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  1. icf


    He moved up his visit to ND as is there this weekend.
  2. Interesting to see ND apparently losing interest in a DE that is good enough for an offer from Bama.
  3. icf


    His 5 Official visits are set up -- ND, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Texas and Oregon. ND is first on March 24 and the last is Oregon on April 21. So, it could be awhile before his final decision is made.
  4. happy for any good news at this point.
  5. more likely until Swarbrick pulls his out of his butt -- Kelly is who he is....it's up to Swarbrick or the Administration of ND to realize Kelly needs to go if they want the football team to be more than average.
  6. apparently he's leaving Alabama.... http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/17663479/told-that
  7. Irish illustrated sent out the retweet last night on his final 5 - which is what I saw. I'm glad it was old and he's ND (for now!)
  8. Jeter released a final 5 today with ND not in it.
  9. Clearly a helmet to helmet hit, the refs blew that call.
  10. Clearly, at least today Kizer is the best qb. Hopefully Kelly can finally figure that out.
  11. Kizer needs to be the guy in the 2nd half..... BVG should be out of a job -- Kelly needs to grow a pair and let his buddy find another job.
  12. 100%, he signed back in November
  13. last night, the name was in the thread above -- I didnt see it on there right now though when I glanced back through it.
  14. Per his twitter -- he's heading to ND.
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