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  1. doesn't help, when they sit the bench until they make a deposit in the TRUST BANK
  2. thats what was great about Lou's coaching. he adapted to the players skill set and used it to his advantage. Kelly makes the skill adapt to his system
  3. which really doesn't mean anything. that speed needs to be used to impact the game more than 1 play.
  4. offense was exposed last night by a good defense.our receivers are poor. claypool disappears Finke does ok but Boykin seem to take every other play off. saw multiple times this year him jogging on routes were the ball was just out of his reach.TE are avg at best. Offensive line is not very good. i wont bash Ian but he has reached his ceiling against good defenses. he cant stretch defenses which allows them to jump the short routes and take away quick reads. he is not a scary enough runner to keep them honest.
  5. it will matter when better defenses crowd the box and play press coverage. we really dont have the receivers that get off the line except for Finke. If they have no fear of the downfield pass it will look like the 1st half of USC
  6. it would get better if Book keeps it a few times. Teams are staring to ignore the QB keep and attacking the dive play.
  7. except the left tackle getting abused all night by 99
  8. hard to grow grass when its dormant.even if they could it would slow them down equally so there would be no difference anyway
  9. why dont we schedule the bye the same week as mid terms?
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