recruit each year, we should not have had many close games and should have beaten that Cincinnati team.
  3. Looks like we will have 2 REALLY good scorers next year in Starling and Blake Wesley.
  4. We will stick there for a while. Toledo will haunt us. They are not the top tier MAC team that BK played up when we faced them. They just lost to an NIU team that M beat 63-10. Purdue will haunt us for a while. They just lost to an inconsistent Minnesota team and will probably lose a few more times in the next 3 weeks. FSU starting out 0-4 really hurt. We don't have any marquee games left. Our best hope is to beat USC, UNC, Stanford, etc. by big margins, not nail biters. The down side of playing an ACC-dominant schedule is no one will believe GT or UVA will be much of a challenge even if they improve and really do pose a schematic challenge for us.
  5. Sounds like he will pick where he is most comfortable with the players, which is why that official is so important. He's had a number of visits to Iowa.
  6. Also, if you look at the 247 listing, I'm not sure when the statuses were updated. A lot of our top OL prospects are listed there as "cool" on ND but I'm not sure that is accurate. I think a handful of '23 OL came out this summer for the barbecue unless I'm mistaken, so we could be in better shape with them than it looks now.
  7. Really happy for Drew Pyne - he was ready for the moment and balled out Dorer needs to kick it through the end zone every time Glad to see Botelho back - he had some big sticks Really happy for Cam Hart - huge day for him Great statement game baby!!
  8. I'm happy that the D only gave up 13 points, but Purdue's offense is pretty 1 dimensional. But I'll take it for now. A few times in key situations Rees went empty backfield. I hope he rethinks that because Coan is no threat to run and our tackles need help as mentioned here. Agree Baker played a pretty good game. Agree that Kyren and Kyle are beasts
  9. Pretty cool those kids got to take a PJ for the visit.
  10. I didn't hear that, but several people I know who follow them closely feel really confident they will flip him
  11. If we can hang on until 11/27, they may have 4 losses after they have to go on the road against Wisconsin, Penn State, Maryland and OSU. Think they will have trouble with all those teams.
  12. Tackling was definitely an issue. They popped guys in the backfield a number of times only for them to escape and pick up chunks of yards. I would be really interested to hear why they were in that alignment for so long. My only thought is maybe they knew it was hot and FSU was on a roll, so they figured if they kept giving up 4-5 yards that would keep the clock moving and was better than giving up quick strikes. The problem is they still gave up big chunks on the ground, FSU was in hurry up and there was plenty of time left. The offense didn't help in the 4th quarter by not really moving the ball until the last drive. The formula they had in the first half was working as they focused on limiting the run and they were able to generate pressure. Even in OT, when they got to Milton, he lost the ball.
  13. I think FSU is much improved. They are definitely a bowl team. I don't think we can stick with MTA at DE. He looks too slow and immobile and lost contain a few times. Not sure what that 3 DL look was or why we stuck with it so long. Should have stuck with what we did in the first half - stop the run, force the throw and pressure the QB. Agree our OL needs some work, but nice that we put up 41 points. Glad to see Doerer get those 2 FGs. We will need him. As well as Coan played, if he didn't underthrow a few other balls, they may have had 14 more.
  14. Thanks tneun- yes, except for Schrauth who could decide at any time, and who knows who he will pick, it seems that we have to get these other guys on campus for a game. From that group, our best shots for a full visit are Nwampka and Kanu. For Lucas and maybe the others, it might have to come down to an in-home visit. It will certainly be interesting to see if any other names pop up on a visitor list in the fall, maybe Judkins, Bradshaw or another new name. It wouldn't be surprising to see new names committed elsewhere visit if they want to look around and be sure. No idea who that would be, but with the restrictions on visits this year, this could happen.
  15. Not relating to Botelho, but to the question about when the last time someone was caught: Dexter Lawrence and 2 other Clemson players were suspended in our 2019 playoff game with them. On the institutional testing, is that required by the NCAA? It seems like window dressing as I would imagine many schools either tacitly or overtly promote using PEDs.
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