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  1. That term doesn't exist anymore, they are professionals.
  2. I would be down for that, but why would a multi-year starter transfer like that? Does he plan on following the DC?
  3. I do like Balis, a true anchor of this team, but every time I hear his voice I feel like he is about to lose it. lol
  4. I wonder if he will be recruiting coordinator as well.
  5. I still am surprised we have not heard anything about Dirksen and Flemister
  6. Well, I do not think he will come to Notre Dame because the staff "shouldnt" guarantee him a starting spot. If I were JT Daniels, I would not go anywhere that I was not pretty much guaranteed a starting spot.
  7. Correct, it is a Walk-On offer because he is good friends with Keeley and there is a 3rd friend who is a baseball commit to Notre Dame already. Michigan also offered Tre in an attempt to lure Keeley.
  8. I definitely see Notre Dame reaching out on this one. No idea what his interest in ND is, but I have a feeling ND is pretty interested in him
  9. for some, but $25k NIL deal is nothing compared $1.5 million NFL contract. I believe the cheapest contract in the NFL is still $250k+ and that is for practice squad players.
  10. ND football commit, ND baseball commit, and PWO.... I love it!
  11. I agree and Bryan Driskell mentioned something similar in regard to Foskey and Jayson with their new Dline coach. He said he would prefer to see guys like Foskey only get a small number of team reps in the practices and have them focus more on individual drills to improve their game. The staff knows what Foskey can do, just need to try and improve his skillset/toolbox. Meanwhile, that gives the young guys a chance to step up and get more practice and team reps to see if they have another standout ready to play. I think Mills will be a beast, but would love to see Lacey or Cross elevate their game to the next level (both are solid players already in my opinion).
  12. Young did not look as good without his two star WRs. Very typical of Alabama QBs to be honest, but like most QBs, if your big weapons go down, it is hard to look as good. I think Young is a great QB, but he did not do much once Williams went down.
  13. culture is definitely important, unless it is the wrong culture. I hope they do not come out flat against top tier teams like happened quite a bit under Kelly. They had a great start against OK St, but couldn't finish. First game under a makeshift coaching crew, plenty of time in the off season.
  14. dang, I think a few insiders were banking on him being a part of the class. Wonder what happened.
  15. If we get Dante Moore in 2023, it wont matter because I doubt Angeli will ever see the field.
  16. Im not saying he WILL leave, but Keon is a 5* talent and the big time offers and pressure from big time schools will come his way. If I was an opposing coach, I would be knocking on the door (figuratively) right now due to the coaching change. It allows recruits to save face if they do switch. I am just saying I want all that pressure now and for the staff (and us fans) to know whether he is solid or not.
  17. what about that RB committed to UGA? Is it Jones?
  18. better to have this happen now instead of later. Hopefully Washington can keep him in the class.
  19. Didnt he just visit Florida? Not sure if that was confirmed or not.
  20. Most teams who lose a coach say that. Tennessee said that about Harry Heistand when he came to ND. Washington is the 6th ranked coach for recruiting on 247...
  21. It's too late for that... the current landscape pretty much says "who cares about education, give the athletes (no longer considered student-athletes) a piece of the pie.
  22. I am a little surprised by this. I thought it was guaranteed to have changed. I have been thinking, is Swarbrick fighting conference champions automatic bids? I think this year is a prime example. Utah and Pitt would have jumped numerous teams... I still think 12 teams is too many. Alabama (SEC) Georgia (at large) Michigan (B1G) Cincy (at large) Baylor (B12) Utah (Pac12) Pitt (ACC) Notre Dame (at large)
  23. Al Washington can recruit and he has coached a couple studs at both OSU and Michigan (LBs coach). Lance Taylor was a solid coach, but his recruiting was a little lacking according to some insiders/experts. I think it is clear Freeman prioritizes recruiting in his coaches. Hopefully it pays off.
  24. Nykoles Harbor is a beast. Seems like a more athletic Troy Niklas (who was considered a freak of nature)
  25. most of the country seems to be done with it...
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