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  1. Oh, I know you're not sure. You and most of 300 million Americans plus another 20 million added today are not yet sure. Stop believing the propaganda. Start believing there are that many liars out there. But they can't control everything. Not yet. Not unless you keep believing their nonsense. Case in point...the congressional leadership has oversight and is ultimately responsible for security decisions regarding the Capitol. So either they are grossly incompetent regarding their own security or it served their purpose to allow a riot at the Capitol. You can decide for yourself. Now of course
  2. "People of Rome! Cry out! Quickly run to your neighbors. Tell them .. The night is full of thieves; they have robbed us of our most precious treasures...of our pride, of our glory, of our wisdom, of our honor. People of Rome! Cry out, "Death is in the air!" They do not see. They do not hear. Only the jackals who are waiting in the darkness know. Only the vultures who are wheeling in the dark skies know. Mourn! Mourn for the land that is no more!"
  3. I'm going to go back a couple of thousand years and paraphrase what Marcus Licinius Crassus probably said to his staff. I want my team to be more afraid of us then they are of anyone out on that football field. Maybe Nick Saban can explain it better... [ame] [/ame] We need some version of decimation.
  4. And a legend was born... i’m snorting coffee here...
  5. They better get to work right now. If they play like this against Vandy they won't have to wait for Stanford for their first loss.
  6. Maybe BK will let Tommy Reese do his job and stay out of it. Maybe TR can help BW find his have-to in the accuracy area and he starts hitting his receivers. Maybe BW becomes a Heisman candidate. Maybe Echo can then start tolerating BK...maybe...LOL
  7. Well the point was implied in the question. If no one got that then that's obviously on me. And actually making the point more clear would do more harm than good. Just continue to enjoy ND football in whatever fashion you like.
  8. You know what that means? YOU WIN! Try to enjoy it.
  9. I think it's the other way around. The more optimistic seem to be the ones in distress. My question was why exactly is that? Your optimism doesn't bother me but my pessimism bothers you. It reminds me of Patriot fans searching for someone who hates their team. That seems to be a real phenomenon. Also I just thought I would give you all another target.
  10. Well I will give it a go then. I was right about ND and wrong about Michigan. I thought Michigan would be a better team. However, since I never really studied either team maybe I was really wrong about having an opinion about either one. I feel this exercise is sucking the fun out of things. Am I closer to being a true fan now?
  11. I'm not sure why the ND optimists want to ruin their own party. Why do you start a thread to just **** yourselves off? Is there a shrink in the house to explain this because I just don't get it.
  12. No one is really serious about banning anyone anyways. Not even an issue. 3 days is nothing. Nice to know everyone supports the 1st amendment. Or they just love Domer Domain quite a lot.
  13. And your point is noted. Not only DD but college football itself needs every fan it can get. https://sports.yahoo.com/college-footballs-attendance-problem-secretly-huge-150819769.html However, I will make one more attempt. Let's change the bet to a 5-7 record and 2 years versus a one year ban. Hey, you get to live without my negativity for 1 year. This wasn't specifically directed at you. It's an open invitation.
  14. I actually like 8-4 better, but I picked 7-5 because it was less boring. I'll do a one year posting ban if any of the optimists will do a 5 year ban against that. Let's say anything better than 6-6 for this incredibly talented team and you win. 6-6 or less and I win. That shouldn't take any thought at all.
  15. Who knows? That's the problem with the BK coached Irish. What team will show up each Saturday. No one has said 7-5 so I'll go with that. They win their bowl game to finish 8-5.
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