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  1. "When going to the stadium, I always felt a little like Rudy when he said I have been waiting for this my whole life. If you are a football fan, there are certain stadiums you must go to as part of your sports bucket list and the Notre Dame Football stadium has to be high up on the list." http://www.michigansportsguy.com/2010/09/luck-of-irish-was-not-enough.html
  2. Why can Russel Wilson play right away if he goes to Wisconsin, but Tate Forcier must sit out a year to play for a D1 school because of the transfer rule?
  3. tO$U blog's take on the latest in a long line of transgressions in Columbus. http://www.elevenwarriors.com/2011/05/it-all-started-with-a-tattoo#more
  4. When I try to access that ND site, I get the following message: Warning: Something's Not Right Here! http://www.notredamefans.com contains malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site. Google has found malicious software that may be installed onto your computer if you proceed. If you've visited this site in the past or you trust this site, it's possible that it has just recently been compromised by a hacker. You should not proceed, and perhaps try again tomorrow or go somewhere else.
  5. And with his return, are the Irish finished with the defensive backfield? http://www.cougarcorner.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3718&start=0
  6. Going all the way back to when he was a reporter for the South Bend Tribune, does anyone ever remember him writing anything positive about the school. Why does he seem to have an ax to grind about anything Irish? "Notre Dame must wise up: Everybody involved in Sullivan tragedy acted with a disregard for safety." ...David Haugh http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/college/ct-spt-0419-haugh-notre-dame-chicago-20110418,0,6252221.column
  7. Crist should be more effective in this O because Kelly will not hesitate to take the wraps off (no fear of injury) knowing he has more alternatives at the qb spot this year.
  8. re: "MARK MY WORDS BARRING INJURY CRIST WILL START ALL GAMES UNTIL HE GRADUATES" Crist will probably start vs usf because the job is his to lose. Kelly will allow Dane to run the full offense because he'll not be affraid of him suffering another injury. If that should happen (injury) or Crist fails to move the O, Kelly will not hesitate to go w/ next man in.
  9. Lower Arena Section 3, Row 3, seats 3 & 4. Face value $30.00 per seat. Marian Monday Nov 1st. @ 7:30 Catholic Saturday Nov 6th @ 7:00 Georgia Southern Friday Nov 12th @ 9:00 Liberty Sunday Nov 14th @ 2:00 Chicago State Wednesday Nov 17th @ 7:30 Maine Monday Nov 22nd @ 7:30 Indiana State Tuesday Nov 30th @7:30 Stony Brook Sunday Dec 19th @ 2:00 UMBC (link) Wednesday Dec 22nd @ 7:30 simontonlake@gmail.com
  10. The problem is BK selected Luke Massa as his qb recruit for 2010 at Cincy not Hendrix. Therefore BK needs to convince him that he was not second best when he was being recruited. http://cincinnati.scout.com/a.z?s=341&p=8&c=1&nid=3311041
  11. Paul Longo video on Bearcats Sports Weekly. http://www.gobearcats.com/strength/cinn-strength.html
  12. Not with this kind of scheduling during the second half of the season. You can't move up in the BCS rankings going down the stretch playing teams like this. Oct. 16 WESTERN MICHIGAN Oct. 23 at Navy (at Meadow lands - East Rutherford, N.J.) Oct. 30 TULSA Nov. 6 Open Date Nov. 13 UTAH Nov. 20 ARMY (at Yankee Stadium - Bronx, N.Y.)
  13. Second half of the season strength of schedule like this one will keep ND out of the BCS title game. Oct. 16 WESTERN MICHIGAN Oct. 23 at Navy (at Meadow lands - East Rutherford, N.J.) Oct. 30 TULSA Nov. 6 Open Date Nov. 13 UTAH Nov. 20 ARMY (at Yankee Stadium - Bronx, N.Y.)
  14. ND sure could have used him when he was needed during his last year of school. Anyone know what really happened that kept him on the sideline that year?
  15. Anyone know where some of the gameday gang went once the game started? From my seat right behind the press table, Rece Davis, Digger Phelps, Hubert Davis and Erin Andrews were seated in front of me. Jay Bilas and Bob Knight walked off the court toward the ND locker room and only returned for the half and post game shows.
  16. If McNeil cant beat out Lambert to become a starter this year, he has bigger problems than playing time. Maybe if a player is from a warm weather climate and not seeing the field, he would be more inclined to transfer back home.
  17. If anyone was to peruse the roster of the Bulls of South Florida, who manhandled Auburn on their home field two weeks ago, I would be interested to know if ND could recruit anyone on their two deep lineup? If the Irish could not, because of academic considerations, pursue anyone, I believe finding 85 students with athletic ability to compete for the National Championship is beyond the grasp of The University Of Notre Dame, going forward.
  18. Jeff Carroll reminds me more and more of David Haugh.
  19. If GL was really concerned about TP's assessment of DCE, he would have called the ND coaches to clear up any doubts he might have. Bottom line, he wanted to stay home and play LB for UNC.
  20. Well if you don't want to play in the cold, you better call the following NFL teams and tell them that you will not play for them because it will be too cold: New England, NY Jets, Buffalo, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, Denver, NY Giants, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, or Green Bay. I too use the weather in South Bend as an excuse but does that stop Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Penn State, and Boston College from being good most years?
  21. "Instead of offering to just 2 or 3 at each position, cast a wide net. If it turns out we only get 4 star players instead of 5 star players that's fine for now. We just desperately need to get the bodies in here." Charley made the mistake of saying early in 06 that they were only going after the elite players that year. If he would have cast a wider net (there were plenty of 3-star DT's available with grades) , we would not have been left holding the bag at the end. It will be more of the same next year if he thinks he can afford to wait on just the elite DT's that will be out there. Championships are won on defense.
  22. Until CW puts more focus on the defensive side of the ball in recruiting, ND will never close the gap with the upper echelon teams they must face on the BCS level.
  23. If you read the many fredo posts on their site, you would know that BC fans are glad TOB is no longer their coach. They could not stand the guy.
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