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  1. Hey, we won a huge game! Enjoy the moment, folks!
  2. Faith is indeed da man! And, thank you. That is very kind of you! This thread and the whole forum brings back so many good memories, that is no lie.
  3. One good thing about the 'Vid and planes: fewer contrails!
  4. Faith, I see you! Keeping this thread alive! You, my friend, are the epitome of "a trooper."
  5. It is a good time to be a Notre Dame football fan. Really, with what the Notre Dame women bb, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, track and field, cc, and fencing teams have done over the last 5 years, it's a great time to be a ND fan, period. (Oh, and don"t forget the Garth Brooks concert and the upcoming presidential debate on campus.) I have enjoyed these years as much as I did the Holtz years. With fewer ulcers. That BC loss almost killed me. Go Irish! Go Domerdomain. And Happy New Year, brothers!
  6. Growing up and listening to the Irish in the '70's was like polished wood, handcrafted leather furniture, stained glass windows, and a crackling fire in a huge fireplace on a crisp autumn afternoon.
  7. Jackie was named the Naismith National Player of the Year on Thursday. That puts her in the elite company of Skylar Diggins and Breanna Stewart. Meanwhile, Erin Boley, one of the five finalists for the Naismith, was named Gatorade Player of the year in Kentucky. A great enough accomplishment in itself, it is at least three time more impressive given that she is the first Kentuckian to earn that distinction for three straight years!!!
  8. The Naismith Trophy Girl's All American team was announced today. Now, before I go on, you have to realize the first team consists of 5 players, the 2nd team 5 players, the third team 5 players, and then there are 15 honorable mentions. You have to realize Notre Dame has only two girls coming in. Just two girls. Neither of their recruits made the third team, second team, or honorable mention. They were shut out. Of those teams. Oh, by the way, Notre Dame's incoming Freshman Class happens to comprise 40% of the Naismith Trophy Girl's High School All American First Team. http://naismithtrophy.com/press-release/naismith-trophy-ghs-all-american-team/ :peace:
  9. ND grad, 'nough said, of course he is welcome. Interesting question tho': is he getting a graduate degree from FSU?
  10. It is realistic to expect commitment and it is not foolish to put the team or God or country or family ahead of immediate gratification or money or fame. Actually, it's what Notre Dame is about.
  11. By comparison, Turner is listed as 6'3" and Westbeld 6'2". Riley was (is) 6'5" and Griner 6'9".
  12. Boley is listed as a 6'2" forward. For purposes of scale, Jackie Young is listed at 6'0". #NDClassof2020%20https://t.co/841If4S64R
  13. Just FYI, the recruits the lady Irish have coming in next year, although there's only two of them, are very special! Erin Boley is a 6'2" forward ranked 5th in this class (HoopGurlz). She is a two time Kentucky Gatorade player of the year. As a Junior! She was the first sophomore to ever win the award in Kentucky. Shooting 55% from the field, 45% from 3-points, and 85% from the line, Erin is arguably the best shooter in the country. Jackie Young, a 6 foot guard from Indiana, has shot up to the #10 ranking in this year's class. Rightly so, as she has both the single season scoring record for girls and the all time career scoring record for boys and girls basketball in the state of Indiana. Two recruits, two five star players, two of the top ten players in the country, who both perfectly fit Mcgraw's system, the team's needs, and Notre Dame. The Lady Irish recruiting has picked up noticeably since Skylar arrived six years back. Depending on whether Reimer comes back or not, the Irish will have either 8 or 9 McDonald All Americans on the team next year. That is why they have been consistently the second best team in the country. In spite of losing one of the two best players in the nation to an early entry into the WNBA, another starter (and a top five recruit) to personal issues, and another blue chip freshman to a season ending injury in November, they still look like one of the three best teams, if not the second best team, in the country. If recruiting can take one more step up and get the same talent Connecticut has, I firmly believe the Irish will start consistently beating the Huskies. Add a Ruth Riley to this year's team, and I take the Irish in a showdown over anyone.
  14. We were truly tested and we won 10 games. Our only losses came at the hands of the top 5 teams in the country. I am happy with that. No apologies. If we are talking about my own life where I am in control (for the most part) and I know unequivocally (for the most part) where the blame lies for my losses; then I am not going to be satisfied and there will be blood. And sweat. And tears. And some gnashing of the teeth. But when it comes to Our Lady's football team, I am a fan: a guy who enjoys and appreciates my team and this game. A guy who supports our players and coaches and the university. Not a critic or an activist or someone who feels entitled to make demands. Certainly not a hater. Because ain't nobody got time for all that.
  15. ...the new banner and... a sunny late October afternoon stroll around Saint Joseph's Lake. https://www.instagram.com/p/_lBBLsQvZr/ http://i247.photobucket.com/albums/gg141/donjuan190/f04c06ea-0e5e-4529-8a7b-3e9628cc581c.jpg
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