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  1. Would be a big loss. One thing I have learned is that there is always something when it comes to these types of rumors. I fully expected Botelho to miss some games now, lets just hope it is not for the entire season.
  2. To add to coltssb, Is Bowen going to commit early or is he going to play the long game?
  3. I am somewhat excited about this Kaden Feagin offer. As long as we get a second RB in that class, I think he is a good one!
  4. No way, I dont see it either... If anything, the Big12 will dissolve while the Pac12 gains a couple members from that conference. I do not see any reason for U$C to join the B1G. Also, I think Notre Dame will prefer the ACC as it is already a member in every other sport, they have the deal with them already for 5 games, they probably want to keep the southern recruiting grounds in play which they could lose a lot of if they go to the B1G. Plus, they probably still are not happy with how the B1G treated them decades ago.
  5. I like how soon it is. Not 100%, but I always felt that the longer his recruitment dragged out, the less likely he would choose ND. I am optimistic about CJ Williams at this point... unless Big23head has new information and wants to ruin my dreams.
  6. Big12 would not remain a Power conference if those two leave. Not a fan of this as this will probably result in the 4 mega conferences which would probably force ND to join the ACC.
  7. I think it does hurt Texas and OU, they are the premier teams in their current conference (Hell, Texas has their own TV network). I cannot see the benefits for them at this time. If they moved, the Big 12 would dissolve within months.
  8. Nice write up, though I am not a fan of the formatting, lol I also just realized that ND is the heavy favorite to land the #1 LB in the country for 2023 in Bowen. LB is looking solid for awhile.
  9. Because they put up 50 points a game and can really pad stats on offense. If I was a QB or WR, Oklahoma would look very good to me.
  10. Massive, I think he is the best player in the class (and there are plenty of great players already in the class and favorites to pick ND). Reminds me of Jaylon Smith personally.
  11. Any idea on why? ND lose interest or did he? Not a massive loss, but he did have plenty of upside/potential.
  12. cant really read it because it keeps asking me to subscribe to their paper. However, I do wonder what happens if Penn State has a subpar year....
  13. this is gonna get good... hopefully
  14. it's legal now, so.... probably Student Athletes are professionals now, anything goes!!!! I hope this blows up in the face of the NCAA and all of these "pro-paying fans" in spectacular fashion. They asked for it....
  15. Honestly, their 2019 and 2020 class were decent, getting two 5* in 2019 and a bunch of 4* in the 2020, considering how much they have sucked over the course of these recent years. 2021 was not a very good class though... Still, that school has been a constant choke these last few years. Living in Tennessee, people are very happy that there is going to be a new QB. Anything is better than Guarantano...
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