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  1. Fixed it for you. Spot on prediction, just had it in the wrong order.
  2. Look into Kodi TV. Live TV, sports, movies. Everything you wished you could find that Google couldn't offer.
  3. Fully agree, top to bottom house cleaning. Even when I have no expectations of them winning I'm still disappointed with the loss.
  4. For sure. It's absolutely amazing to watch them play, when I can that is. Got their last 3 title games on my DVR so I can watch them during the offseason.
  5. Originally from North Dakota, born in Bismarck. I would just love for Notre Dame to play like North Dakota. They have the talent and potential, was thinking maybe North Dakota could be the fire to ignite the flame.
  6. Now I know we have never and probably will never play an FCS team but maybe we should make an exception play the FBS killer North Dakota. Might be a wake up call this team needs.
  7. This is for some fun but also a little bit of reality. You know it's bad when... "Navy" is ranked and ND isn't. Meatchicken will probably win a Natty before ND. People tune into see if Brian Kelly is going to go purple faced rather then watching the game.
  8. Saw an interesting article on Bleacher Report making a case for Les Miles to Notre Dame. Questions are would he come to Notre Dame if asked, would Notre Dame ask, would he be a good fit? I've got my reservations about him but think he's a good coach nonetheless. On the fence if I'd like him as the next HC.
  9. If you can wait a day or so, http://www.noonkick.com will have it up.
  10. For those who have Directv I found a re-airing at 4am on channel 367.
  11. Sorry, posting this on my phone, didn't get a chance to link the article, but just saw on Bleacher Report that Kelly lost it and went after his strength coach. Anyone else see that and/or why?
  12. According to the Huffington Post, both Michigan and Michigan State are under Federal Investigation for the handling of sexual assault and harassment cases. http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/4860084?ir=College
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