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  1. Really? Not in the slightest. Just a shit post.
  2. Tommy with a stach looks like Dangle from Reno 911. Lol
  3. People want a QB to at least be in contention to win the heisman. Not to much to ask. We haven’t had one yet In the Kelly era
  4. I don’t get how people think ND has a week schedule. They play 4 teams currently in the top 15 and 3 of those in a block. We are breaking in 4 new Oline, a new QB, and currently have no dynamic play makers established at WR. I can see the Irish going undefeated if all things align but also could easily see 2 - 3 losses in there.
  5. They start out every recruiting cycle with highly rated 5 stars on the board and by the end get maybe 2 - 3 top 100 guys if that. What makes the next class any different. I so hope you guys are right but after getting excited at all the talent that lists ND at the top of their list just to watch them go else where year after year I have learned to temper my expectations. I really hope they get those guys but at this point it’s show me before I get any type of excitement.
  6. I don’t know if I would say weak as hell. USC has the talent, Cincinnati has the coaching, and UNC has the offense. I don’t think ND has the talent to just walk into any of those games and just win. They should but with basically a new Oline, QB, no dominant WR, and replacing the best defender, arguably the second best defender, there is a lot of new pieces that have to gel and show up every game for the team to win out. I still don’t trust Kelly to have them ready every game.
  7. Not nearly as bad as the talking heads were making out. Not that different then the usual uni.
  8. Can’t argue with 7th. Much better then a lot of the preseason pollsters had ND. Easy enough to move up as others lose. Not overwhelming expectations to start the season. A pretty good ranking to start off with. Now they just have to win and look good doing it.
  9. I won’t be losing out. I will find something better and more productive to do with my time than be nickel and dimed to watch boys play a sport. I’ll actually go be productive and do something rather than sitting on a couch for 3 and half hours paying to be advertised too
  10. My whole issue is that it requires the premier plan and that it’s going to have commercials. The whole reason steaming services started was to get away from commercials and the cable business model. Now NBC and ND want us to pay for subscription to have commercials shown to us in order to watch a football game. I haven’t missed a game in decades and I will not be supporting this at all. If it was going to be commercial free or streamed through the free service I would be fine with it, but I am not paying so NBC can advertise to me.
  11. First Clemson and FSU have to be accepted into the SEC. There is no guarantee that will happen. They do not bring half the amount of prestige or money that Texas and Oklahoma do. Even if they were to leave the ACC would still be a great place for ND’s Olympic sports and ND could still play 5 of the teams in football and still have the guarantee of the other games listed before. ND still has no reason to join a conference unless a ridiculous amount of cash is thrown at them or the ACC, Big Ten, and PAC 12 merge.
  12. As long as the ACC is still around due to the contract, that runs for another decade, ND will not be forced into a conference. They have the 5 games with the ACC, Stanford, USC (which need ND), and Navy guaranteed every year. ND has all the cards right now and for the foreseeable future. So unless some conference comes with some ridiculous deal (tv rights and money) ND has no need to join a conference for at least a decade if ever.
  13. I believe this might be the first topic that there is actually unanimous board agreement on.
  14. I wouldn’t bank on that yet. I sure hope you get to though.
  15. Utter crap. I guess I won’t be watching the home opener. First one I will miss in decades but there is no way I will be apart of encouraging another system to pay to be shown commercials for hours. The whole point of streaming services is to get away from commercials. Maybe I’m wrong and they won’t show commercials and the game will only take 2 hours to play. You guys will have to let me know.
  16. According to Tim Prister it was not a failed drug test
  17. Joining the Pac12 or Big Ten would make so much more sense for them. It would boost both those conferences to SEC level and both schools would still be premiere schools in those conferences. If they joined the SEC it would diminish both schools.
  18. They really need to fix the highlighting as on the light theme I can never see the names in the highlighted area and I don’t feel like switching back and forth all the time.
  19. I never played on a team either friend. Just watched a shite ton of ND games, played back yard, and good ole EA sports NCAA football. So I claim no authority just honest discussion on observations. Also you have taught me a ton from your break down of formations. So much respect.
  20. Definitely a good discussion. The nickel and dime formations I’m used to substituted DBs for LBs but they also were placed deeper in the secondary rather than in typical LB position and playing closer to the line. That’s why I still would call the formation a 3-4 because you still have 3 down lineman and 4 up around the line of scrimmage and 4 playing coverage. I know it’s all semantics and coaches can name a formation what ever they want.
  21. So is the only difference the athletic ability and size of the player? Wouldn’t it just be a 3-4 with an undersized lb and they are calling him a db. Same formation. Same basic play call just smaller quicker player. A rose by any other name is still a rose right? Not arguing just not picking.
  22. Here I see also see a 3-4. 1 corner playing bump and run, 1 corner playing off and 2 standard safeties playing deep
  23. I see a 3-4 with the safeties shifted to the WR stack side.
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