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  1. Fixed it for you. Spot on prediction, just had it in the wrong order.
  2. Look into Kodi TV. Live TV, sports, movies. Everything you wished you could find that Google couldn't offer.
  3. Fully agree, top to bottom house cleaning. Even when I have no expectations of them winning I'm still disappointed with the loss.
  4. For sure. It's absolutely amazing to watch them play, when I can that is. Got their last 3 title games on my DVR so I can watch them during the offseason.
  5. Originally from North Dakota, born in Bismarck. I would just love for Notre Dame to play like North Dakota. They have the talent and potential, was thinking maybe North Dakota could be the fire to ignite the flame.
  6. Now I know we have never and probably will never play an FCS team but maybe we should make an exception play the FBS killer North Dakota. Might be a wake up call this team needs.
  7. This is for some fun but also a little bit of reality. You know it's bad when... "Navy" is ranked and ND isn't. Meatchicken will probably win a Natty before ND. People tune into see if Brian Kelly is going to go purple faced rather then watching the game.
  8. Saw an interesting article on Bleacher Report making a case for Les Miles to Notre Dame. Questions are would he come to Notre Dame if asked, would Notre Dame ask, would he be a good fit? I've got my reservations about him but think he's a good coach nonetheless. On the fence if I'd like him as the next HC.
  9. If you can wait a day or so, http://www.noonkick.com will have it up.
  10. For those who have Directv I found a re-airing at 4am on channel 367.
  11. Sorry, posting this on my phone, didn't get a chance to link the article, but just saw on Bleacher Report that Kelly lost it and went after his strength coach. Anyone else see that and/or why?
  12. According to the Huffington Post, both Michigan and Michigan State are under Federal Investigation for the handling of sexual assault and harassment cases. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/4860084?ir=College
  13. It appears that there will no longer be a top 25 for the polls. It will go down to 16 for 2014. • • • • Dennis Dodd Another day, another poll. The Football Writers Association of America and National Football Foundation have partnered to form the FWAA-NFF Grantland Rice Super 16 poll beginning in 2014. The announcement was made Tuesday morning. Beginning this season, the top 16 teams will be ranked weekly by a roster of 36 voters. Twenty-six of those will be FWAA members, “current or past writers of national stature," according to the press release. The 10 NFF voters will consist
  14. To me, this is Golson's job to lose and Kelly's comments are just coaches talk in order to make sure no one is or gets complacent. I would be amazed if Malik starts ahead of Everett, but I don't think it will happen. Malik will see the field at some point during the season and hopefully it isn't because Everett is hurt. I just don't think there is enough to show that Malik could surpass Everett at this point. The spring game will show a mild glimpse of what we can expect but I believe that the experience Everett has over Malik will be more than enough to secure him as the starter. The reas
  15. Of the three QB's who do you think will win the job?
  16. I fully agree with you ECHO, It is not about the teams who have the ability to move the ball and snap it faster than the clock can get to :30, it is all about the hidden agenda which is to allow defenses to sub and have the time to do so. Saban is old school to the core and wants the game to devolve back to the era of ground and pound because that plays to his strength. The same thing with Bielema. If they were really caring about player safety, we would all be watching the National Collegiate Flag Football Association (NCFFA). This is all about creating a defensive match up when your team
  17. I fully understand but it still does impact the game. If you have personnel match ups that are exploitable offensively and the defense is allowed to sub due to the new rule then the advantage is lost. And again, it is about the ability to do so without being hindered. It doesn't matter that the average snap does not take place within that time frame or that most teams even struggle to do so. The fact that it has been taken away and the defense is now allowed to sub will potentially have an impact. There are certain circumstances that this not matter but that is not the point. Then why is t
  18. But it does impact the game. For if the offense snaps the ball at :30 seconds, they get a delay of game penalty, impacting the game. The defense is also allowed to substitute and get fresh bodies on the field, impacting the game. Everything set forth in the rule is to mitigate offensive tempo which can effect the games outcome. When a team is down and needs to score points, every second counts. So by limiting the offense to snap the ball no earlier than :29 seconds, potentially impact the game. Even if studies have shown that it is relatively uncommon for a team to actually snap the ball b
  19. So essentially you agree that the rule is legitimate and there is no hidden agenda behind the rule other than player safety? If that is the case then I have a map to the Lost City of Atlantis I'm willing to sell you. There have been no credible studies to support the allegations set forth that would warrant this rule. The uptempo offenses give an advantage to the teams capable of running them and then teams claim it is player safety because there players are gassed. That is BS. It's because they have lost an advantage and because they cannot substitute and are in jeopardy of having the mom
  20. To aid the NCAA in it's pursuit of player safety, the following changes also need to be made: 1) There will be NO blitzing 2) A defense is never allowed to to bring more players than an offense has to block 3) You are not allowed to hit the QB All answers are provided by Mike Leach along with the following statement: "It's a reaction to the success of Auburn and Texas A&M, clearly, so rather than innovate a defensively and respond defensively...and rather than adopt out teams it's like we're going to invent a rule. But in order to invent a rule you have to have a reason to i
  21. By Jon Solomon | jsolomon@al.com Email the author | Follow on Twitter on February 13, 2014 at 5:13 PM Count University of Arizona head athletic trainer Randy Cohen among the skeptics about the NCAA Football Rules Committee's proposal to slow down hurry-up offenses in the name of safety. "If you want to do it for a competitive advantage, then come out and say you're doing it for a competitive advantage," said Cohen, who chairs the college committee of the National Athletic Trainers' Association. "Don't say it's a safety issue because right now we don't have any data about this. None."
  22. I get that the issue is player safety and players who are gassed MAY be more prone to injury but there is no scientific evidence that supports this theory at all. In this article, which will be posted below this post, even the NCAA admits that teams rarely snap the ball before :30 anyway. And when teams who are on the receiving end of up-tempo offenses have players who fall down causing speculation of (FAKE) injuries which will skew any real data that MAY be collected. Even the National Coordinator of Officiating said that there is NO (HARD) data which supports the NCAA (Nick Saban) claim that
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