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  1. Mayer is clearly the better TE, he got snubbed.
  2. Joseph hasnt made a decision yet from my understanding, so technically, ND is still at 94 scholarships for 2023. Not sure about the Covid 100 thing, but from my understanding, they need to be at 85 by the start of fall semester 2023. I think the Covid exception is done now for the 100 man limit.
  3. ND must think they have some sort of shot if they offered him this late. He has some raw talent, could be a project that see progress like Foskey.
  4. Im sorry, but he is a carbon copy of Drue Tranquil in almost every way and no one will be able to convince me otherwise. Lets hope his career follows the same success as Drue Tranquil.
  5. ND is fine on NIL numbers, the difference is that ND is actually following the ACTUAL rules and not enticing players to come to their school because of a contract (again, it is against the rules to do it). ND players are making pretty darn good money, they just dont advertise it or promise high school players you get $XXXXXX if you come to us. I do think parts of NIL will balance itself out. Look at TAMU after their historic recruiting class that was bought for $30m.
  6. This is kid is still an absolute stud and probably the most underappreciated recruit in the class. He still has a very high ranking on a few sites, but we all know his early commitment and complete lack of any drama in his recruiting is what led to him losing his 5* status. I can easily see him being a 3 year starter and round 1-2 NFL draft pick.
  7. Sounds like he was concerned about depth issues at ND at both the RB and WR positions. He is fast, but I dont think this is a huge loss for ND... as long as we hold on to both Limar and Love
  8. He is a top 50 player on other recruiting sites I believe. Rankings are all very clickbaity in my opinion. There is always a story to tell after the rankings come out for all of the different fanbases.
  9. Agreed, the problem with those fake accounts is that they get some insider information based on rumors and run with it claiming that they are the originators. ND insiders have mentioned the rumors about Drake Maye and Alabama, that is how I know about it. Ryan from Irish Breakdown mentioned it yesterday on the podcast (public podcast, so not saying anything that was behind a paywall).
  10. Technically that is the rule from my understanding, the exception to that is if it is a grad student. For example, McCullough would not be able to transfer willy nilly NEXT year without having to sit a year. @1Redrum I dont see a need for it. The early signing period is for early enrollees and for students who are set on where they want to go. If they want to wait, they can wait for the February signing date.
  11. There are rumors about him being offered big money by Alabama and even bringing another UNC player with him (forget the name). It wouldn't surprise me, but we shall have to wait and see.
  12. ND is recruiting him. Eli Bowen's recruitment is very up in the air right now with no clear favorites.
  13. He will be going to Alabama with a BIG money bag if he enters the portal, dont get your hopes up.
  14. If there are any young men/women here looking into colleges. DO NOT go to a college to follow a "special someone." Dont do it... Let our wisdom and experience help you...
  15. Makes me think we could end up with a tier 2 QB like Armstrong (he was the starter when he left). No sources on that, again, I am just thinking out loud about why a QB would come to ND knowing they have to compete for the starting job. Freeman should not make that promise to anyone and there should be a QB battle in the spring/fall to see who starts.
  16. Im also wondering how appealing ND would be to a top end QB... Pretty much every QB in the portal left because of playing time issues. Would they want to go to ND knowing they have to compete against Buchner (who was technically the starter this year)? If you are Hudson Card and you left Texas because of Ewers and Manning, would you want to come to ND without a guarantee to start?
  17. OU writers have been saying it would flip for almost a year now "in the coming days." Yet, it still never happened. The girlfriend part does worry me a little bit, but plenty of ND insiders are still optimistic. Who knows.
  18. JeffV is right. Right now ND is going hard after McCullough (a sophomore), but I believe the philosophy is that ND would rather get a HS player to replace a 2nd stringer who left for playing time. Perfect example is CB. ND is expected to lose a few CBs to the portal and ND is choosing to recruit another CB in the 2023 class, Soloman Davis who is currently committed to Arizona. Some may not like that, but I think I prefer that method for majority of the replacements. Freeman wants to build majority of the team from the ground up. This may actually mean that recruiting classes will be pretty big each and every year.
  19. Fiske and McCullough would be a homerun for the DL. Fiske appears to be Irish and should decide around New Years McCullough seems to be down to ND and Ohio State. There are some they say Oklahoma is involved, but there are some insiders that do not trust the Oklahoma hype around him. IB says it is 50/50 between ND/OSU
  20. It is believed that the backup corners from the 2021 class are all in jeopardy of leaving due to Morrison's rise... Even Mickey has jumped them it seems like.
  21. Colorado could easily compete for the PAC12 championship next year at this rate... Look at U$C's turnaround with their free agency.
  22. He has been awful... Hard pass Seriously, we dont have to do this for every QB who enters the transfer portal. Most arent that good.
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