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  1. I don’t think anyone is over looking that as it was impressive. I just think he is pointing out that Georgia won without a dynamic QB. Specifically that you said they could not win with Bennet and they did no matter how everything else played out they won with Bennet.
  2. I hope it’s enough to keep him. Man he is a huge piece of the 23’ class. No one is irreplaceable but he’s got the skills to be a great one.
  3. https://tdalabamamag.com/2022/01/16/5-star-de-keon-keeley-gets-offer-from-alabama-schedules-visit
  4. Keon Keeley has received an offer from Alabama and has set up a visit. Hopefully he likes the Washington hire.
  5. No one’s being pessimistic. It was reported by multiple people that he was offered the DC position and your naive if you don’t think the other candidates agents didn’t inform their clients of this. How do you think reporters and message boards found out? It wasn’t just based on baseless rumors. Multiple reliable sources reported on it. Realism based on the facts is not pessimism. No where do I act like freeman sucks or ND f—-ed everything up. I simply said it was a bad day. Thats what it was. You all are making my remarks out to be so much more then they are. So with that I’m done with this. I look forward to finding out who the new DC is and that we find soon as I like resolution. Beyond that the offensive hires appear to be completed and all seem to be extremely solid hires.
  6. I haven’t seen anyone anywhere near a ledge. The fact is he was offered the position and turned it down. We are now onto the second tier of choices. Every coach that interviewed already knows that Heacock was offered the position and chosen over them. That means ND is onto their second choices now. Add in that they lost Elston and it was a bad day for ND. That’s it again nothing more. Everyone has bad days and Freeman and ND had one. We will see who we get at DC I just don’t believe it will be anyone that was mentioned before with the exception of the possibility of Tressel from Cincinnati. No ledge, no end of the world, just a bad day. It happens. Let’s see who we get. That’s all I want to know.
  7. Offering Heacock and not others and then not landing him and now having to move on to secondary choices is not a good look. That is not negative that is the fact of the situation. ND should have asked what he was looking for before announcing they were offering him the position. If it truly was about him wanting to bring his coaches ND should have known that before offering him the position. Thats why you have negotiations. Also losing Elston on the same day is just not good optics. Not the end of the world or anything and hopefully ND can still find a quality DC but it was a bad day for the Irish and Freeman. Nothing more and nothing less. Is what it is.
  8. Not looking good. I am sure things will work out, but to not beable to get Heacock to leave Iowa State is a pretty sad development.
  9. I know what faith was doing and as always it’s appreciated. I was just stating I’m not a fan of the 3-3-5 and hope that’s not where we are going. With Heacock not coming it might all be moot anyways.
  10. I absolutely despise the 3-3-5. Any team with a decent O-line can shred it when running. I get its good against the spread but so is having fast Line backers. It seems like a gimmick defense for teams that cant get speed at LBs or size along the line. Not a fan if that is where this is going.
  11. I would love that. Not going to happen but it would be awesome. One last time F__k Elston! He really wasn't that great of a recruiter until Freeman got here. He did a hell of a job developing though.
  12. This f'ing sucks!! Ok I'm over it. Screw Elston he's dead to me. Go flounder at Michigan. ND will bring someone in even better. We got Freeman!!! Elston didn't deserve to be the defensive coordinator.
  13. Maybe the guy has a bigger leg for kickoffs. I don’t know. Just throwing darts at a dart board.
  14. Maybe he wants to join the team to be with another Sneed, lol. That seems like a perfectly rational reason to transfer to another school to me.
  15. I like both hires honestly, I guess we will see about the DC but WR coach seems to be a done deal. They did seem to come out of left field but both seem respected and hungry to succeed. I just really hope the new WR coach can get the kids to perform before their senior year. Our problem wasn't getting talented guys. It was more getting them on the field performing before their final year.
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