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  1. Do they have archived podcasts of the show?
  2. Re: "We need to do play action and let it go." No more empty backfield..
  3. Going forward, succeeding HC's must be skilled @ player development.
  4. You are the poster child for the self-absorbed narcissistic personality colliding with technology.
  5. Apologize if mentioned before...just came to my attention that Brian is leaving for Ball State to become Deputy Athletics Director under AD Bill Scholl himself a veteran of the Notre Dame athletics department. I believe this is the same position Bill held at ND before he left for Ball State. Question..who will replace Brian?
  6. Actually, it's been rather mild as winter goes. I'll take the winter months we've had the last few years and be thankful. CW got lucky during his four years.
  7. Funny. No mention of the ducks grad rates..63% [/url]
  8. to$u's arrogance last year cost them a title shot this year. "I think it’s kind of funny how to$u “self-imposes” its own punishment… as if to say, “hey, NCAA, please go lightly on us, see how we’re trying to do what’s right”. "How to$u AD Gene Smith still has a job I've wondered for the past year. He either would require a huge buyout to get rid of him, or he 'knows' too much to fire. Either way the sooner he's gone, the better. Getting rid of the sad sack Gator Bowl last year was an easy call, and he completely blew it." http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/11/03/unbeaten-buckeyes-continue-to-pay-for-osus-2011-arrogance/
  9. Funniest one was KLM having a little kid leading him around the floor pointing out where Cap should clean up the imagined moisture.
  10. I say bulls*it!!! The NCAA let slide volumes of evidence re cars players couldn't afford. Total cover up. Best of all, electing to go bowling last year at 6-6 when staying at home would have made them eligible to go bowling this year. Sa weeet.
  11. After the u of m game the to$u fans were complaining / bemoaning about their lot in life while the man responsible for all the cheating and malfeasance that went on there was being carried off the field on the shoulders of his players to the cheers of the buckeye faithful. Bizarre...
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academic_Progress_Rate In the Tim Layden SI hit piece he mentioned ND's NCAA Academic Progress Rate (APR) was tied for 25th among 120 FBS schools (among those higher: Ohio State and Miami). How does that square with the most recent NCAA GSR (Graduation Success Rate) figures, Notre Dame is tied for first with Northwestern; by U.S. Department of Education accounting, Notre Dame is sixth, behind Northwestern, Boston College, Stanford, Rice and Penn State?
  13. The state of ohio re-elected that fool. He should show his appreciation by granting them their little pardon after being sworn into office.
  14. their "dream school" ? "Fuller did what he felt was best and you can't blame him for that. It's a shame that ESPN wants to make it about the scandal though when he'll be the first to tell you that it has nothing to do with that. ND is his dream school. Had the Irish offered earlier he would have never committed to Penn State but Fuller just recently started getting real attention. He wisely reserved a spot at Penn State while waiting for the Notre Dame offer."
  15. http://usc.ocregister.com/tag/armond-armstead/
  16. A nasty and wholly unattractive member of the land weasel family (Mustelidae), sp. Gulo Gulo (Latin: "Glutton"), called by its common name the wolverine. It is also known colloqiually as "those assholes who think they go to an ivy-league school in the midwest." To skunkbear is known to reside inside coffee shops, trying desperately to look pretentious and educated, ensuring that other mammals in the vicinity see them doing coursework openly on a wireless laptop. Sometimes, solely for effect, the skunkbear will also carry a copy of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"; this is to expand on the skinkbear's facade of academic elitism and snobbery, but with no actual equity behind it. The skunkbear's coat is usually dull, and poorly screenprinted with mock-retro logos or pseudo-political trappings. On occasion, however, the skunkbear will molt and reveal a second coat of maize and blue hue; this occurs twice per year, typically when the skunkbear encounters either Spartan warriors or a Buckeye. This change in the skunkbear's coat is a reaction to the threat of not being an attractive mate to species other than its own. A solitary, burrowing carnivorous mammal of northern forest regions, related to the weasel and having a heavyset body, short legs, dark fur, and a bushy tail. Also called carcajou, glutton, skunk bear. Aka: A fat, ugly, lonely, ill-tempered, weasel. Typically used to describe a fan of the University of Michigan "God damn that girls ugly, she's even got a 'stache!" "Yup, she's a Michigan Wolverine alright" Skunk Bears are vile and disgusting. They are also know as Wolverines, the mascot of the University of Michigan. This skunk bear will have to be popular as Fans of Wal-Mart also tend to be University of Michigan fans. Ok..it's a slow news day.
  17. dangerruss... I 2nd the opinion you put forward on the subject.
  18. THE PRESIDENTS CUP BROADCAST TIME: Saturday, November 19th 8 a.m.-4 p.m. (NBC / tape-delayed)
  19. Since the demise of Blue Grey Sky, which blog best covers the Irish?
  20. Beef O' Brady's - GRANGER http://staatalent.com/Headlines/10/12/17alex-flanagan.php
  21. http://notredame.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1249579
  22. http://www.irishenvy.com/forums/archive/t-56126.html A physical 6'2, 209-lb receiver, he is poised to become a top recruit, but schools wanting to see him will have to find him at a different school. David Perkins was a standout for Kalamazoo Central (Mich.) last year, excelling at both wide receiver and linebacker. At 6'2, and a chiseled 209-lbs, he impressed schools at several camp stops this summer, including Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Illinois. Those schools will have a new place to come find him this fall, as a family move has him at a different high school. "I'm moving to South Bend," he said, "we just bought the house. I'll be playing for Washington High School." Washington already has a couple of standouts at wide receiver, Darius Hardin and Gehrig Dieter, but Perkins' family has talked to the coaching staff and were assured they would find a spot for him. "They said either slot or wideout or running back, and on defense, outside linebacker for sure."
  23. http://gridirondigest.net/index.php?/topic/39971-david-perkins-sb-washington/
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