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  1. I think a better way of phrasing what may have been meant is that Coan does better when he throws in rhythm and not allowing the pass rush to even get a chance. On those last drives, it looked like he was throwing the ball at the end of the drop and in sync with his WRs.
  2. My phone does that all the time with "gave" and "have," it irritates me. Getting Billy would be a great momentum builder going into the end of the cycle for this class. Still not sure if Walker is going to stay with us or not.
  3. So, from the rumblings I have heard, it seems Billy Schrauth is leaning toward Notre Dame right now... EDIT: We posted at the same time coltssb, lol... Did you mean "now" instead of "not."
  4. I wouldn't, the guy is clearly not a team player and I think he is overrated. I would prefer they stick with Buchner/Pyne.
  5. How far should Iowa fall getting beat pretty handily at home by an unranked Purdue team?
  6. I was hoping Va Tech would end on a good note, but this is a big surprise.
  7. Careful, you will anger those who voted for "the most popular president ever." They believe Covid-19 is the apocalypse and there is no way the Covid-19 statistics are being skewed. Fear brings power!
  8. Sadly, Sneed will probably hardly play under Freeman. I give Freeman 2 years here, we may lose after this year.
  9. #1 Georgia #2 Iowa #3 Cincy #4 Oklahoma #5 Alabama I think UK will jump us and may jump into the top 10 with the big win over LSU. This would have been a great year for Notre Dame to be in the mix... ?
  10. I understand your point and on paper, it makes sense, but this Notre Dame team is not playing like a top 10-15 team. They are lucky they will still be in the top 15 this week. Notre Dame is playing down to their opponents and their offense is so inconsistent. I know a team is not going to score on every series, this is just reality; but I have never seen a more inconsistent offense in my life. They have so much potential, but none of the units can seem to be at the top of their game at the same time.
  11. Nebraska almost had it twice, but bad execution by their QB on the 1st try leading to the Michigan scoring... The second try had bad playing in my opinion. Typical Nebraska mistakes.
  12. I like how we are in the middle there... lol
  13. What assistant coach has not been compared to BVG by now? ?
  14. Lets see. The Friday game Iowa v Maryland has potential to be a good one. I hope Georgia v Arkansas will be a good game, cheering for Arkansas. Wisconsin v Michigan will show us how good each team is. Michigan has been very good and very mediocre this season. As much as a hate Kiffin, Ill still be rooting for him in the Alabama v Ole Miss game. I dont hate him enough to root Bama. Tired of seeing them winning. Florida v Kentucky will be a blowout more than likely. Not expecting much there. Baylor v Ok St should be a fun game to watch, does not matter who wins to me, but the winner will be in prime position to overthrow Oklahoma. Penn State v Indiana will probably frustrate me because IU has not been playing up to their potential this year, but this is exactly the type of game to put them back in the rankings and get people talking again. I had high hopes for Penix coming into this year, but he has been so up and down.
  15. that stat line is ridiculous for 1 half of football.
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