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  1. So sad ! Brutal, I wonder what happened
  2. Hell yes ! Was so awesome seeing him go off ! It was also great putting $2 that he would score the first TD of the game. $32. It pays to be a homer !!
  3. This sucks !! Since literally zero college kids have been hospitalized I selfishly wish they didn’t have to test anyone. Obviously if they are sick they should be tested etc. but I would love to ask the players that tested positive if they even knew they had it. Oh well. I hope they recover.
  4. We all saw this coming. I will say Tommy should have never been the starting QB at ND but he was the best ND had at the time and he did a pretty good job IMO I just hope that translates to calling good plays and helping in the development of the offense. Let’s just hope !
  5. Bravo sir !!! Thanks!! I knew DD would not let me down. GO IRISH! ! ! !
  6. Nice suggestions I will give the shamrock a listen
  7. Thanks for sharing these faith! Go Irish !!
  8. I was so angry when the s- boys drafted him.... but quickly realized they knew what they were getting and took the chance. So happy for him, what an amazing story ! It’s hard for me to root against the cowboys
  9. Just want to chime in to say F U to Michigan.
  10. I am giving this a watch. Once these guys gel together this could be a decent watch. 81% of the players played in the NFL. That is a better average then the NCAA by a mile.
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