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  1. Most of the ranked teams are facing a semi-quality opponent this week; no Alabama v. Citadel matchups this week. * All times are CST (the best time zone) Thursday 7:00 - Utah State @ #19 BYU - ESPN - Next week's opponent in BYU and the only Thursday game worth watching. lol Friday 7:00 - San Diego State @ Boise State - FS1 - not sure how good Boise is this year, but not a bad game until the late night game is on 9:30 - #15 Washington @ UCLA - ESPN - Washington has played well, but they are facing a decent opponent on the road, upset alert? Morning Games 11:00 - #7 Kentucky @ #14 Ole Miss - ESPN - Top 15 matchup but the sad thing is, unless it is a blowout, neither team will probably move much in terms of rankings 11:00 - #18 Oklahoma @ TCU - ABC - TCU has had some good games, can they upset Oklahoma for the second week in a row? 11:00 - #4 Michigan @ Iowa - FOX - I dont think Iowa is any good, but Michigan didnt look all that great against Maryland either and it is an Away game for Michigan's SUPER weak schedule Afternoon Games 2:30 - #2 Alabama @ #20 Arkansas - CBS - Alabama playing a tough game on the road, but Arkansas had a let down game last week 2:30 - #9 Oklahoma State @ #16 Baylor - FOX - Should be a good game and may determine the Pac12 champ 2:30 - #22 Wake Forest @ #23 Florida State - ABC - FSU is on a roll, Wake Forest almost beat Clemson last week, should be a good game to watch. 3:00 - #17 Texas A&M @ Miss State - SECN - Hopefully Miss State can get the upset at home. Evening Games 6:00 - LSU @ Auburn - ESPN - Go Tigers, if LSU wins this game, they may not have the bad record everyone was thinking they would. 6:30 - #1 Georgia @ Missouri - SECN - #1 team on the road, maybe a game Georgia overlooks, otherwise, I think Georgia will steamroll them. 6:30 - #10 NC State @ #5 Clemson - ABC - Back to back big games for Clemson after a nail- biter with Wake Forest, could be a really good game. 6:30 - West Virginia @ Texas - FS1 - Which Texas team will come out today? 9:30 - Arizona State @ #6 USC - ESPN - Another decent test against a Power 5 opponent for our rivals. 10:00 - Stanford @ #13 Oregon - FS1 - Oregon may blow this game away, but if you are up this late, it could be a decent game to watch.
  2. ESPN is based solely on clickability and using the big name teams to garner more clicks. No way Texas should be in top 10, no way LSU should be in the top 10, and no way ND should be at #16 right now.
  3. Very good week for football. I knew this week would have plenty of close fun games to watch. Some were a little surprising, but overall, this was a very fun week!
  4. I knew you were going to make some drunk response in this thread. He did do well, against one of the worst defenses in the league. Wonder how Buchner would have done with such great Oline play... The fact that you cannot see the full picture is quite troubling. I am glad Pyne played well and he is a good solid QB, but he is unable to put a game on his shoulders or get us over the hump. Thankfully, other than Clemson, ND has faced its toughest defenses of the year already. I still very much stand by Buchner > Pyne and have no regrets in this thread at all to anything I have posted here and I pray that the Oline play continues to make this offense run smoothly.
  5. The DBs arent getting beat straight up, just good WRs winning 50/50 balls. Sucks to see it.
  6. Mizzou did everything they could to lose the game. Wow, three massive mistakes in the last like 5 plays of the game...
  7. Mizzou misses a FG at 5 yard line to win the game...
  8. Wake Forest up 28-20 on Clemson in the 3rd Qtr...
  9. Such a stupid score... I found myself fuming as well when it happened. Their first 3 games were jokes, teams I didnt even know existed or had football programs.
  10. Plenty of good games at the half times. Even Central Michigan and Maryland are giving the B1G powers a good game. Maryland has been dominating Michigan outside of two plays.
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