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  1. Love the new format! Way better on mobile. If it doesn’t require me to re-sign in every time, I’ll certainly be more active thanks!
  2. Never thought about Keenan being the dorky dorm, but I'll take it. Being the cool kid never really works out that well anyway... Keenan Review, Keenan Bun Run, Dismas House volunteering, etc. Keenan / Zahm rivalry was so much fun - lots of great pranks, snowball fights, etc. Zahm was a dorm that always stood out. I remember when they went through a renovation when I was in school there in the 90's and they had a party where everyone pretty much destroyed the place They also used to have a hell to heaven party (or something like that) where you'd start on floor 1 and once you fini
  3. Zahm Sucks!!! Love, Your friends from Keenan
  4. Florida has 9 starters opting out. I get it... but I hate opt-outs. It’s like the opposite of what amateur sports stands for. To be clear - I’d do the same, but it’s going to eventually ruin bowl games. Or force them to go to 8+ playoff format
  5. 2 worsts... 1) Loss to Boston College in '93. Was my freshman year. 2) Bush push game. Was the first game that I got my wife to really get into a game. She was yelling and screaming at the TV with me throughout the game. For a week later, I had a pit in my stomach and felt like crap. But, the Bush-Push game was a good turning point for me. I realized that I was taking it way too seriously. I took a different attitude of allowing myself to intensely get into a game, during the game. But, when the game was over, I must be able to move on with a smile on my face. Sports are supposed to
  6. Since changing the rules to serve your needs is the norm, the ACC should just cancel the championship game to guarantee they get 2 teams into the playoffs
  7. The way I read it is that it will come down to #5 if Miami and ND both lose to Clemson as their only loss. 5. The tied team with the higher ranking by the Team Rating Score metric provided by SportSource Analytics following the conclusion of regular season games. I’ve looked around and can’t find the actual ACC rankings from that tool.
  8. Here are the tiebreaker rules Two-Team Tie 1. Head-to-head competition between the two tied teams. 2. Head-to-head competition versus the team with the best overall win percentage and proceeding though the conference. Multiple ties within the conference will be broken from first to last using the league’s tiebreaker policies. 3. Overall win percentage versus all common conference opponents. 4. Win percentage versus common conference opponents based upon their order of finish (overall conference win percentage) and proceeding through other common conference opponents based upon their con
  9. May I have your attention please... My first game as a student, I couldn’t figure out why a hush went over the crowd! ... Remember, if you have one more for the road, you may end up with a cop as your chaser!
  10. Thanks TexasDomer - this are my sentiments as well as the reasoning behind much of the caution. If we put all of college football into a bubble, I might understand the other's arguments. But, these players are certainly exposed to students with underlying conditions as well as faculty, people in South Bend, and those they come across while traveling.
  11. I assume that the players who are out due to Covid will not be playing next week?
  12. Fun info - thanks for sharing. Some of those names were temporarily forgotten by me
  13. Let's take a moment and appreciate the venues for the schedule this year. Has there ever been a better slate of stadiums a college season has had? Notre Dame Stadium Aviva (Dublin) Bank of America Stadium (Charlotte) Lambeau Field (Wisc) Hines Field (Pit) Mercedes Benz Stadium (Atl) Coliseum (USC) I personally hold little hope for the 2020 season being played out, especially after California's decision, but man-oh-man what a slate of venues we will have / could have had!
  14. Common sense would tell you that, but not everyone uses common sense. A local hot-dog stand opened up over the weekend here in Michigan and they had a line with over 100 people who were all standing on top of each other. They opened once in March and shut down the next day because of the lines and inability to get their customers to follow the rules. 2 months later, same outcome. They also continue to shut down hiking trails and public beaches here in Michigan because people can't follow the simple rules. My guess is that the stadiums will have no issues getting people to attend. Th
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