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  1. Yeah, he does kinda look like someone used Homer Simpson's makeup shotgun on him.
  2. "I didn't come here to play school", Cardale Jones, OSU:brick:
  3. From BSPN: Seth Walder ESPN Analytics The Allstate Playoff Predictor's final playoff projections: Alabama 99% Ohio State 89% Clemson 84% Notre Dame 67% Texas A&M 34% Cincinnati 18% Oklahoma 4% Notre Dame has a superior resume (per Strength of Record) and is the better team (per FPI) relative to Texas A&M, which is why the model leans toward the Fighting Irish for the fourth spot in the playoff. FWIW - which admittedly isn't much - they seem to think ND is twice as likely as A&M to get in. Not really rooting for it myself; as has been pointed out, 2 curb-stompings in a 1-mo
  4. Could fold the program and still be ranked for 3-4 years afterward.
  5. Plenty of evidence for those that think ND loses, and they're probably right. All I hope is that, should the Irish somehow prevail, those same guys give Kelly/Book/the program some credit for a change, instead of lining up to disparage & discredit the win - no Lawrence, blah, blah, blah. You can't have it both ways.
  6. Hope it works out great for Cole Kmet and Da Bears; I think it will.
  7. Safe to expand the scope of that statement, as I can attest; it's the same on pro sports forums as well. I don't follow MLB, but NHL, NBA, NFL forums, no different; in NCAA football and the 3 pro leagues I follow, there are only 4 winners every year, and, purportedly 200+ losers. If the ol' team isn't one of those four, there is no satisfaction to be derived from wins, or a decent season, the coach is an idiot, the players are bums, the administration/front office/ownership are idiots - all is a black hole of despair from which no light can escape. It's kinda sad, and at the same time makes me
  8. Because, just like John Goodman, he (mostly) catches the ball. Infuriating to watch, though, when other teams have punt returners that move around and do stuff in addition to catching the ball.
  9. That is a fine description of that smarmy tool; well done.
  10. Too many Ricky Bobby-types in ND fan base - there's only Clemson or Alabama (whichever wins NC), and +/- 120 losers, I don't see it that way - it was a helluva ride this season, and I'm not going to let on like 12-1 is "irrelevant" or "mediocre". Looking forward to next season already; Go Irish!
  11. Yup - it would make it painfully - and I do mean painfully - obvious that an independent will never qualify for a 4-team playoff.
  12. Nope, the four hour thing is for reals: The College Football Playoff selection show will air from noon ET till 4 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 2, the day after conference championship weekend. The Playoff committee will announce the four-team Playoff at 12:30 p.m. ET, the complete top 25 rankings at 2 p.m. ET and the New Year's Six matchups at 3 p.m. ET.:mod:
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