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  1. Happy Labor Day everyone. Here’s to another great ND season. Let’s start it with a W.
  2. That video of Claypool playing basketball looked like he was playing a bunch of middle schoolers.
  3. Hi I don't post anymore due to lack of free time.. but I still love my Irish and stop in every once in awhile to see how our recruiting classes are going.
  4. As someone living in San Antonio this saddens me as well... But i'll still be there in 2 years in Austin cheering my Irish. And also the Shamrock Series game they are bring to San Antonio of course as well.
  5. Had no idea about Snoop's kid, i figured he was USC all the way.
  6. Farley has stood out the first 2 games. Don't expect that to change against Purdue.
  7. Without a doubt.. my first choice would be Nike.. but Under Armour without a doubt would be my #2 choice. They make great stuff and have been on the rise for awhile and this will only help..
  8. love this guy.. going to be hard to keep him off the field..
  9. Thank You! Since i can't sleep.. lets watch the pep rally!
  10. my brother in law is going to the game.. so jealous... have fun guys..
  11. Folston and Bryant? .... i just got chills..
  12. very good deal.. enjoy the helmet and welcome to DD
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