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  1. Yes - with Agu committing now and Wesolak only down to a Top 15, I can see Wesolak still being at the station when the '22 train is leaving
  2. Thanks Big - yes, that is what I was referring to. There were links to tweets and articles on a bunch of different topics like the NCAA tourney, etc. Looks like the main 2022 recruiting thread got fixed to your point. Thanks again
  3. Not a fan of the new site either. This is supposed to be a discussion board, not a running commercial for 247 articles that don't have anything to do with ND football. That's okay, lot of sites out there to get news and updates.
  4. Others not mentioned: Ronnie Powlus- 11 Tyler Buchner - 12 Ryan Barnes - 15 Devin Aipiu - 44 Caleb Johnson - 72 Cade Berrong - 80 Mitchell Evans - 88
  5. Burnham is Irish!! Happy St. Patty's Day
  6. Big beat down last night to UNC in the ACC tournament that really shows how far we've fallen since those 2 glory years of Elite 8 appearances. We haven't recruited well at all, our grad transfers, which seem to be something we are relying on more heavily due to lack of recruiting success, have been hit or miss (mostly misses with mediocre players). I only watched part of the Kentucky game this year because it's been the same themes all along, but am guessing the younger players haven't gotten significant time either? When and how are we developing them? I'm not calling for Brey to get le
  7. FWIW - his coach said he's a blazer. Not sure how that squares with the 4.5-4.6 times listed above, but he is supposed to be really fast per Jersey's comment.
  8. I love Burnham's size at 6'4" and 215 already. Could see him as a beast at about 235 / 240. He is a total ballhawk and gets there in a hurry. Looks like he is higher rated than Sebastian Cheeks and Devon Jackson for reference purposes (per 247)
  9. I like it. I think he's a good fit for what we run. Hope he is tight with Jaeden Gould and we pull him too
  10. Both look like very good prospects. Allar reminds me of Philip Rivers: big kid, big arm, gunslinger. He seems fit for an offense that relies on the WR beating his man and throwing it quickly like some pro teams do against a blitz. I don't want to necessarily say a pro style offense, because they all blend together these days. I'm not sure of a good comparison for Angeli, but initially thought Justin Herbert (though Herbert is 6'6" and Angeli is 6'3"). But Angeli seems better throwing to specific spots and is a little more mobile, say in the RPO action that we like to run from time to tim
  11. Just saw Zeigler got bumped to 4* per Rivals. Congrats to him. Now 5 of our 7 2022 verbals is a 4*. One of the 3* is Gobiara who will be a 4* if he gets a season in this Spring. Not a bad start so far, though we still have lots of time for that class.
  12. I could see our WR board expanding if things stay as they are now. It looks like Kaleb Brown and Tyler Morris are CB'd to Michigan and Tobias Merriweather to Oregon at the moment
  13. I'd love to hear thoughts on this too. I think I read at one point he was a tweener who had trouble getting separation at WR but too big of a hill to climb to add 40 pounds and crack the lineup at TE. But very interesting how few snaps he got and he never caught a pass. It does seem to take ND WRs a long time to develop and earn trust that they can block and do all the things the coaches ask. McKinley was on his last year before having something of a breakout year. Boykin same thing. Still waiting for Austin to break out, though he may have this year if he didn't get hurt.
  14. Cool that Jack Coan is there with the other frosh. I'm pumped to hear how some of these kids look and how they progress in the spring.
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