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  1. technically the NIL rules are already there, but no one is enforcing them. The NCAA recently released their "threat" that they will enforce it, but that is yet to be determined....
  2. I wish him good luck wherever he ends up. Seemed like a quality young man. He probably would have been buried in the depth chart though here at ND.
  3. I was hoping it would be an official visit so that he can get these official visits out of the way and make a decision. Not worried about Michigan.
  4. Not only that, but they are going to have wayyyyy too many offensive skill players and not enough footballs to go around. Havent heard anything else on this to be honest. I believe Diggs was in California this past week on vacation or something like that.
  5. I dont care what Brey says... Seems like most of the country feels like this is getting out of control. NCAA was pressured into doing this and Congress is being petitioned to do something about it.
  6. Gallagher and Greathouse are definitely takes. Hanafin would also be a take as well. I think Elzy would be a take depending on the order. If the previous 3 are all committed with James, I doubt they take Elzy, but not entirely sure on Elzy.
  7. Supposedly Correll had a really good spring and it gets the best 5 on the field. Definitely a battle between Lugg and Kristofic if true.
  8. https://www.ncaa.org/news/2022/5/9/media-center-di-board-of-directors-issues-name-image-and-likeness-guidance-to-schools.aspx Let's hope this causes some changes, but if there is no enforcement, then the rules do not really matter.
  9. While I prefer the "slasher" back, I still think Tyree will be the #1 going into the season.
  10. This is awesome news and probably our nose for the foreseeable future. If they land Jason Moore, this would be a Dline class for the ages.
  11. you realize you are "derailing" the thread just as much with stuff like this... Though, I do not necessarily believe the thread was being derailed. Is there anything specific you would like to discuss regarding the transfer portal @TexasDomer?
  12. I am from Indiana. I have been called many names, "hick" has never been one of them. There isnt anything "hick" about me. Kaepernick is absolutely a clown!
  13. Possibly, but rules with no enforcement are still meaningless.
  14. You sound like that clown, Kaepernick, comparing NFL with slavery... They are not indentured servants, they got a free college education... voluntarily. Ask majority of college educated people if they would play a sport for their debt to go away.
  15. This was clearly tampering. Good ol' NIL with no rules, it's like no one saw this coming.... oh wait, we did...
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