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  1. According to some tweets and another post on fbook. I read an article of this possibility early in the month. Interesting
  2. I didn’t want to start another topic, but I also didn’t want to hijack SDIrishfan’s post about depth next year. The basic inquiry: “How do you see next season panning out”? I figured this season was going to be a 2-3 loss season. We’re at 1 loss. Cool, right? However, I have far more concerns about this season’s performance than I imagined. Mostly, the offense. I’m not an anti-Tommy as OC fan. Nor am I kissing his glorious arse as OC. I think I’m more if a fence sitter & trying to figure out where we’re headed with him. I’m beginning to get concerned now. Yes, the O-line has made imorovements. I’ll give you that. Shouldn’t have those improvements occurred before college level? I feel like a lot of people are turning a blind eye to the issue that the basic O-Linemen fundamentals had to be “improved” during an actual season. Injury effects on depth or not. I’m going to leave Cain Madden (uggh) out of this, because I’m hoping this topic stays focused on next season. In essence, is developing a ln O-line in basic fundamentals seem rather time consuming at this level and does this take away from real improvements for next season? Tommy’s game plans. It’s almost as if, many times, that he simply views tape of the opponent and does exactly the opposite of what seems to have been the gameplan against them. Thus, playing right into the opponents hands. Some will probably say that he’s not going to show his cards vs Navy and allow other opponents to see what he may have in store. I’m not buying it. I’m hoping we can discuss this and hear details from others because I’ve been kinda just watching on the fly this season and TRYING not to be a reactionary fan, with instant impulsive commentary.
  3. You would think that Kelly’s experience in dealing with small and/or unproductive lines by using up-tempo and “exotic” designs before coming to ND would be a useful tool in this.
  4. Don’t even sweat that. We have much more in life to tend to. Thanks tho!
  5. Ugh! I made that signature prolly 16 yrs ago and have no back up! You evildoer! Loo
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