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  1. Im sure he has been offered more by other schools; Rashada (consistently ranked lower than Dante) got a $9+ million NIL deal. By today's market, Dante Moore could easily be worth $6+ million. I'm just saying $1.3 million is not that much (in comparison) and IF (still a big IF) he commits to Oregon this summer, I think ND still goes after him and has a shot. Miami has been named the leader at one point LSU has been named the leader at one point A&M was never named the leader, but an insider said they wouldnt be surprised if they got Moore I think Moore's heart is at ND, but people around him are trying to influence him and some of the bad rumors (made up by ND fans who are impatient) going around have been used against ND by those very people.
  2. I'm only commenting on Carr because he is a good kid, but yes, I also think the Crystal Balls right before announcement day is a spoiler... They do it for clicks = money. I dont like it, but it is a part of the recruiting world and has been for too long.
  3. Don't give up on Dante Moore just yet... there have been many perceived leaders for Moore this year.
  4. Carr honestly should not have posted it with the leaf, it is obvious what the kid will choose now. I am always for letting the kids have their moment with these announcements. Don't spoil the surprise!!!
  5. Direct shot at Kelly.... When was his last visit?
  6. No, that was never discussed and it is too late for him to "reclassify." Best he can do now is be an early enrollee Jan 2023
  7. but but but, "they are getting their cut of the pie...."
  8. Larsen's rankings are all over the place (from 49th to outside the top250), but it does seem like he was at the very top of ND's TE board. I could see ND going after a 2nd TE for 2024 if there is only 1 TE in the 2023 class (which is looking likely to be the case). Very solid pickup!
  9. hmmm looking REALLY good for Flores I guess, lol
  10. Notre Dame fans should NOT get excited about this one.
  11. OSU or ND... and OSU may be full of elite WRs... lol
  12. Vernon has been under the radar of even Notre Dame fans, but he is a borderline 5* prospect. Dude is legit!
  13. Terrible reason to leave a forum you have been at for so long. You just dont seem to like change. The forum is easy to navigate...
  14. How so? I dont see that at all....
  15. it was nothing more than fan speculation. A lot of what is going on around the QB positions seems to be just that. Neither Dante or CJ Carr have said that they will not go to the same school. That is also fan speculation. Moore may not come to ND, but there is too many baseless rumors flying around regarding Dante Moore. The only one that seems to hold any weight is possibly Dante's dad wanting more while Dante himself just wants it to be done with.
  16. 6 OL in one class is too many in my opinion. Not really a fan of this pickup with Freeling and Jagusah still on the board with Paige likely to commit this week.
  17. There is no evidence that Moore is simply after NIL... People need to stop attributing being patient with wanting a big payday. These are huge decisions for these kids, they are allowed to take their time.
  18. The player that IPC was talking about did not have a committable offer from ND and it got real awkward when ND had to tell him straight up the truth... No idea who the player is though.
  19. All Irish here! 5* QB for the 2024 class is already in place!
  20. kind of expected from M'Pemba. His time table to commit is nowhere close and is expected to last well into the year, if not winter.
  21. Great guy who had a great career and is able to leave the league healthy and head held high. Got his degree as well, he is set for life!
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