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  1. The kid completed 12 of 22 passes (54%) last night. There were 2 legitimate drops right in the hands of the intended receivers, if caught he's 14 of 22 for a respectable (64%) completion rate. He had 1 interception on a play where he was under intense pressure and looked like he could have had his arm torn off in the process. He threw one completion for a touchdown and had a second TD called back on a questionable call. He made numerous key runs & throws to extend drives, on third downs, throughout the game. He did all this under intense pressure ALL NIGHT LONG, Got u
  2. This is the best and most accurate account of what was wrong with Everett Golson last season, that I've read on this board in a long time! Very good analysis.
  3. I don’t claim to be an expert in football, but as a fan for over 50 years and a coach of youth league football for over twenty of those years, I have a pretty decent understanding of the game and young athletes. I must admit, I find the attacks on Dayne Crist since Saturday’s game disturbing in the very least. Some people need to get a grip on themselves and state their opinions based on the facts and not petty grievances regarding the head coach starting a quarterback “they” thought didn’t deserve it. The fact is the starting quarterback didn’t lose this game for Notre Dame. Whether it
  4. Darby should not have started, he was clearly injured from the outset. He was severely limping on all three of those plays. It was obviously the reason the Southwest team was picking on him.
  5. Just a point of clarification Oklahoma. Notre Dame does not have Connecticut on their 2011 schedule. We play Air Force at home next year on 10/08/11.
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