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  1. So sad ! Brutal, I wonder what happened
  2. Hell yes ! Was so awesome seeing him go off ! It was also great putting $2 that he would score the first TD of the game. $32. It pays to be a homer !!
  3. This sucks !! Since literally zero college kids have been hospitalized I selfishly wish they didn’t have to test anyone. Obviously if they are sick they should be tested etc. but I would love to ask the players that tested positive if they even knew they had it. Oh well. I hope they recover.
  4. We all saw this coming. I will say Tommy should have never been the starting QB at ND but he was the best ND had at the time and he did a pretty good job IMO I just hope that translates to calling good plays and helping in the development of the offense. Let’s just hope !
  5. Bravo sir !!! Thanks!! I knew DD would not let me down. GO IRISH! ! ! !
  6. Nice suggestions I will give the shamrock a listen
  7. Thanks for sharing these faith! Go Irish !!
  8. I was so angry when the s- boys drafted him.... but quickly realized they knew what they were getting and took the chance. So happy for him, what an amazing story ! It’s hard for me to root against the cowboys
  9. Just want to chime in to say F U to Michigan.
  10. I am giving this a watch. Once these guys gel together this could be a decent watch. 81% of the players played in the NFL. That is a better average then the NCAA by a mile.
  11. Terrible decision IMO. Hope he gets drafted
  12. Great season! Love hurt or not ND loses. Congrats Irish!
  13. So brutal.... Congrats on the Irish players though they should be proud of the amazing season they have had.
  14. They absolutely deserved to be in the playoff. But yeah Vegas and everyone else called this outcome so brutal
  15. Wow ! I like your guys confidence! I hate to say it but I do not like our chances. I will pass on a prediction and instead just hope and pray that the Irish play a perfect game
  16. NOOOOOOOO !!!! Just kidding. I don’t believe in that. Just win. Go Irish!!
  17. If they can possibly win two more games then I am all over merch.
  18. So awesome! What an absolute stud.
  19. Yeah he deserves more credit. Guy made so many plays last night l. I can’t believe they went 12-0. So awesome
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