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  1. Hate everything about the new setup and the fact that it now takes more clicks to look at the stuff I want. You guys did realize the whole reason the majority of us came here for years is because it did not change, right? Any ways no need for mods to respond to this as there is nothing you need to say. You can delete it if you want but it’s been weeks and anytime you introduce additional clicks to a user base they should actually make the experience better. What ever you guys did a couple weeks ago made nothing better. Peace out this is my last post. I still might lurk maybe.
  2. I just don’t agree with them on that. I hope to they prove me wrong. I love HH I think he will continue do an amazing job, but Freeling makes other big athletic freaks look small. Maybe they will be a better group or they play better as a team but Monroe is a different level then all them individually speaking.
  3. Whatever you consider Golden Tate. Give me 3 of him all day.
  4. I am saying according to some ND media insiders we do know what they said and what I posted is what they reported. This is a ND message board to discuss news about ND and that was news I heard from reputable ND reporters.
  5. There have been reports that he was told that we are looking at 3 other backs and we’re willing to take them all. He understood the message. I guess we will see when the piece comes out but ND insiders have said as much.
  6. Can we add Richard Young to the board. I know he is a long shot but ND is getting an OV which I would think warrants him at least being added to the big board
  7. No matter what, even though it goes on everywhere, it’s never a good look to accept a players commitment and then turn around and tell him that he is no longer wanted. The optics just don’t look good especially when you are telling parents that you are going to love their kids as your own. No parent would pull their own kids scholarship or tell them they are no longer wanted. Again I understand this stuff happens but when your ND and again your recruiting spiel is your kid is going to be loved and taken care of as one of our own kids and then they do this of course people are going to talk shit.
  8. I don’t get how anyone doesn't find this whole situation fricking hilarious. A bunch of institutions that have cheated through the entire existence of college football are bitching now that everyone can do it.
  9. Thanks Big23Head that finally worked on a computer. I still dont know how to do that on my mobile device though. I still don't get the changes but it is what it is. I am not going to go to multiple different sub-forums when every thing used to be in 1 Recruiting forum.
  10. You have to visit the sub forums to mark them as read. You can’t mark them all read from just the main recruiting forum.
  11. Appreciate the feed back and I will use that to mark everything as read but I like looking at things in different forums. I like switching between general discussion and recruiting. I don’t want to have to go to multiple forums though to see all the recruiting news. It used to be all in one forum. I believe most would agree it’s better that way.
  12. Mark forum as read only works if you go to each recruiting page - 2023,2024,2022. You can’t just go to the recruiting board you have to go to each child.
  13. Why is there so many different. Recruiting boards? There has always been just one with all the stuff there. Now I have to go to 4 different pages to find unread threads. Please put it back.
  14. I'm thinking he's a step up from Hinish. I never saw Hinish have the first step Wafle has.
  15. Holy crap his dad is fricking huge. This guy has a good shot at hitting 320
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