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  1. Yep. To put numbers on it, ND has 3 recruiting analysts. Alabama has 15+. 3 is woefully inadequate to evaluate and identify prospects all over the country like ND must do to compete.
  2. We learned ND needs literally 5x the amount of five stars they currently have to compete.
  3. 5 stars at QB, WR, DE, and CB. Get 1 per class at each of these and ND can compete with the elites.
  4. Yeah because ND self reported the infraction. Teacher you forgot to give homework! The NCAA was probably like well **** I guess we have to punish them now.
  5. I read this as ND offers 22 running backs from Texas and thought wow there is a lot RB talent coming out of the Lone Star State this year.
  6. I was ready to be up in arms about this, but then I read the whole article. I went from thinking "what a loser mentality to concede all the top CBs to the other elite programs". But that isn't actually what ND is doing. They want guys that can play the ball in the air, and that have measurables. There aren't many high school CBs that fit that mold. So they are trying to look at WRs that are tough enough, and like contact enough, to play CB at the next level.
  7. Moorhead was the best option, Monken was the second. Rees was the fallback. So it better be that they couldn't get Moorhead or Monken and not that they didn't try, because if Clemson holds ND to 3 in November it is going to be a bad time for everybody involved.
  8. I want USC good as well. Playing them when they are down is lose lose. It’s like playing a group of 5 team in a bowl. Win and no one cares. Lose and wow what an upset, the dome is tarnished. It’s also fun playing big games. Winning 10 games when the best win is UVA doesnt move my needle much know what I mean.
  9. I do think it is strange for NBC to try so hard to be neutral (which usually ends up looking like bias against ND). I don't really understand it. When you watch nonconference games on the SEC network, or Big 10 network, etc., it is generally a homer broadcast for the in-conference team. The way NBC does it is awkward, especially with always insisting the color guy is from an ND rival. It is the ND network. Just treat it like that. It should be like a recruiting pitch for ND every game.
  10. What are they gonna do, put him on a Premier League match? NBC doesn't do other college football games there is nowhere to send him. I'm sure his contract has him on every ND home game anyway.
  11. I think against Bama, we need to pull out all the stops a la Boise State v. OU in the Fiesta Bowl. Need some special teams plays drawn up, some trick plays, etc. I think we can beat Clemson if we can shake their freshman QB and win the turnover battle. However, I don't feel the same about Bama. I don't think Tua is shakeable, first of all, and they just have too many gamechangers/future NFL players on that roster which can make up for mistakes and turnovers. We'll need some shenanigans to pull one out over Bama.
  12. Is that Polian's nickname in the Guy Ritchie movie about the 2018 season?
  13. With RPO plays, audibles happen all the time, you just don't see it pre-snap as much. The QB doesn't need to actually change the play at the line, he just changes what he does with the ball after the snap. Sometimes there are hand signals between WR and QB, but others the QB just decides post-snap whether it is a run or pass.
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