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  1. Trattou was a Meyer poach to Florida...one of many.
  2. I guess nobody remembers Lucy Draper on the Texas State Armadillos...
  3. From Andrew Hendrix to Joe Montana...this thread has been great.
  4. I laughed at the gold chicken wing on the letterman's jacket...
  5. For me it conjures up Reggie Ho nailing a bunch of field goals to beat Michigan in one of the first ND games I can remember watching. I'm getting old.
  6. Greg Bryant was ranked pretty highly. There were many outlets that had him over Derrick Henry for FL backs that year.
  7. Well thank goodness Alabama is involved so nothing will happen. Phew.
  8. I remember thinking during the Clemson game that I wished our big receivers were as athletic as Higgins and Ross...I guess Boykin was.
  9. And now I'm depressed. Guy was going to be a superstar...
  10. With a dash of Ostarine for good measure.
  11. Yeah I know there probably isn't a realistic established big name guarantee out there. I guess I'm just on team indifferent when it comes to Kelly leaving or staying. In my mind Notre Dame will never win another championship unless they get lucky with that next great young coach before he's a hot commodity. Dilemma there is you have to take a risk on someone which isn't going to always go over well with a fan base.
  12. I don't necessarily want him to go, but at the same time this would be a pretty decent time for it to happen. Recruiting class secured and strong nucleus back next year would at least give ND more options in terms of being an attractive spot for some established coaches. Much better situation than say a scenario like the dumpster fire after Davie. Say what you want about Kelly, but he has at least shown you can still win at ND.
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