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  1. I live in Dayton Ohio and hate Ohio State. It would be miserable here if they won.
  2. The way some people talk last year never even happened.
  3. I like this only because I live in Dayton Ohio and it's only an hour and half away. Unfortunately it will be the third time I see them kick the crap out of Purdue.
  4. I'm not getting anything done at work today. ND 24 Bama 17 GO IRISH!!!
  5. Maybe he thinks the National Championship is this coming Monday.
  6. Thanks guys. I've ordered from Hammes before. Your right they are very good. I like Fanatics variety. My problem now is trying not to spend more then I should.
  7. I really think Diaco's lack of head coaching experience really hurts him with potential jobs. While I think he gets plenty of interviews I think lack of experience will keep schools from pulling the trigger. I think Martin will be gone before Diaco.
  8. Has anybody here ordered anything from Fanatics? I was wondering how reliable they were. They've got some pretty nice stuff I was thinking about ordering. Thanks for the help guys.
  9. I know ESPN would like me to think that Max Whittek is actually the love child of Carson Palmer and Matt Leinert. However, this chumps going against the best defense in college football. ND 28 USC 10
  10. They've almost given me a stroke this year on more then one occasion that's for sure.
  11. Crazy!!!! How the hell do you call a press conference and then not show up. I thought Dad said everything was figured out last week. What a joke!
  12. I feel the same way. It's sad yet hilarious.
  13. I can't imagine how pissed the principal of this school is right now.
  14. This is spot on. It's not 1988 anymore. It's all about what you can do for me now.
  15. They have to get the QB position figured out. I don't care who it is really. I just want it to be someone who isn't a turnover machine. If they can get this figured out they could make some noise and hang with just about anyone. Otherwise it's 6-6 at best.
  16. Really if anyone needs a pick me up just go to Rivals or II and look up the class of 2004. WOW!!!
  17. I think they will struggle as well. What we do have going for us is that we should be able to put some pressure on the QB with our front 7. It's the best front 7 we've seen in years. If they can put some consistent pressure on the QB it should give some of these young CBs some help.
  18. We need speed at the LB position. Middle LB scares me a bit. We need some more CB's. I agree we need some top flight skill position players.
  19. I don't think it matters what your class ranking is if you can't develop the talent that you have. We have the talent to beat anyone on our schedule in recent years. The problems is that we don't develop the talent we have, and we shit the bed when the pressures on. The five stars will come once we start winning again. And I mean really winning. 8-5 doesn't cut it in the eyes of the elite high school kids.
  20. If this happens this place is going to explode!
  21. It's just weird that he would go from wanting to play with his cousin, to wanting to play for Houston because he knows the WR coach?
  22. No worries. Goodman is coming back. We'll be fine. Unf'nbelievable!!!!!
  23. The scholarship was never pulled. However, when Decker called Kelly to tell him he was visiting OSU Kelly didn't take it very well apparently. This didn't go over very well with Decker or his high school coach. Decker had wanted an OSU offer from the beginning. It's his favorite team growing up apparently. The previous staff showed no interest in him. In fact they pretty much ignored him. Kelly's reaction may have had something to do with Hinton and Warriner jumping ship for OSU. From what I've heard neither Hinton or Warriner ever bad mouthed ND.
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