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  1. I sat 5 rows behind the team Absolutely no one displayed any sense of caring, not coaches, not players, no one. win or lose doesn't matter to this group. Shocking to watch. Disappointing too. Total regime change is needed. We have no heart.
  2. Don't worry, once that testicle descends things will be different for you.
  3. I am afraid to bash Kelly too much because who else would even want his job at this point. Dumbo Fisher announced to the entire audience what adjustments he was going to make going into halftime and (shock) his team came out and made the adjustments...and won the game. We just don't seem to made positive adjustments. Our mode of operation often seems to be to find out what's working in the first half and then do the opposite in the second half. Also, to go into the final game of the season not knowing what your QB is or is not capable of his inexcusable. Even a semi-decent evaluati
  4. Manti needs to get in that limo that brought Jimmy into town and have the driver take him to the pro's. Bet he ends up taking the same route Jimmy did.
  5. I am passionate about my university. My university is Notre Dame (class of 1981). Any admiration for Penn State was dashed when I sat in -15 weather at Beaver Stadium only to see the Irish's Joel WIlliams drop the game winning pass many years ago. I have no idea what Joe did or did not know, I have no idea what McQueary did or did not do. Nobody does...yet. My point is, let's let this play out before crucifying people (which we are all so apt to do). There are tons of people who knew what was going on and did nothing. There is enough world scrutiny now that some version of the facts
  6. Your post is about the best thing I have read about this mess. Nicely done. I would only add a bit of caution in terms of making assumptions. For instance, yes there are rumors that kids were pimped out to donors, but NOT TO SCHOOL DONORS, to donors of the second mile foundation (among which is Lou Holtz by the way). I do not have enough info to determine if tuition paid to Penn State would qualify as "blood money," however, it certainly is starting to sound like money donated to the Second Mile foundation sure was. But again, let's see how this plays out. Secondly, McQueary spoke for
  7. Now that I think of it, you are right...those nuetral site home games have captivated the college football world. ND is back, baby! Just wait till we kick Navy's ass in Dublin next year. We don't even have to win games and we can still...how did you put it...sell tickets/stories and be one of the most bankable brands. Man, does that make me proud. I'd shout about it at the game Satuday, but I'd probably be asked to sit down by an usher. No, don't live in the past. But at least learn from it.
  8. This board is hilarious. A sampling of the posts over the past year give great insight into why my Notre Dame has become so insignificant in college football. How sad. We used to be made up of hard nosed, say it to my face, see who flinches first, players and fans. Now, we fire insults from our laptops. We get our satisfaction not from being the best, but from calling our competition convicts, child molesters, tattoo parlor trators ,etc. I hope one day Notre Dame gets back to being one of the premier programs in the country with one of the best fan bases. We sure are not that now. I ve
  9. So we got accountability from our leaders, eh? Glad that whole Priest thing is cleared up.
  10. I am an ND grad who bleeds blue and gold. I am all for dumping on rivals, but you really ought to have your facts straight before you do so, otherwise you sound like a complete idiot. I went to the PSU-Nebraska game. The outpouring of support for the victims on Friday night and throughtout the day Saturday was impressive and quite moving. You ask when Penn State is going to acknowledge those kids? When are you going to acknowledge them? The Penn State students are about as culpable as you are in all of this. It occurred to me on Saturday while at the game that not one person in th
  11. My point is...where is the outrage and the demand for change in the vast, vast number of abuse cases invovling the catholic church? Where are the changes to insure that such abhorrent actions never happen again? Which heads have rolled to clean out the entire house that is responsbile for that mess? Where are the people that have taken responsbility for letting that happen? Fire Joe, don't fire Joe - who cares. What if all of the media hype and effort yaking about Joe would be put towards routing out these sick, sick men. What if energy was devoted to finding ways to help abused kids bette
  12. Are you talking about Joe Paterno or countless Bishops and priests? Maybe Penn State should just reassign Joe to a different parish. I'm just saying.
  13. It did not help Penn State against Scama last Saturday but it sure seemed to help when Penn State scared the white out of us for Clausen's debut. I went to Sugar Bowl a few years back and had to sit though LSU's total dominance of us. I made yet another walk of shame back to the hotel after the game. I then saw PSU play LSU two years ago in the slop bowl in Orlando. I went to the game not giving a hoot who wins or loses. By the time the third quarter even I was getting into the spirit of the moment. Penn State fans came to life and willed their guys to win. I just wish I could witn
  14. We are getting close to turning the lights out on ND football prominence. For a die-hard fan like me to make that admission is astounding. I was there my freshman year in ’77. I saw Willie Fry block a punt, get called for offsides, line up and block it again. I was there in ’88. I was there for numerous games at ND Stadium where the thunder was, indeed, shaken down. I have driven out of town just to watch games that were not being televised locally. I also have been there for the past 20 years watching in disgust as the shine on ND football has continued to tarnish. I have been silen
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