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  1. We are in a great position with both Bryant and Folston. I'll take my chances, we can't take everyone.
  2. One report has Alexander no longer being recruited by ND.
  3. Some feel that Martin will shift to OG in NFL due to his heigth. That would reduce his draft status as OT are much more highly regarded.
  4. I'm not worried about our OL. Martin and Watt are likely to be back so we will only be replacing 2. Plus we have a great OL class coming in next fall. Keep in mind that these 5 incoming OL were offered very early in the process by ND so we obviously liked each of them a ton.
  5. I love the upside of Niklas. Niklas has not been used in passing game much as he was not needed there. But I thought he showed good upside as a receiver. When Eifert is the starting TE, the backup will not be in a position to show too much. Niklas is very athletic and incredible size.
  6. I don't know anything about Munger but I am surprised that we have not addressed a NT in this recruiting class. IMO, it is concerning that we do not have a replacement for Nix lined up, and I would prefer we have 2 behind him. Springman is a sophomore and I am pretty sure he played last year but not certain of that.
  7. That is incorrect. We still have a chanche with him but would think we need to get him on campus first. He has cancelled multiple times in teh past. But at this time, definitely not an Irish lean.
  8. IMO, Bryant and Folston are much better gets at RB than Isaac. The only way I want Isaac is if James decommits or decides to take other visits and we choose to not deal with these kids taking other visits.
  9. I figured there couldn't be a better time to poke my head into the DD and say hello to all my friends on this site. I hope everyone and their families are doing great. This has ben an amazing season to be a ND fan. I want Alabama in the Championship game. I'm tired of all the anti-ND talk and beating Stanford, Michigan, Miami, USC, Oklahoma & Alabama in the same season shuts everyone up and ends the talk. As for recruiting, there is a ways to go and I think even though we have most of our class locked in, I think it will be a very exciting close to this recruiting class. The 2 at the top of my list are Redfield and Vanderdoes. But there are some incredibly talented recruits that are heavily considering ND. Winning is the most important thing in recruiting. All kids want to play on a winner. See ya in Miami. LET'S GO IRISH!!!
  10. Not 100% but it appears that Perkins was grades & required courses related.
  11. Your comment is simply not true. There are people, granted not most, who feel that ND leads for Keith Marshall. When I say people, I mean people who do this for a living. Personally, I think Georgia leads but I definitely think at the end of the day that we have a serious chance to steal him. And I would say that ND is strongly in it for Agholor. Strongly. All reports have ND tied at top with Florida. Landing Kiel helps with both. ND is heavily in the final mix with Marshall and Agholor. And some feel that we lead for both. Time will tell.
  12. Still just a rumor but it sounds like just a matter of time for Kiel.
  13. Hey guys, been awhile. Hope all is well for everyone. This thread really came back from the way-back-machine. What happened to Sir John? The reincarnation of this thread would even make Chiro jealous.
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