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  1. I don't post too often(mostly read the posts). Hawaii, regardless if I agree with you or not....I always read your posts! It is the offseason after all....so keep posting!!!
  2. I agree cory....which makes me wonder what alabama players are on. Many of them looked ripped and huge....which is very fishy for football players. ND players look more natural to me(I was never a bodybuilder but did try to be one!)
  3. Kelly also said golson gives him a heart attack! In the trib report on the game golson says its tough to remember the signals in game action. I really don't understand this....he has been with the team for over a year and still doesn't know them? He better get his nose in that playbook!
  4. Hawaii, Iv'e come around to your line of thinking about golson. Not sure if kelly has yet....his comments near the end of the game seemed lukewarm about golson.
  5. Kelly said Golson was partly to blame for the fumble. He also said something about him knowing all the signals. So what? I say start golson!!!
  6. I have a question about your icon. I see the kangaroo in it....does it have something to do with australia? Just curious because my wife is from there and doesn't recognize it.
  7. Did you see the south bend trib article today about crime in south bend? It was an interview with the new police chief. Lets see if crime is a ridiculous issue....
  8. For those who are talking about crime and south bend, this is from the south bend trib: Since Hurley was sworn in as police chief on March 31, replacing Darryl Boykins following a federal investigating into wiretapping, five teenagers have been shot in three separate incidents, and a slew of armed robberies — which recently yielded an arrest — have plagued commercial businesses in the city. There also has been several street-type robberies. “There’s just a lot of shootings in this community,” Hurley said Wednesday. “Now (as chief), I feel a greater sense of responsibility for what go
  9. What do you mean by "an axe to grind"? Everyone has personal experiences that affect their opinion. Terms like gorgeous and great are opinions(beauty is in the eye of the beholder). I agree with your opinion about ND campus, but disagree about south bend overall.
  10. You know, the 7-11 on sample street and mayflower, right? I do work right down the street from there lol. I know another sbpd(we used to play b-ball in a church league) but i don't think I can list names here....Maybe there is an open position for coffee filter changer there. Can you put in a good word for me?
  11. Ok then, it wasn't him i saw at the corner 7-eleven having some doughnuts;)
  12. Speedster, are you SB city officer? If so, I probably have seen you at my workplace at some point lol!
  13. On newstalk 960 last night they all had different opinions on the qb race. They all had attended the open practice sat. Hansen said Hendrix looked best, another said golson, and the host said rees or hendrix. Anybody else see the practice(or video)?
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