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  1. I am also pretty optimistic about the young corners. We shall see. Hamilton back there will always help as well.
  2. Kelly did say before the game that they were not going to show much. It seems like he was looking for specific things from specific players. But I do remember him saying before the game that it would be pretty vanilla for the gameplan, but that we should look at individual players making plays.
  3. Clearly he is fast, but he also looked much taller than the other runners. Glad ND hung on to him, he has potential.
  4. Peacock is free by the way. You may have to sign up for some type of account, but no credit card or purchase required.
  5. Griffith looks bigger (almost Rover position-esque) Thanks faith.
  6. I am personally conflicted on how I feel about Mayer gaining that much weight (14 lbs). He was playing so well at the position last year as a freshman. I just hope the weight gain does not affect his running, route running/agility, and ball skills. Lewis "shrunk" quite a bit, lol. Although to honest, he played pretty well as a freshman and the size isnt too hurtful in this regard, I kind of expect big things from him. Same with Baker, "shrinking" from 6'10 to 6'8" is probably better, haha. Excited to see the Johnson and Tyree weight gain.
  7. Guy seems to be an absolute athlete as he plays like every position and plays them well. Really liking this pickup!! Inside or Outside LB? What you think?
  8. Literally nothing you or Big Dog have said resembles anything any sort of conservative would say. Like a typical liberal, you and Big Dog resort to personal attacks and name calling. I'll call BS... I bet you voted for Biden. Hopefully you do not have any diabetic family members, as the price of insulin just skyrocketed (100% Biden's fault). But hey, he cares about the people right... Whoever said something about a family member being affected by Covid-19 nonsense. I had a grandparent die from the flu 7 years ago, you dont see me acting like a sheep, scared out of my mind, and demanding oth
  9. I love how anyone not conforming to the media narrative (left wing democrat narrative) are call Qanon and conspiracy theorists... SpeedsterX, I agree 100% with you. Let the sheep justify their delusions to themselves. I will falsify my vaccination card and I dare any company to check my medical records... HIPAA Would love to see the Supreme Court rule on forced vaccination of a still considered "experimental drug." Happy Anniversary by the way for the "15 days to slow the spread."
  10. What did you highlight that was false? Speaking of "rationale dialogue."
  11. robberies of an individual are rarely random. hope he is fine, but does not sound good. 2 similar cases here recently and they did not have a happy ending.
  12. 1. No moderates were inside the building and only a few hundred went inside after they were let inside by the "Security," only crazy people who seem to have also be at left wing rallies and those who get paid by CNN and MSN were actually doing anything. 2. Which cops were killed? I am a cop, please enlighten me which cops were killed by conservative rioters on Jan 6. I already know what names you are gonna say and it is a proven lie or it's suicide (and that is always a single person's fault)... falsely spread by the biased media "Cop killed by fire extinguisher." <--- that is a flat out b
  13. Yes, one is actually harmful, the other is not... nor did you seem to get the message she was trying to portray; her point is being proven every day it seems. It's ok though, I am sure you got told what to think by your favorite media website instead of thinking about it yourself and coming to your own conclusion. I do have mypillows actually and I support the company still. Left wing propagandist messaging wont change my opinion. Ya, Ben Shapiro, a jew... Gina seems to have really "offended" the jewish community....
  14. ^ And not just that, but actually showing bias in how they handle depending on the views of their actors. Pedro Pascal posted something very similar and they did nothing. Neither actor deserved any type of punishment, but the ones who do get punished always seem to have something in common... Correct, but the point you are missing and the point of this discussion is how each group decides to be "whining bitches" Moderates and Conservatives: Changes the channel, destroys their own property, etc Liberals: cancel the other person they do not like, burn cities down, etc
  15. All of this because some people think college students should get paid (on top of their free tuition). I dont like it, but Ill be getting the updated rosters that will have all the teams and names anyway, so I am still excited. This was one of the my concerns though.
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