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  1. I am very optimistic about the secondary next year. They could be special especially if Houston steps up and plays to his ability.
  2. How do you know if they are silent?
  3. I actually appreciate you posting this. Very sad indeed. How much alcohol does it take for a man his size to have a bac that high. I’m 160 and it would take me at least 5 beers within a couple hours on an empty stomach. So sad such a wonderful man can be lost to such a preventable event.
  4. Yep, thanks, I wonder why this is the first time he has shown up in the practice vids. Maybe I just missed him before I don’t remember seeing him before this.
  5. Quinn needs to step up huge. If the O-line steps up this year with 4 new starters he will prove all his detractors wrong, me being one of them. I really hope he proves me wrong.
  6. I would say from looking at the videos that Buchner is the most like Ian Book except with a stronger arm and few inches taller. He definitely has the wheels to improvise like Book when he doesn’t see what he’s looking for. The biggest question will be if he has a good understanding of the playbook, but what QB has since Reese. I’d say let Buchner play with training wheels on. I think he will still give the team the best chance to win just because of his athleticism and he can actually see over the line. Just MHO.
  7. I would say Pyne looks the best in the videos released so far but that is very limited. All have looked good in the videos that have been released but it’s like recruiting videos they are only releasing the best plays from practice. From everything I have heard other than the videos it’s Coan’s to lose but I have also liked what Buchner has shown and supposedly he had his beat day on Saturday.
  8. The other issue I see is that the video links can no longer be played with in the thread but show up as links. Is this going to be updated so the videos will actually show the video rather than the url link?
  9. This is very true. In my college days this would have been a non-story, maybe a blurb about college football player gets in fight on page 15 of the local paper, but now that everyone walks around with a recording device the youth will have to live with their mistakes permanently stored on the internet and evidence for everything they do available to the authorities to prosecute. I swear 1984 was written by a prophet. Lol
  10. “Blowhard” - he didn’t even attack the person who pushed him, but way to get defensive there and not even read what I wrote.
  11. First that’s not how the law works. Second he attacked the person in front of him not the person that shoved him. Last I’m pretty sure the fight was originally between the guy in the Jean jacket and the guy in the sweat shirt and cowboy boots. The OU player appears to be trying to break it up although very poorly. If I was a wagering man I would say 3 of the 4 are going to be charged but not the OU football player unless he actually was involved before the video started recording.
  12. It’s listed on his 247 page. Was timed at the Open, but like another poster said it was from his Sophmore year so who knows now and maybe he was having an off day.
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