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  1. Yup and there is so much of this garbage like what you're spewing on the board right now too. Let's name-call and put each other down for having a discussion on a DISCUSSION board. Isn't that the purpose of these boards? For FANS to talk about possibilities and DREAMS of success for our beloved team? What's wrong with talking about the what-ifs with each other? Even if it is far-fetched. People like you are the reason why this board has become what it is today.
  2. Or how about a transfer QB or graduate transfer who wouldn't have to sit out a year? Look at what Joe Burrow is doing at LSU. Or Justin Fields at tOSU. Oklahoma's last 3 QBs have been transfers; 2/3 won the Heisman and Jalen Hurts ain't too shabby either. If BK really believes that Phil isn't good enough to unseat a lackluster Book, then what's wrong with looking for an upgrade outside the program? ND is just so comfortable staying with the status quo. Never making bold moves.
  3. Was listening to a ND podcast today and one of the hosts made a really good point. He mentioned how Kelly has been publicly down on Phil in the media. Saying how he has no confidence in him executing better than Book. He said that this is EXACTLY the sort of thing that you should NOT do to your backup QB. He speaks so highly of Book and goes on and on and on defending him and saying that there's no QB controversy and how Phil basically has no chance to start over him. Why would you do this? Book is the veteran that has started 20 or so games...BOOK is the one you should be hard on and held to a higher standard. BOOK is the one you should be trying to light a fire under. You shouldn't be shredding the confidence of your young backup before he even gets a chance. Kelly should be doing all that he can to BOOST Phil's confidence but he is doing the opposite.
  4. https://www.cbssports.com/college-fo...ed-per-report/ Urban Meyer 'undoubtedly' USC's No. 1 choice for job 'if he's interested,' per report https://twitter.com/Brett_McMurphy/s...26313309134848 Urban Meyer is “undoubtedly" USC’s No. 1 choice & USC will do "whatever it takes to get him” as its next coach, sources told @Stadium. “We think the guy that can do it is Urban,” source said. "He did it at Utah, Florida & Ohio State, but the question is if he’s really interested" — Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) November 1, 2019
  5. How come I haven't seen any of you guys post the Gold Stars and Frowny Faces thread this season? I actually used to look forward to coming here on Sunday mornings to see that thread. So much has changed around here.
  6. OMG that was funny reading your old post. You really did whiff on almost everything you predicted haha
  7. It is really annoying me. I think it's a glitch
  8. Definitely false. Young people are VERY much into Jordans (the sneakers that bear the jumpan logo). Lil Wayne even has a lyric in one of his songs that goes "born in New Orleans Get killed 4 Jordans". Just saying...those sneakers and the jumpan logo are INCREDIBLY popular amongst the young urban market. Kids wait in live overnight to buy those shoes. It really has nothing to do with actually seeing Jordan play basketball. The brand is strong and teenage boys will eat that up. With that said, I also think it's kinda weird to have it on a football uniform.
  9. I agree. What do those asterisks refer to?
  10. I agree with this. If I were Golson, I'd be gone come June. He got his degree, broke a few school records, took us on a nice run in 2012. Why stick around for a competition that you might lose, when there are other D1 schools that would love to give you the reigns? Yeah I know what you're gonna say...real men don't shy away from competition but I'm a girl so I guess you can say I don't have the balls for that. But one thing girls are good at is thinking things through (well smart girls like me that graduated from ND). He needs all the reps he can get to show an NFL team what he can do. This probably should go in some other thread but girls like to switch subjects and rant.
  11. yeah but highlight reels like this are so subjective. If this was all I had to go by, man this makes Tommy Rees look like a Jimmy Clausen type of passer.
  12. I don't see the live chat on the front page. Is it up?
  13. ok this actually gave me butterflies. I'm like a giddy little schoolgirl lol
  14. The interceptions don't bother me as much as the fumbles do. He almost always loses the ball when he gets tackled on a run play. I don't understand why, for the life of me doesn't he just effing slide? Why haven't the coaches instructed him to slide? He should be doing that for ball security and to avoid injury from a big hit.
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