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  1. I see a lot of blowouts happening this week. The Notre Dame game may be the best game of the day among ranked opponents.
  2. Notre Dame has played poorly against subpar competition, I dont blame them for putting the line where it is. I believe it will be a low scoring game and the line has no effect on the game. Maybe they will play better as the underdog instead of the massive favorite.
  3. still not bothered by it. Notre Dame has not been impressive at all yet this year. They dont deserve to get bumped up at all. Having said that, IF Notre Dame wins out, they should be fine, especially with Clemson and OSU looking pretty bad with a loss already. Notre Dame just needs to win and continue to work on the little things and everything will fall into place.
  4. Thanks guys, I shall try clearing the cache.
  5. I am glad we are not alone in this. My friends and I were worried that people would just blow it off, but when announcers for multiple games voice their frustration (Jesse Palmer went on a rant during the big game in Week 2, multiple games this week), something needs to be looked at. I am not even that bothered by a penalty, but ejection is ridiculous. Targeting 1: 10 yard penalty Targeting 2: 15 yard penalty and ejection Targeting 2 would be classified as a malicious hit without regard for safety and/or the sportsmanship of the game.
  6. It only happens every-so-often and there doesn't seem to be any specific cause that I can pinpoint. I am using this link... https://www.domerdomain.com/forum
  7. Hey, I have noticed something every since the new website. I get this error message when I attempt to get on the website. DD is on my quick link bar, usually use that, but it did it even when I tried to go through google. I am using Firefox currently. Before anyone says, no, its not my internet connection strength. I am able to go to other sites and I am able to go to DD after about 3 minutes.
  8. Try this, has a twitter video of it: https://saturdaytradition.com/indiana-football/right-call-indiana-lb-micah-mcfadden-tossed-for-targeting/
  9. Barstool is so terrible... lol
  10. That was a BS targeting call on IU that changed everything...
  11. The announcers seem to be fed up with the rule as well. The original purpose of the targeting call was to eliminate the malicious hits, but these games are having some of the best players ejected because of incidental helmet contact. Make it something similar to the NBA technical fouls or something (1 and 2). These hits do not warrant ejection for a VAST majority of the targeting calls. This IU v Cincinnati game just completely changed after IU stopped them on 3rd and 10 with tons of pressure. AFTER getting a clean hit on the back of the QB, the QB leans forward and barely gets hit in the helmet by IU's best defensive player. The drive was kept alive where they ended up scoring and IU's best player on defense is ejected for the rest of the game. Absolutely ridiculous and I am loving the announcers in pretty much every game saying the same thing. It needs to be changed!
  12. Writing has been on the wall for a while now. Dont know if it is Michigan or not, but I dont think he will be a part of this class. Definitely has potential, I wonder if he will be a name we miss after he plays himself into the top 1-2 rounds or will he be forgotten... definitely curious to see how his career ends up.
  13. Friday had to two great games to watch, hopefully the games today keep it going (except the ND game, no need for that to be close at the end).
  14. This will just rile up the Purdue team even more. If Notre Dame loses, I am blaming this decision as the root cause!
  15. I may, just depends on how the other games are doing and Im sure Ill be checking the score, if it is a close game, Ill switch it. Not sure who to root for since I live in Vandy territory and both are great academic schools. I may want Stanford to keep winning simply to make us look better when we beat them. Maybe... but that will just vault Auburn over us because they are SEC. I'm sure Penn State will lose a random one in a the B1G.
  16. HAHA, I will not deny watching a football game or two on my laptop (though they are limited to what ESPN+ is showing), but I am not paying for Peacock for such an experience. It's definitely more playing in the background and I miss all the good stuff. lol
  17. What I plan on watching this week besides the Notre Dame game: 8 Cincinnati v Indiana - I do root for IU as long as they dont play ND. IU was supposed to be a good team this year, but they looked terrible against Iowa. Michigan St v 24 Miami - Miami barely won last week, should be a competitive game, wouldnt mind seeing Michigan St upset them. 1 Alabama v 14 Florida - Rooting for the upset all the way here!!! USC v Washington St - Ill watch this one if the Bama game is a blowout. Should be a competitive game, dont care who wins though. 22 Auburn v 10 Penn State - Ill root against the SEC here.
  18. Full game on Youtube for all of you (like me) who could not/would not watch it on Peacock. I was working. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LudUjb0gtNI
  19. Not surprising. I dont think any Notre Dame fan would argue with this... IF we go 12-0, we will be fine regardless of these first two games.
  20. I agree, I would like to see Tosh Baker get some action. He was the best ranked OLineman out of high school from our class. Borderline 5* on one of the sites I believe.
  21. They need serious work on the 3-3-5 because it DID NOT WORK against FSU. One of you football analysts may try to argue, but Ill just point to the scoreboard and say "it didn't work, not debatable." The 3-3-5 allowed them to score 18 points in a little over a qtr...
  22. So, after looking at the roster and the WR position... 1 5th year in Davis 3 seniors with another year of eligibility (Austin, Lenzy, Wilkins) 3 True freshman (Styles, Colzie, Thomas) That is a little scary and I am hoping 1 or 2 of the seniors decide to stay another year. Hopefully Austin has the type of year to put him in the top 3 rounds. Otherwise, the WRs will be talented but VERY YOUNG next year. I can easily see the top position in transfers being WR, because you could have a group of TRUE sophomores as your most experienced WRs.
  23. Ill be honest, 3 of the WRs that have left the program were not big losses at all (Brunelle, Abdur, and Micah). They wouldnt have seen much playtime in their careers here in my opinion. JJ is the big one that hurts, but something tells me that it was a personality issue with JJ and he expected to be the star WR right away and wasnt getting it. Keys is somewhere in between. He has shown glimpses of being productive, but nothing about him really stands out. Keys is definitely a loss for depth reasons, but we have a few quality WRs among the freshmen who can hopefully rise up to the task.
  24. If Toledo scores 20+ points, I will be disappointed personally. This defense was supposed to be the strength of the team and they should not be giving up 20+ points to a team like Toledo. It should look like the first couple drives of the FSU game ALL game long... with the exception of the 2nd string/freshmen coming in at the end and they get some garbage points.
  25. They better destroy Toledo and get plenty of reps for the 2nd string and freshmen....
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