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  1. Friday's ESPN College Football Live listed the preseason coaches top ten poll. Whereapon Marcus Spears was asked.the most overrated team from that poll. He proceeded to name Notre Dame as his most overrated team. Among his reasons he listed meatchkin and FSU as road games. But wait, the Irish.were not even listed in the top ten. So much for their level of analysis.
  2. Hometown: Mishawaka, Ind. High School: Marian Height / Weight: 6-2 / 305 A three-star recruit rated as the No. 46 OG nationally, No. 8 overall recruit in Indiana and No. 107 regionally by ESPN.com. • Listed as the No. 1 center in Indiana, the No. 5 center in region and the nation's No. 16 center and a three-star recruit by Scout.com. Anyone know if he was recruited by ND?
  3. http://www.ndinsider.com/football/former-notre-dame-assistant-bob-elliott-meant-the-world-to/article_4e67bf52-65ad-11e7-b6e8-4f040cd1e730.html
  4. Mr. Kelly will not be going anywhere until after 2017.
  5. His weight down to 230..staff had thought he would be at 250...he will try to put lbs back on in the off season.
  6. Time to climb out of your mother's basement you fantasy football fools.
  7. Find another team to follow. Anyone who thinks top coaches are lining up to run a program with the academic restrictions @ ND located in South Bend Indiana are brain dead. Ever been to Palo Alto, Ann Arbor, Columbus, Madison, Athens, Boulder, Oxford, Eugene, Austin, Chapel Hill, Charlottesville, Knoxville, State College, Berkeley, Baton Rouge, Clemson, Tuscaloosa, etc? Nuff said.
  8. First Quarter... Notre Dame has scored first and Texas needs to respond with a drive, not only to give the defense some rest, but to allay the fears of Longhorn faithful. As you can see, Notre Dame DT Sheldon Day had other ideas. http://www.barkingcarnival.com/2015/9/7/9269897/texas-notre-dame-lets-review-the-tape?_ga=1.113073095.2132726746.1439471804
  9. "Texas has to improve if that Notre Dame win is going to amount to anything." According to ESPN, beating a FBS program Texas (with 881 wins) 3rd all time will not help Notre Dame in the committee's eyes vs programs like Baylor beating a 1-AA Lamar for final four consideration. http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/13596195/how-conferences-react-week-1
  10. That's what Stanford thought before playing Northwestern.
  11. "I am hoping they take a look at Mike Sanford, ND's offensive coordinator, who used to coach for us." http://mbd.scout.com/mb.aspx?s=18&f=1712&t=14060143
  12. Last night on CBSSN, following Aaron Taylor's interview with Malik Zaire, Rick Neuheisel commented that the Irish will run the pistol with Zaire. Don't recall that being said before. If true, could this be part of the Mike Sanford influence?
  13. Given their track record, what's to stop them from waiting until the middle of the season?
  14. The pads haven’t come on just yet for Notre Dame during spring practice this year, but once they do, practices are going to get physical – possibly more physical than they’ve ever been during the Brian Kelly era at Notre Dame thanks to the depth Kelly and his staff have built up after five years on the job. (UHND)
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