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  1. Not even sure how this site works, but if one has Moderator displayed with their name, even if it's not for this particular section of the site, shouldn't they be above the fray and avoid all the tit for tat pettiness?....and have the discipline to not feel compelled to respond to every single thing said?, let alone low blows and junior-high-level insults?
  2. Thanks. What makes me more sad about her situation is that she gave SO MANY hours to her job - and while we never actually discussed it - I'm sure she was pretty close to calling it a career & retiring. On a brighter note, she got to see 2 daughters through most of their life milestones, including the youngest one graduating from thee University of Notre Dame a few years ago.
  3. Sorry to hear. I had a co-worker pass away from it several days ago. No underlying conditions either. We knew she had it because she told all of us on 12/30 during a Team's meeting. Then I'm being told a handful of days later that she was admitted to the hosp, then a few more days later that she was gone. Even as I type this, I still can't believe it. She was nowhere near being a "high-risk" patient. As I've said before, while the vast majority of people recover & move on, you have no idea 1) what lingering (possible long-term) effects you may have, or 2) if it might affect your body in the worst possible way & you don't even survive. Will be rolling up my sleeve as soon as my age group is given the okay.
  4. Completely agree on Campbell. What that dude has built in little Ames Iowa is beyond impressive. I love the gritty edge both he and Fickell have. When the time comes, if neither guy had moved on yet from where they are now, it would close to a coin flip for me. They are clearly my 1 & 2, or better said, 1a &b.
  5. Same here w/the vaccine. That's one thing that gets lost in the shuffle when the virus is talked about. Yeah, the vast majority of people who get it, recover, and then move on w/life. But there are all kinds of variations of recovery. Some hardly have any symptoms, some a little more, and some who struggle mightily before getting better. And then the big unknown is what long-term, lingering effects you'll have down the road. My preference - even though I theoretically shouldn't be one to worry about being horribly affected - is to not even find out by never getting the virus in the first place.
  6. I don't think it's that easy. If we're talking strictly coaching, then you have to factor in the entire staffs. Would Sark get more out of the talent we have? Would he put all the same people in the same spots, or would he possibly find a way to utilize guys differently based on skill sets? Would Tommy get the same out of Bama's talent? Would our receivers look different (better) coached by their WR's coach? Would our D-backs be coached differently (again, better). Would in-game adjustments happen quicker with Saban & staff? etc etc........ I just have a feeling if we switched entire staffs w/the same rosters, we would look more like we belong in games like that, and at least put enough points on the board to have you more leaning on the edge of your seat much of the game rather than feeling it's over 10 minutes in.
  7. You honestly don't think that a different set of eyes, and someone who is REALISTIC about the talent disparities, wouldn't come up with an offensive gameplan in games where you ARE over-matched in talent, in order to at least give your team a shot at staying close??? Firstly, you need to recognize that yes, while you have dramatically increased overall team talent, that you are still more akin to Boise St. taking on goliath when go in to game like last night's. You have to identify that your QB needs to get rid of ball after basically a couple step drop. In plays where you want to go a bit deeper down the field, you need to get your QB on the move right after the snap rather than put him in a static pocket where he's under immediate pressure. You need as much SPEED on the field at one time as possible (guys we had standing on the sidelines.) You need to line up guys in positions where Bama has never seen them on film - sometimes as decoys and sometimes as the focal point of the play. You need to at least take a few shots DEEP down the field - and IMO on early downs - to show Bama you're not one bit afraid of taking those shots. You send your speed guys deep and tell Book to let 'er rip, with the result being either a BIG play completion, free yardage on a PI call, or yes, maybe an INT...but you HAVE to take those shots. You do it at a part of the field where you know Book can get it at least close to the end zone so that if it is picked off, it's no worse than a punt. But if you don't take those shots, you never know. Ryan Day didn't KNOW that Field would complete those bombs last night, but he knew it was worth the calculated risk if he did. You honestly come away from a game like last night's saying to yourself that the gameplan gave us every chance to succeed?? I happen to believe that even with a great gameplan, we still lose that game, but I sure would love to see a game like that and come away thinking "there's nothing else we could've done" to at least keep it close and just maybe pull off the miracle.
  8. If I believed that we would come to the game with an offensive game plan that showed me creativity, sure, I wouldn't have that feeling either. If I believed that we would break out some personnel groupings not yet seen; if I believed we would design some plays that get the pocket moving rather than having Book smothered in a static pocket; if I believed we would use little slip screens; if I believed we would use the passing game as an extension of the running game and get Avery involved in that; if I believed we would take some calculated deep shots early, and on early downs, to show them we WILL go down field; if I believed that the offensive staff would have urgency and be engaged in a constant chess match w/them, and be ready with a plan b, c, d & e when Bama takes away what we are doing, I wouldn't have that feeling. If I thought Kelly could shelve his stubbornness & admit to himself that we are over-matched, but we will have some clever ways to counter that. But...... I don't believe any of it. Look, I get it. In the 2nd Clemson game, you keep with the formula & offensive game plan you've been developing & refining & having success with all season, including against them, but you also go IN TO the game knowing that Venables is going to be hell-bent on NOT letting you do that stuff and will have some of his horses back that ARE difference-makers, so you are prepared to adjust quickly when things start to break down. I sure as hell didn't see that mentality, so I don't know why I should expect to see anything different for this upcoming game.
  9. And the replays w/the view behind the QB told that story. You HAVE to be able to make adjustments on the fly when what you want to do is being taken away, and I didn't see any of that till the 4th qtr. There are so many things you can do - that we didn't even try - to give you a chance to succeed when you're losing the chess match (things you mentioned above.) When the other team starts to adjust for that, so do you, but we kept doing the same things over & over & over again expecting favorable results that time & time & time again weren't there.
  10. Big picture to actually compete for championships? Multiple 5 star recruits year after year. Tonight? Offensive game plan and lack of any kind of offensive adjustments. I get it....do what you do to start, but when that ain't working, adjust, pronto! If I was book, I would've went to the sideline and said start calling **** to let me get the ball outta my hands quickly. Clearly, Venables & company tightened everything up for this game, and we flat out were not ready for it and kept trying the same **** over & over again till well into the 4th qtr.
  11. From what I've seen of him, I like him. I also get the feeling there's an X factor, "it" factor, whatever you want to call it, there.
  12. From ESPN article: "In addition, if another Big Ten game for Saturday were to be canceled, the conference could move around games in an effort to get Ohio State to play. If Purdue, which canceled practice Tuesday to evaluate its latest COVID-19 testing, had to cancel against Indiana, the Big Ten could move around games or have Indiana and Ohio State play again." I suppose all options will be on the table now.
  13. When the season first started, I thought wouldn't that just be fitting for us to finally get a championship only to have Irish haters or casual fans in general label it as "fake," or one with a giant footnote. I thought, heck, how would *I* view winning the championship under these oddest of seasons? But at the eND of it all, the road to a championship likely goes right through the same 2, massive stalwarts that it would during a normal season, so if it were to be us that wins it all, and we would knock off those 2 teams to do it, that's damn worthy, and I think historically would be viewed as a totally legit NC.
  14. The team in that game today that is hugely overrated is IU. Fun story, but they're not in the same league as OSU when it comes down to it and not worthy of a ranking inside the Top 10. I think us vs OSU would be quite the nail-biter.
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